The Ultimate Showdown

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Midoriya clenched his kali sticks tightly as he walked down the hallway to his match. He didn't know whether he was ready, but he had to do it.

It was rather odd, to be honest, to be going against his childhood friend. Although it felt like everything was leading up to this very moment, he never really thought about it.

Until now.

Now, he was walking towards the center of a battlefield. Towards another battle. 

He looked down at the end of one of the kali sticks, where a secret compartment was. He had quite forgotten them, the only reason why he knew they were there was because of Ritsu, who had suddenly appeared on his phone and scared the crap out of him.

Midoriya loosened the tight grip on the weapons in his hands as he felt the bright light from the sun hit his face. Looking up, he could see Bakugou's stare on him.

It was showtime.

Bakugou POV

Bakugou stomped up the stairs to the arena as he stared at the green headed boy coming towards him.

Stopping a few meters ahead of the white line behind him, he watched Deku do the same thing as well. The stupid sticks were still being held in his hands by his sides.

The R-rated hero/teacher stood in the middle of the two at the side of the stage. Raising her whip, she yelled, "Are the two competitors ready?"

Bakugou looked back at the shitty nerd, who nodded and got into some sort of fighting stance. He looked back at Midnight and nodded.

Time to create a show.

Iida POV

The two people in the middle stared at each intensely while in the crowds, people were wondering how the battle would turn out.


People were eating this up as they cheered wildly. Uraraka turned to talk to Iida who crossed his arms and stared at the stadium down below the stands.

"This doesn't look good," Iida commented as he pushed up his glasses up the bridge of his nose, "however, if Midoriya has a strategy, there is a chance at beating Bakugou."

The two watched along with the other students in the class as the crowds of people around them in the stands hollered words of encouragement.


Midnight briefly gave a stink-eye towards the announcer's box before turning back to the match.

"The battle between Midoriya and Bakugou is about to commence!" Midnight yelled and the stadium cheered in response.

"Then it'll start in three! Two! One! Begin!"

Immediately, the two started to race towards each other.

"Midoriya's not going to do my strategy, is he?" Uraraka asked, the panic showing in her voice.

"Wait, what's he doing?" Iida said, leaning forward as he uncrossed his arms and put his hands on his knees, as if he was going to stand up.

Suddenly, Bakugou jumped. Midoriya's eyes widened as Bakugou smirked and flipped over Midoriya, powered by his explosions before aiming an explosion at Midoriya's back. The explosion almost landed as Midoriya stepped to the side. However, the heat still affected Midoriya as he turned around and counter-attacked with a swipe of one of his kali sticks.

Back and forth, they exchanged moves until Midoriya faked a stab with his right kali stick before using his left kali stick to hit the back of Bakugou's knee. 

Bakugou started to fall but quickly stopped himself just before he hit the ground. However, Midoriya used that moment of stillness to continue the attack with the weapon in his right, almost knocking the wind out of Bakugou.

Bakugou lifted his right hand to create an explosion while using the other hand to stabilize himself. 

The explosion hit dead onto Midoriya's chest. Luckily, he was able to back away before it caused serious damage.

The people in the stands watched in rapt attention as the two continued to fight.

"They're really strong!" Uraraka commented with her eyes wide. 

"I believe he's trying to wear Bakugou out," Todoroki suddenly put in his two cents, causing the two to jump. Todoroki was sitting behind the two, most likely the main reason they forgot he was there.

"Jeez, you made me jump, Todoroki," Uraraka said as she turned around, hand on her chest. Iida turned around.

"Yes, it was rather sudden," Iida pushed up his glasses once more. Todoroki blinked before apologizing.

"Sorry," he said and Uraraka waved her hands in front of her. 

"Oh, it's fine, Todoroki. It's our fault for not remembering that you were right behind us!" she protested.

"Oh, okay. Midoriya's not doing so well," Todoroki responded, causing Uraraka and Iida to look back at the arena. 

Both Bakugou and Midoriya were panting heavily. It was clear that they were having a tough time. Bakugou was able to deal a bit more damage than Midoriya but it was clear that having to dodge Midoriya's attacks as well as quirk exhaustion was taking its toll. 

Meanwhile, Midoriya was in a similar state. Bakugou's many explosions did a lot of damage. Although his (dodging) stamina was much larger, it was clear that Midoriya was becoming tired.

Iida narrowed his eyes. This was either going to end very soon with one of them knocked out or out of bounds or they'll continue until one of them collapses from exhaustion, like Uraraka. 

However, shouldn't that've happened already? Iida guessed that Midoriya must've had a lot of stamina and strength if he was able to get into the hero course and recommended by the government no less.

Suddenly, the two, who were quite far apart (one of them must've backed away, or even both. Iida doubted that Bakugou would back away though) suddenly started to rush at each other.

The two were supposed to continue fighting. Then, they would soon figure out the winner to the sports festival. 

However, something different happened. A dark portal appeared over the arena and the two screeched to a halt a few meters away from each other before backing away from the middle of the stage.

A good thing too, because something dropped out of it.

Three nomus to be exact.

"Time to play a game, right?"

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