Therapy with Bakugou

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Bakugou stomped down the hallways of UA after his classes. The so-called Bakusquad was relieved to see him and Shitty Hair gave him a hug of which Bakugou failed to get out of until he let go.

To be honest, he was also happy that he was back and could see them again. Not that you could get those words OUT of his mouth, no siree. His lips were firmly shut. Metaphorically, of course.

Bakugou looked around before going down the correct hallway and looked at the door with a small plaque on the side reading, 'Hound Dog's Office'.

He slid the door open and on the other side was a large room. A desk sat in the center and on the side Bakugou was on, two chairs were placed in front of it. A few papers were scattered on the desk as well as a book. Hound Dog himself was sitting behind the wooden thing.

"Yer Bakugou, huh? Take a seat, get comfortable."

Bakugou silently walked over and sat down in the seat, back slumped over, his arms leaning on his knees.

"This is your first meeting, which will be followed by several others, twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, at this time. Understand?"

Bakugou grunted his reply.

"Good. Now, how's life?"

"Wait, what? How's life?"

"Yes, how's life?" Hound Dog repeated.

"Aren't you supposed to ask things like 'what scares you and why' 'how did you feel' 'what are things you regret', shit like that?" Bakugou asked.

Hound Dog looked like he would raise an eyebrow. "Do ya want me to?"

Bakugou wrinkled his nose. "This is good enough."

"Say as much as you want, ppsitive, negative, about anything. Even this meeting can be talked about."

"Life and that shit's okay," Bakugou muttered. "I like the classes, some of them are stupid, though. The extras that hang out with me are okay as well. You could call them friends, I guess. The shitty villains are making my life hell, though. And now I have a bunch of fucking therapy lessons that basically remind me of how much the villains done."

"Hmm," Hound Dog said. "How about your opinion on this?"

"I don't need any lessons, I'm not a fucking psychopath and I'm not crazy in the head. That's good enough. But because of three fucking attacks, I'm required to do this shit." Bakugou scowled at his memory before tugging at his shirt collar away from his neck.

"Have anything to say about anything else? Talk as much and as long as you want."


"You really can talk about anything. Anything from family, to school, to - "

"Yeah, yeah. I know. Wanna hear something? I don't want to be here. Okay? But not only is it required, the old hag got word of it so now if I go back home, the old hag will beat the shit out of me," Bakugou stood up and placed his palms on the table, leaning forward. He settled back down into his chair and Hound Dog cleared his throat.

"Old hag?"

"Mom, mother, ma, whatever. She and the old man are so disgustingly in love with each other, it makes me sick," Bakugou grimanced, "but according to her, I'm gonna be head-over-heels for someone. But fuck her, I can't imagine doing that lovey-dovey shit. Not now, not ever."

"So you're saying that you don't or won't fall in love?" Hound Dog asked.


"Alright, let's talk about that."


Second meeting

"Hello, Bakugou."

"Hound Dog," Bakugou greeted back. The dog(?) had earned enough respect from him when he listened and agreed with some of his points of view.

"Anything new?"

"Internships are gonna start next week," Bakugou answeres as he sat down in the chair again, leaning back, hands behind his head.

"Yes, we will have to miss Tuesday's meeting. Who did you choose for your mentor?"

"I'm planning on going for Best Jeanist," Bakugou said, pulling out the papers listing his offers, "but he seems prissy."

"Can I see them?"

Bakugou handed over the papers.

"Amazing,"  Hound Dog ruffed and his eyes stopped on one name. "Well, that's new."

"What? What's new?" Bakugou's eyebrows furrowed.

"This," Hound Dog pointed. "Didn't expect you to get an offer from Miruko."

"The bunny hero?"

"Well," Hound Dog chuckled, "you can't say that she's a helpless bunny. The reason why I say it's new is because Miruko's known for working alone. Sending this, she must like your style kid."

"I might apply to her instead."


Third meeting

"Holy shit, Hound Dog," Bakugou burst through the door, "Miruko was fucking awesome."

"Yeah, she is, isn't she?" Hound Dog hummed. "You guys got similar style."

"Fuck yeah!" Bakugou got into his regular seat. "I could swear, I beat up a bunch of villains, but not only that, she said it was great! She's strong where she can hold up her own and she knows how to deal with the kids and press and stuff!"

"Wow, you sound like you had a great time!"

"Fucking of course!"

"Can ya tell me more about it?" Hound Dog asked.

Bakugou immediately began to ramble. "So I got there, and the first thing she does is drop down in front of me in her hero costume and goes 'Hey! You're the Bakugou kid!' And I went yeah, and she then says to change so we can patrol! I asked her why so fucking early and she goes, well, you came here to fight and train, not do paperwork, right? When I did, she then hopped away and told me to keep up with her! First day and I'm alreadg flying through the city, she's laughing and swearing like I am and it's fucking awesome. She's a fucking great mentor to train me. Miruko said that I used too much of my upper body since I don't kick at all and then said that I could technically release explosions anywhere on my body and holy shit, it was cool to use small explosions on my fucking legs and ..... "

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