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The hideout was practically already a mess when the heroes did get there. The exterior was somewhat normal, if large cracks spread over the walls of the building counted as normal. Dust and debris was scattered all around the building. 

The interior was another story. 

The ceilings were mostly collapsed, rocks, parts of the wall blocking their way, and many obstacles were in their path. If anything, it was like the heroes were just there as backup, Mirio thought as he looked at the rubble. That wouldn't be surprising, there was a reason there were different types of heroes after all. No one could cover all of the areas heroes needed to address. Rescues, fighting, damage control, those required necessary precision that not everyone could just half-ass it. 

No, the real question was who did this damage. But for right now, Mirio could push that out of his mind. Now was the time to see what was left and what was needed to do. 

"We're going to split up into teams," Sir Nighteye pushed up his glasses. "I want four different groups, three to stay inside and one to stay outside to control anything that happens out here. Is that clear?"

The group that Sir Nighteye controlled nodded, Mirio included. 

"Lemillion," Mirio perked up at his name, "I want you to lead one group along with Bubble Girl and Centipeder, who will lead outside."

"You sure, Sir?" Mirio asked.

"You're going to need more experience, and I think that with the situation at hand," Sir Nighteye pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose with his middle finger, "that you would be best at this. Thirteen will be with you, in case anything goes wrong."

Mirio beamed. "Thank you, Sir!"


Like Mirio originally thought, their job was to clean up, or at least, investigate the area. 

"It's a mess here," he muttered. Thirteen next to him nodded. 

"Yeah, but at least your quirk can help, hmm?" 

"True. Too bad you can't use your quirk right now, with all of the unknown stuff. That'd make this a jiffy!"

Thirteen laughed. "True. We just have to be extra cautious. I'm sure that I can get rid of a few things, at least."

Mirio pointed at a large rock blocking their way. "Can you, you know, use spaghettification for that thing?"

"I'll see what I can do," Thirteen said and the Space Hero walked forward to destroy the boulder. 

Suddenly, Mirio turned around. His eyes raked the area, looking around the rubble and debris. Someone, or even something, was out there. 

"Be careful everyone," he raised his voice, "We don't know what's out here."

"But Lemillion," one of them complained, "it's clean up duty, like you said. Lighten up, too much stress can make you hallucinate. Don't be that crazy kid seeing everything everywhere."

"It's better to be safe than sorry," Mirio replied. "And if there are nomus here? Ones that specialize in stealth, like a Velociraptor? Then what?"

The man who talked back gulped before looking around with his eyes. Lemillion held back a sigh. 

"Over here's good!" Thirteen called as she waved the group over. "I'm pretty sure that there's a room under here."

"Alright then, let's check it out." And with that said, Lemillion looked back out one last time before walking over to Thirteen.

Sugaya POV

"That was close," Isogai sighed in relief once the group had gotten out of that situation. 

"Sorry," Maehara rubbed the back of his neck, embarrassed. 

"That's alright," Nagisa said, "they didn't find us out, did they?"

"Yeah," Karma agreed, "and now they'll be more cautious, won't they? Don't want any nasty accidents now."

"I guess so," Maehara brightened up. 

"That Lemillion kid's pretty good," Karma continued, "I wonder how strong he is."

"You shouldn't be calling him a 'kid' when we're all younger than him by two years, Karma. He's a third year at UA, out of all places, remember?" Sugaya rolled his eyes. 

"Well, excuse me then," Karma mocked, "Lemillion-senpai! Please save me, a young kouhai vying for your attention."

"You, out of all people, shouldn't need that much saving," Nagisa shook his head. 

Karma cackled as they moved along. 

"In any case, how do you think Nakamura's doing with Midoriya and Sparky Sparky?" Karma asked. 

"I bet that Bakugou's going to be either really annoying or really observant," Nagisa thought out loud. "Midoriya did call him smart."

"Midoriya calls a lot of people smart. And this smart might not be common sense smart, maybe just academic smart," Maehara shrugged.

"Still, if he's academic smart, then he's got to have some sort of street smart, especially with a temper like his," Sugaya pointed out.

"True," Maehara agreed.

After a few moments of silence, Karma asked, "So how far away are we running?"

"The way we came from should be around here somewhere," Isogai muttered. 

"Didn't we agree that we'd enter through that pipe thing?" Nagisa piped up. 

"Then that should be somewhere around here soon, there's a lot of vents and I remember commenting on it. Why didn't we go through them anyway?" Karma asked.

"It'll be too slow though and we don't know how those would be affected by the explosions," Sugaya answered, "Remember?"

"Yeah," Karma grumbled, "but still..."

Another few moments passed before the group spotted the 'pipe thing' Nagisa was talking about. "Sugaya, can you use your quirk?"

"Yeah, sure," Sugaya said. "Do you want me to draw a hole through here?"

"If that's alright with you."

With a hum, Sugaya drew smooth cracks around the wall. On the other side should be a small room with a window that would have a ladder that would go onto the roof, which would be their escape. 

What they didn't expect was a group on the other side. 

"Hey, check it out, this wall's got a circle," a female's voice said. 

"Let me see," a man said and the group of assassins backed up. The person knocked on the concrete before saying, "Back up. I will try to open it."

And with a large bang, the stone in the middle of the wall flew out.


"It's a potential opening," someone commented. Sugaya may not have known these people, but he knew one thing. 

None of them could get caught. Putting a finger to his face, he pointed up at the ceiling. The others nodded. Climbing up slowly, Sugaya made sure that he was hidden on a ledge, still with a good view on what was going on. 

A thin, long man went through Sugaya's exit. With a gray suit, green hair with yellow streaks, Sugaya remembered from one of Nagisa and Midoriya's rants. This man wasn't any person. He was Sir Nighteye, former sidekick of All Might.

His quirk, Sugaya thought, was a small mystery among his few fans. Then again, the man was a mix between above and below ground hero. He was the intelligence part of All Might, who, according to Midoriya, didn't have much of. 

And that same man, the former sidekick of the greatest hero in history, the man that even Midoriya and Nagisa had small information on, peered at Sugaya's hiding spot. 

"Come out."

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