Bakugou's Best Friend (Probably)

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Kirishima walked out onto the stage, smiling as he faced his friend. 

Or at least, the almost-friend. Bakubro was warming up to him and honestly, Kirishima thought he was so manly!

He got into a fighting position as Midnight raised her whip. 

"Battle ready! Go!" she yelled, waving her whip down like a racing flag. Kirishima ran towards Bakubro, hardening himself as he punched towards his face. Bakubro was barely able to dodge it, but gained a cut from his punch. However, Kirishima wasn't able to predict the counterattack Bakubro did with his left hand. 

Kirishima thanked his lucky stars when it didn't affect him. Part of his uniform was burnt off but he was fine. He smiled at the annoyed Bakubro. "That won't affect me!" Kirishima wound up as he threw more punches towards Bakubro. For a while, Kirishima was able to fend off any of Bakubro's attacks [I thought Kirishima should've lasted a bit longer], but soon, Kirishima was reaching his limit. He winced as Bakubro let out another explosion.

At this point, both of them were panting heavily and the two were almost at their limit. Kirishima grit his teeth as he punched Bakubro again, with him dodging until something in him cracked.

Maybe it was his exhaustion, maybe it was his mental state, but Kirishima couldn't last any longer as the explosion sent him almost sprawling on the floor. He quickly put his feet under him and went back into a fighting stance as Bakubro sneered.

"You can't last any longer can you? You're running on just fumes and I'll take those fucking fumes away! I'll beat you! DIE!" Bakubro wound up and punched Kirishima in the chest, letting out his biggest explosion yet.

The last thing Kirishima saw was Bakubro's sneer being replaced with wide eyes before returning back to his normal, calm face.

Then he blacked out.

Bakugou POV

Bakugou looked down at Shitty Hair as he fell unconcious. His sneer fell off, revealing for just a split second his real emotions, which he quickly covered up. 

He couldn't let any of those damn extras see it. 

As much as he hated to admit it, Bakugou liked the red head's company. Sure, they were as annoying as fuck, but it was a good kind of annoying as fuck. It wasn't like the fucking extras at Aldera annoying as fuck.

Which was a very good thing. He had enough of those annoying fuckers, always trying to kiss up to him like the damn fakes they were. Although some of the extras in his current class weren't as stupid as Aldera was, he could somewhat tolerate them.

But, Bakugou wouldn't let any of them know that. For fuck's sake, if any of them grabbed hold of that stupid notion, then they would get fucking annoying. 

Like Deku.

Bakugou knew Deku from a long time ago, back when the two were both in diapers. He knew him from preschool, to elementary school, all the way to the second year of junior high. 

Then, Deku disappeared.

The fucker ran away was his first thought when Deku didn't appear on the first day of the last school year at Aldera. One day turned to one week. Bakugou was getting suspicious.

One week turned to one month. Did Deku move? The old hag never mentioned it and that old hag would gossip about anything, especially when it concerned Auntie Inko.

One month turned to several. Bakugou was confused but didn't let it show. He let the extras brag about Deku being trash and useless. About how they pushed Deku out of the school and showed him 'who was boss in this world'. 

Tch. Like they did anything.

If anything, Deku was useless. That didn't mean he was trash. Deku was supposed to be that persistent pest, not whatever this was. Deku wasn't supposed to fucking run away. 

Then the moon exploded. The heroes told everyone that it was a machine/quirk malfunction from a project on the moon. All the international news said that. So, Bakugou believed it. 

Things weren't different. He aced the mock tests. He applied to UA. He got in.

So why was fucking Deku, of all people, sitting in the fucking classroom?!? Why the fuck was he here?!?


Not only that, but...

This wasn't the Deku he remembered. Sure, he was as annoying as fuck and still called him Kacchan and mumbled like an idiot, but...

When did Deku get strong?

The cockatoo yelled the results out. 

When did Deku get so confident?

The crowd cheered.

When did Deku stand up to people?

He watched as the medical robots towed the red headed shark away.

When did Deku change?

Yes, that was the question. When did Deku change?

Remembering back about one and a half years ago, he suddenly remembered how the shitty nerd was mumbling about moving to a school. Kunugigaoka Junior High.

He grit his teeth at the memory as he stormed off the stage. Bakugou could still hear the roars of the crowd behind him.

All they wanted was a show. So if that's what they wanted...

Bakugou started to ferally smile. If they wanted a show, they would get a show.

From him.

Midoriya POV

"Oh, Iida, they're done," Midoriya said, putting his phone away. He was trying to figure out what mission Karasuma could possibly want him for. Why specifically him? They had a group chat for assassination purposes only and two others for regular contact. One had just the class. The second had Koro-sensei, Bitch-sensei, and Karasuma-sensei. 

He started to frown. Iida looked curiously at his friend. 

"Midoriya, if we dilly-dally anymore, we shall be late," Iida said and he started to shake Midoriya lightly side to side. Midoriya blinked quickly as he snapped out of it. Looking up at the now concerned Iida, he smiled sheepishly. 

"Sorry, Iida. Was just in my head."

Iida reluctantly nodded and continued, "Well, let's go. You should grab your kali sticks now."

Midoriya nodded. "Mhm."

Grabbing the two sticks in the seat next to him, Midoriya and Iida stood up. Uraraka in the row in front of them turned around and smiled. "Good luck you two!"

"Mhm, thanks Uraraka!" Midoriya put both his sticks in one hand and waved.

"Thank you for your good wishes!" Iida chopped the air with his arms as he swiftly turned around and walked behind Midoriya.

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