Hatred Only Gets You So Far

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"And the two competitors are breaking the tie with an arm wrestling battle!" Midnight waved her whip around as the stadium cheered. Kirishima and Tetsutetsu brought their arms onto a box and locked hands.

"On your mark, get set, go!"

The two activated their quirks and the battle of rock versus steel started. Back and forth their arms went until - 


"AND KIRISHIMA'S WON THE BATTLE! AMAZING!" Present Mic suddenly stood up, slamming his hands on the table while he yelled into the microphone. 

"Sit down," Aizawa said, not looking at his friend next to him. Present Mic quickly pulled in his chair and sat in it.

After the two competitors shook hands and left the battle field, Present Mic announced the next pair. "And our final match in our first round is our explosion master Bakugou versus the zero gravity princess, the duchess of space herself, Uraraka!"

"Stop being so biased," Aizawa scolded Present Mic, who held the back of his head and chuckled awkwardly.

"Alright then, get ready! Go!" Midnight yelled. Uraraka immediately started to run towards Bakugou, sticking low to the ground.

"She's going low to the ground," Midoriya muttered, his chin resting in between his pointer finger and thumb. 

"There must be a reason, I assume?" Iida turned to his analyzing friend, who nodded. 

"Yes, there must be - that's it!" He perked up his head and slammed his fist into his left hand as Bakugou created an explosion.

"What's it?" Iida tilted his head. 

"Look at all the rubble!"

"What - ah, I see. She's creating debris for her quirk, correct?" Iida guessed.

Midoriya turned to Iida and nodded. There was a bigger reason why she wanted to do this. Not only were there more rubble, but she would be creating dust everywhere, which served as a smokescreen. Not only that, but all quirks have a limit. She was trying to get Bakugou tired. 

He looked up for a split second before looking back down at the arena. Midoriya bit the bottom of his lip and the corners of his mouth started to tilt down. It was a smart plan, sure, but at this rate...

"And there's another explosion by Bakugou! Uraraka's sure beaten up now! Go a little easier on her, will ya?"

"Yeah, stop bullying the poor girl!"


"Big bully!"

"That is unproper behavior for a hero to have!" Iida scolded them, chopping his hands up and down. 

"Yeah, they're underestimating her. If Bakugou was having an easy time, he'd just blast her out of the ring," Midoriya pointed out. 

That meant Bakugou was having a tough time. Midoriya could see his chest go up and down heavily. 

Bakugou was near his limit, but so was Uraraka.

"Will you all be quiet? Bakugou's giving her a fair fight. Besides, if you had paid attention to your surroundings - " the dust settled down, showing the floating rocks above " - you would have noticed that she had a bigger plan."

"Release!" Uraraka brought the pads of her fingers together. The rocks started to fall down, tumbling down to the arena.

"IT'S A METEOR SHOWER!" Present Mic screamed. The crowd watched as the rocks fell.

Bakugou sneered. 

Lifting up his hands, he yelled, "I'M NOT GOING TO BE ELIMINATED YET!" 

The explosions from his hands grew larger and larger, until it was a beam of light. The rocks fell down as ashes and dust.

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