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"What's the plan?" Midoriya asked as the four made their way through a vent. Karma and Sugaya looked back at Midoriya and Bakugou, who was scowling  furiously at the others.

"There's not many people here for this mission," Karma said as he looked back forward and continued crawling. 

"The real thing is that, for one, we can't be seen," Sugaya said. "Us, at least. You guys are kinda expected to be there, ya know? Karasuma's orders. I bet that the gov's not willing to let us go, and it'd be bad for any news released about 'child soldiers' even though heroes are basically the same thing but public."

"Makes sense, reputation's everything in politics, they never know what goes underneath the surface," Karma scoffed. "We've had plenty of that before."

"If you're done talking," Bakugou said, finally speaking up, "what the fuck happened back there?"

"Ah, Bakugou, right?" Karma hummed, "That was just a bomb, made specially by Terasaka, Itona, and Ritsu. 'Course, you have no idea who they are. Now, before you say anything, yes, we do know that there is a super bad potato back there." Bakugou turned his head. 


"That's the heroes' jobs, it's easier to pin it on them," Sugaya explained. "It's all just politics at this point."

"How else could a hero like 'Captain Celebrity' actually not get chased out of his job?" Midoriya said. "Even the name is egotistical and stupid."

"In any case," Sugaya said, "In a few minutes, we'll be out of this tunnel, we'll get out, Isogai and Maehara are there along with Rio and Nagisa." 

Midoriya perked up. "They're also here?"

"Yeah, surprisingly. Usually, he'd be with Haruhi, his cousin in case you forgot, but he made some sort of excuse. And besides, it wouldn't be fair for the two of us to have fun," Karma grinned.

Sugaya sweatdropped. "I don't think this can be counted as 'fun'."

"Are you kidding? We get to break into a super villain's base, rescue these idiots - " this earned a few hissed protests from Midoriya and Bakugou " - and destroy the base as well! The next bomb should be going any minute!"

"How many fucking bombs did you guys even plant?" Bakugou asked.

"Just ten."

"Ten? Isn't that overkill?" Midoriya said in disbelief. 

"No such thing as overkill," Karma smirked and Midoriya sighed. Of course. This was Karma they were talking about, after all.

"Believe me, he would've used a lot more if I hadn't convinced him otherwise," Sugaya shook his head before looking a bit ahead of him. "The hole's right there, we should drop down."

Grabbing the sides of the tunnel floor that was exposed by the rather large hole, Sugaya swung his legs down before dropping onto the floor below, Karma following in suit. 

"Come on, Kacchan."

"Don't tell me what to fucking do, damn nerd."

The two fell out of it and Karma put his hand on Bakugou's shoulder. 

"I suggest not saying things like that," he said. "After all, we don't need to help you. We can just leave you here and have you find your own way. How long would it take for you to starve? Not only that, how else are you going to get those cuffs off? Quirks are so overrated, I doubt that you don't rely on it."

"Then why don't you fucking take them off?"

"Because," Karma shrugged, "it's nice to see you squirm without it. Kinda like a certain childhood friend, oops, did I say childhood friend? I meant ex-childhood friend. You were a bullying piece of shit."

Bakugou's eye twitched. "Shut the fuck up."

"Is that all you have to say? What a pity," Karma sighed before Sugaya pulled on his sleeve. 

"Karma, not so loud," Sugaya whispered before jerking his head subtly at Midoriya, who looked like he would rather be anywhere than at that moment.

"Tch," Karma said before waving his hand. "Come on, they're this way."

The group walked for about a minute or so before a shadow dropped behind them. They instantly turned around before Midoriya dropped his guard. "It's Nagisa!"

"Hey," the blue haired boy said as he waved. "It's nice to see you in one piece! Isogai and Maehara and Nakamura are scouting ahead. I'm to pick you up!"

Karma trapped Nagisa into a choke hold and ruffled the top of his head. "Aww, thanks for the help, Nagisa."

"Karma, let go of me!"

"Fine," he let go. 

"This is a really great fucking get-together," Bakugou suddenly growled, "but are we going to fucking go or not?"

"Yeah, yeah," Karma rolled his eyes and before they continued, a sudden rumble sounded through the air as the structure shook.

"Well, there goes the second bomb."

Another rumble. 

"Alright, we really need to go, that was the third, the heroes are probably outside and are coming by now," Sugaya pulled Midoriya and the five quickly ran, dodging any loose falling debris.

"Hey, you guys," Isogai suddenly appeared on one side of them, "we found a way out."

"Yeah," Maehara said on the other side of the group, "Rio's already clearing it out. On the other side should be sewage system, we can get out from there." 

"Whatever we do, as long as we're not squished by anything, I'm good," Midoriya shouted as he ran a bit faster, almost getting hit by a metal pole falling behind him.

"Over there!" Isogai pointed and soon, they could see Rio's telltale blond hair. 

"Here, you guys," Rio said, pointing at the tunnel before she dropped down into the abyss of darkness.

"Jump!" Isogai pushed Midoriya and Bakugou in before another loud bang sounded, much nearer than the other three. A large piece of the wall fell in front of the entrance, almost squishing them. 

"So, Sugaya, we're going down there or?"

"Nah," Karma said, "We got to go through a different way, remember?"

Maehara perked up. "Oh yeah! I forgot that!" 

"Come on, we should go before we kick the bucket," Nagisa said, looking around at their surroundings. 

"Midoriya and Bakugou have to escape in a believable manner," Karma continued, "Nakamura's just there to guide them. She'll join us soon."

And with that said, they disappeared, all five of them, as if they never even existed. 


I'm not really proud of this chapter :/

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