A Peek at Internship

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Midoriya did end up accepting Aizawa's offer to teach him, which at first was a shock.

Eraserhead, a hero he absolutely loved since a child, wanted him ti be his intern. His teacher!

There were so many benefits of his teacher being his internship, but whatever, even if his teacher was Vlad King and he offered an internship as well, Midoriya would no doubt choose Aizawa over him. Sorry, Vlad King.

(Vlad King sneezed before rubbing his nose. "It's that time of year again, huh?")

Well, no matter. He couldn't wait for interns to start on Monday.


Internships were to take place for a whole three days: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, where he would also spend three nights as well. Monday night and Tuesday night and Wednesday night. Thursday morning, they would go back to school.

Midoriya was right now navigating the different streets of Muramatsu, conveniently where his house was and where UA was. If he woke up and left early, he could go home, drop or pick something up, and go to UA.

Though, he was a bit disappointed on how close it was. Internships was his chance to go somewhere new. Maybe if he was lucky, he could go where Haruhi and Nagisa were. Or Karma's place. Or hell, maybe even another ex-classmate's house.

But there was no use complaining about all of this. He had already accepted, so now, it was the problem on finding a specific apartment in a place where apartments were abundant. And when Midoriya said abundant, he meant that, like, half of all the homes available in Muramatsu were apartments.

After finally reaching the correct building, he entered the lobby to find his teacher already waiting for him.


"Problem Child," Aizawa nodded, greeting his intern.

"Why are you here instead of the apartment?" Midoriya showed him the email that said to go to a specific room. (He wasn't going to risk the address leaking, actually wait, stop breaking the goddamn fourth wall!)

"That's where you'll be spending your time sleeping. Or, when you do sleep. Most of my patrols are late at night or early in the morning, so you'll be sleeping at midnight tonight. If I feel like you can handle that, you might be staying up the entire night before sleeping tomorrow. Of course, your curfew will be midnight on Wednesday for school on Thursday. Does that make sense?"

Midoriya nodded.

"Good. As to why I'm here, it's because it's more logical than for you to go all the way up only for us to come all the way back down. So come on, let's get started."


"Have you put in any thought whether you're going to be an underground or spotlight hero? Or a mix of both?" Aizawa asked.

"I'm not entirely sure," Midoriya muttered, "but underground seems like the best option for me."

"Oh? Why is that?"

"Well, my skills are more for ending the fight quickly and quietly rather than big, powerful attacks," Midoriya began, "I won't have that much media on me and I can do what I want without worrying about my image. No commercials, no accidental scandals, things like that. Besides, nighttime is nice."

"It sounds like you already had this planned out."

"Well, yeah, but I don't know how I want to be remembered."

"So you want to go down in history for something?"

"I guess it's more like I don't want to be forgotten. Even if I die, people's memories and thoughts still make me live on. What happens if they disappear? That's when I truly die," Midoriya explained.

"Well, underground heroes sometimes think that," Aizawa admitted. Midoriya looked at him. "But I like how I can rescue people and they can remember me or talk to their kids about me. For example, Stain was a vigilante before becoming a villain and he was pretty famous in underground standards and even spotlight hero standards. And even if that doesn't happen, police records can't lie, can they?"

"No, I guess not," Midoriya murmured.

"You don't seem like the kid who would worry about this, hell, many kids don't worry about this in their first year."

"I was reading this kinda old book. It's over a century old, but it uses pretty casual language."

"What's the book called?"

"Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. There's this really old but really powerful wizard who dies but before that, he says how he'll never truly die. I guess I got really hung up about it."

"Well, that man was right. For example, do you remember any teachers and how they felt to you? Family members? They still influence you even after you go away," Aizawa pointed out.

"Huh. I guess so," Midoriya muttered, a yellow octopus appearing in his mind.

"Exactly. Ah, we're here. The Muramatsu Police Department."

"Why are we here?" Midoriya asked.

"Well, for one part, I've gotta pick up something from them. Second to let them know I have an intern, so if they see you fighting with me, they don't arrest you, and third, to have you build connections. Police can be very useful, more useful than people think."

The two entered the building. Midoriya watched as Aizawa strolled up to the front desk as a woman looked up and said, "Oh, Eraserhead! You're here early!"

"Yeah, I have an intern with me."

The woman looked past Eraserhead to see Midoriya. "Oh, okay! I'll let them know."

"Thanks. Tell - "

"Tell Tsukauchi you said hello, yes I know, even though you two usually see each other later," the woman nodded firmly, and she would've looked serious as well, if it weren't for the teasing undertone in her voice.

She opened a drawer before pulling out a few papers and handing them to Aizawa. "Here you go!"

"Thanks, Aoi," he said and Aoi waved it off.

"No prob."

"Alright, let's go," Aizawa turned to Midoriya and jerked his head toward the door. Midoriya nodded and followed Aizawa out of the building.

"Who was that? The secretary?"

"Aoi's been managing front desk since forever. She's good at her job," Aizawa explained. He then looked down at Midoriya.

"Problem Child, what's your name?"

"Midoriya Izuku, like always."

"No, don't think that's it."

Tired eyes stared into confused ones before Midoriya then answered, "Deku. The Assassin Hero."

Midoriya swore that he heard the giggling of a certain yellow octopus in his ear.

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