Hook, Line, And Sinker

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The two doors opened, revealing both of the opponents. The two boys were dressed the same way, a black combat outfit was on their bodies in lieu of their tattered UA jumpsuits, a mask covering their faces and hair, gloves, and for one boy, there were cuffs around his wrists. Both had some sort of weapon with them, one having a kali stick and the other having a wooden kama (a traditional Japanese weapon that resembled to a small, handheld scythe).

The two immediately ran to each other, the second one starting out with a right hook with the kama in his hand instead of a fist. 

The first one paused for the slightest second before he attacked with his kali, performing moves that were so fluid, he could most likely do it in his sleep.

Now it was the second person's turn to stop, looking questioningly at the person in front of him, only for the first person to continue his relentless attack. 

For the next few minutes, the two exchanged moves, not at the brutal intensity they started with, but more as if they were testing each other out. 

All for One listened to the match through the small speaker of sorts in the corner of the room. He could easily change with two other ones in the same room. Unfortunately, the fourth one decided to break down on him. 

The intensity of the fight was slowly growing until the second boy growled and threw his weapon, crushing the speaker All for One was using at the moment. 

"Hmm," he said and went to the second audio speaker. Nothing important was missed, the two boys continuing to fight like their life depended on it. It did depend on it, actually. All for One smirked. He had almost forgotten.

The second boy was now left without a weapon at the moment, but he didn't hesitate to use hand-to-hand combat with the first boy, who looked at the bottom of his kali stick for a moment and threw it down, not that All for One noticed it. And if he did, All for One may have prevented his downfall from coming so soon.

In any case, All for One was enjoying the battle so far, it was much more enjoyable than the Sports Festival was. In this, there was the thrill that only a death match could have. In this, there was adrenaline pumping and there was no stopping it. In this, he could see their terrified faces when they realized that they killed an 'innocent' (no hero-in-training was ever innocent in his eyes) and the moment they realize they had taken the life of the one whom they wanted to save?

All for One was almost addicted to that moment, their faces paling. He'd then make the winner become his student. They would be full of grief, guilt, and shame, making them much easier to manipulate. Of course, there was the chance that they'd be even more determined to be a hero, but he could easily solve that. Isolation in a white room always turned the best minds upside down.

It would've been better if he was able to watch in person. Then, he could use one of the quirks he had gained over the years to actually watch the show. But it was no matter, the audio could do, he could tell what was going on and if he did want to look, he could just walk down the hallway and open the door. There was no way two high schoolers, even if they were in the hero course, could beat him and his quirk combinations.

All for One grinned. This was becoming something grand, another step in the web of lies and deception used to climb to the top.

That's when one of the cords of that web snapped under the weight. But he, All for One, didn't know it at the time.

Midoriya POV

They were close. Midoriya could sense it. 

Surprisingly, his opponent was Bakugou. He could recognize that right hook from anywhere, considering that he had spent so many years chasing after his childhood friend. He was shocked when he made sure that he wasn't hallucinating or something like that, but it only took a second. After all, they were in the middle of a fight. He couldn't let down his guard.

He had also made his identity known with an attack that Bakugou should've recognize from all the times they trained during class and during the Sports Festival. And then, taking in his size and body structure, Bakugou should be able to put all the clues together.

Midoriya was very happy when he did. Bakugou, despite his many faults, was not stupid (to a degree).

"My friends are coming, just keep fighting like this," he had murmured into Bakugou's ear when Bakugou had thrown his kama. "Just to keep appearances up."

Bakugou's mask faced him for several seconds. Midoriya suspected that Bakugou was glaring at him. 

He checked the bottom of his kali stick. An electronical map was in it. The two kali sticks had two trackers in them, in case he was ever stuck or kidnapped or the like. It paid off having Koro-sensei as a teacher and as a role model. Class 3e had put in several safety measures, they couldn't let him down when it came to safety. Not only that, but two of them were taken in Kyoto. Class 3e'd be damned if that happened once again. Not that they could predict All for One kidnapping him and Bakugou.

His classmates were very close. The electronical map had two blinking dots on it, one being the kali stick in his hand, the other being the kali stick he left behind. Suddenly, one of them disappeared. 

Midoriya grinned under his mask. They were here. And they were coming.

He couldn't wait.

Midoriya then threw down his kali stick to avoid it getting destroyed. He couldn't afford it and neither could Bakugou. Not when rescue was so close. 

After a few minutes of fighting, the ceiling cracked and broke. Avoiding the debris raining down on him, Midoriya took off his mask and ripped off Bakugou's. Bakugou scowled at him and shook off Midoriya's hand when Midoriya tried to grab his hand. "I'll just follow you, damn nerd," Bakugou said. Rolling his eyes at Bakugou's stubbornness, he led them up to the top of the rubble pile to where the ceiling used to be. 

Peering around, he spotted what could only be Sugaya, who he presumed made whatever caused the ceiling to collapse, along with Karma next to him.

Midoriya smiled.

All for One brought his own destruction, hook, line, and sinker.

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