The Reason to Fear Midoriya's Skills

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Midoriya, Asui, and Mineta watched from the side of the battle. Midoriya's gun was in one hand, loaded with tranquilizer bullets and another hand was holding his knife that was still in his belt, sheathed away.

They watched in horror as Shigaraki summoned his indigo monster, or as he put it, 'nomu' to destroy their teacher. Midoriya grit his teeth. Carefully aiming his gun, he quickly shot a dart into its brain - a possible weak spot.

"Gwahh!" the creature yelled as it held its head. Midoriya's eyes went wide as it stumbled everywhere. He raised his gun once more and shot another into its brain. The nomu didn't sleep but it didn't try to attack his teacher. It just swayed around like it was a drunk maniac.

"Nomu! I said, attack Eraserhead! His stats have gone down quite a lot!"

The nomu did not attack Eraserhead, instead it looked back at Shigaraki and spun on its heel before crashing down onto its back. 

It was totally acting drunk.

Midoriya aimed once more and shot one more bullet. It did the trick - the nomu's eyes closed and it relaxed its muscles as it slept. 

"NO! NOMU! YOU BROKE MY WEAPON!" Shigaraki shrieked, connecting eyes with Midoriya. Quickly pushing Asui and Mineta away, he whisper-hissed, "Go around and try to get sensei! If you can't, just run!"

Asui keroed in confirmation as Mineta hugged Asui tightly. She quickly hopped away and Midoriya looked back at Shigaraki, whose hands were twitching as he scratched his neck.

"No, you cheater, hacks, no!" he hissed and Midoriya quickly brought up his knife as Shigaraki rushed to him. If he could handle Koro-sensei, Midoriya smirked, he could handle Shigaraki. All he had to do was not get touched by Shigaraki's hands. Right as Shigaraki was about to reach him, he stepped to the side and slashed his knife. It connected with Shigaraki's arm and created a large gash in his forearms. When Shigaraki stumbled by, he shot a tranquilizer dart, only for it to disappear into a dark purple portal. Midoriya's eyes widened and he ducked. 


Iida ran out of the USJ, with the vow that he will train to be stronger so he could protect his classmates.


The tranquilizer that was supposed to be for Shigaraki brushed the top of his fluffy hair and lodged itself into a tree.

"My, my, you should not be playing with these. Thirteen is out of action but one student escaped," Kurogiri remarked and Midoriya stepped back. Grimacing, he looked Shigaraki, whose free hand was covering the gash with his pinkie in the air. 

"Kurogiri, you weren't allowed to let anyone out! But no matter. Just this stupid NPC! I'll kill you!"

Something clicked in his head and the atmosphere dampened around the two villains.

"What is this pressure? Bloodlust?" Kurogiri murmured and Midoriya smiled, his pupils fully shown. 


Shigaraki stepped back. "What are you doing, NPC?"

"Kill is so overused nowadays. It's lost its meaning." Midoriya swung the gun at Shigaraki and Kurogiri quickly made a portal in front of Shigaraki. Midoriya walked to the center of the open concrete circle and Shigaraki tried to run at him once more but was blocked by Kurogiri.

"Save your energy, Shigaraki. we don't have a proper healer."

"Kurogiri!" Shigaraki whined as he scratched furiously at his neck.

Midoriya turned back around. "I thought you were some big boss. Turns out, you're just some cannon fodder who has to rely on his nanny! What a joke. But everyone knows that the first obstacle boss is just a joke!"

"That does it, you brat!" Shigaraki yelled as he pushed past Kurogiri.

"Wait, Shigaraki - " Kurogiri wasn't able to finish his sentence when Bakugou pounced onto his neck brace.

"Move and I'll blow you up! Not so smart now, eh? You motherfucker."

"How did you know?" Kurogiri asked and Bakugou chuckled.

"You must've had a fucking body somewhere. You didn't want any weaknesses so you put it in a shitty neck armor."


Midoriya looked at his childhood bully beat the purple mist man and turned his attention to the main problem at hand. Holding his gun, he shot a few rounds of darts. However, Shigaraki was able to somehow dodge them. Gritting his teeth, he switched his weapons, holding the gun in his left and the knife in his right.

He prepared to fight but with a sudden bang, the door flew open. 

"I AM HERE!" the Symbol of Peace said, not smiling. 

Shigaraki stopped his attack. "All-Might."

He tsked his teeth and smiled eerily. "How would it feel to not be able to protect your students?" Shigaraki lunged and reached for Midoriya, who slashed his hand just in time to step to the side.

All-Might rushed down to punch Shigaraki when a portal appeared right in front of them.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Bakugou yelled as Kurogiri shook him off. Kurogiri then warped to Shigaraki and telported away.

"Dang it," Midoriya murmured but his frustration soon melted away when he saw All-Might in front of him. 

"Are you okay, young man?"

"I'm fine, All-Might!"

"That was some impressive knifework. But do you have a license for that gun?" All-Might pointed to the gun in Midoriya's left hand. Some of his classmates had made their way towards the edge of the concrete center during the battle and paled at the gun in Midoriya's hands.

"Yep! I can show you my license right now!" Midoriya put on the safety lever on the gun and shoved it into his belt under his shirt. He then reached for another hidden pocket and took out a wallet. He pulled out a card and showed it to All-Might.

"Y-you got it last year?" All-Might asked in confusion and Bakugou's mouth dropped slightly.

Midoriya nodded and All-Might chuckled. "That's even younger than Snipe! He was only allowed to use it during his first year of high school!"

His classmates paled some more when they heard that sentence. And not only that, Midoriya was able to defeat a nomu and the villains quirkless.

A quirkless beat some villains and a genetically mutated creature that was designed to kill All-Might.

Yeah, it wouldn't be surprising if they were now terrified of Midoriya. 

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