A Deal of Sorts

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Midoriya narrowed his eyes. "What game?"

"Hmm, a deal of sorts, you could say. It all depends on how you perceive it," All for One hummed. He brought his hands together and twirled his fingers. It was almost as if he were talking about the weather, while Midoriya was stuck in a hurricane.

"Aren't you going to explain it? It's not like I'm going to play a game with rules I don't know," Midoriya spat out. He wasn't going to let his guard down, if anything, that'd be the worse thing to do. All for One could slip into his mind. Midoriya wasn't going to let him do a Bitch-sensei move.

Not that he could picture All for One kissing someone. But Midoriya could tell this person was the type to play with their food before slowly killing it.

"Of course I am, but why don't we start with you? How are you today? Besides this, little predicament of yours," All for One inquired.

"..." Midoriya stayed silent.

"No? Not even a word?" All for One said with an almost hurt tone of voice before chuckling to himself. "That's alright. I'm sure you'll be so willing to talk when I say the rules to this game."

"The rules are simple. I'll lock you in a room with a target I want you to kill. Kill them, you gain your freedom. They kill you, I gain your body to use as a host for a nomu. Simple, right?" Midoriya paled at the requirements.

"And why do you want me to kill this person?" Midoriya asked, making All for One tap his mask where his chin might be located. 

"Hmm," All for One said, before shrugging, "why not?"

Why not. Why not? This man was just willing to see him kill someone because why not?

"You must believe you can somehow escape this, don't you?" All for One said, interrupting his thoughts. "How foolish and naive. Although you do have skills, I doubt that another pawn in my hands does. Are the stakes not high enough? How about this?"

All for One dramatically paused and with every passing second, Midoriya could hear his heart beating in anticipation.

"If you win, I'll let you have Bakugou."

Midoriya's brain stopped thinking. Bakugou? He had Bakugou? "You have Kacchan?" Midoriya accidentally blurted out before cursing himself mentally.

"Oh, Kacchan? You must be very close if you've given him that nickname," All for One said and Midoriya could feel a smirk behind his mask. "That makes the deal even better. So what do you say? Are you going to play my silly mind games?"

Midoriya glared at the man before growling out his answer. "Alright."

Bakugou POV

The room he was stuck in was painfully bright. Bakugou swore that if he had to stay in here for several more hours, he'd go insane. With white walls, floor, and ceiling, along with bright lights and a camera in the room, it was more of a prison than anything. 

Of course, there was the door behind him. But that door was sealed so tightly that Bakugou couldn't open it, not even with his explosions.

And for some reason that he didn't fucking know, there was another door right in front of him, opposite of the door he just came through. It had taken some time for Bakugou to find it, mostly because it was disguised as the wall around it. However, if you looked close enough, there was a faint line that separated the door from the wall. 

Suddenly, the door flipped. It was too fast for Bakugou to react to it, but what used to be a flat door that could be mistaken as a wall turned into a flat TV screen, which turned on to reveal the portrait of a man. 

Or at least, Bakugou thought it was a fucking man.

This person had a navy blue mask that almost resembled a skull. Pipes shot out of the top of his head and some sort of collar made out of a large amount of pipes was at the bottom of it. A chill ran up Bakugou's spine as he stared at the person in the screen.

There was no way Bakugou could be this frightened by some fucking villain in a mask, right?


"Ah yes, Bakugou, correct?" the man asked and Bakugou froze. His voice trickled into his body and made him lock up. "I suggest you answer me, after all, you don't want any trouble, don't you?"

Bakugou somehow managed to stiffly nod, which seemed to pacify the man. 

"You're wondering who I am, I would assume. My name's All for One. You, however, can call me Sensei."

"And why the fuck would I call you that?" Bakugou sneered and All for One hummed.

"Well, let me explain. I am going to trap you in a room with someone and your job is to kill that person. Kill them, you get your freedom, get killed, I gain your body."

Bakugou froze. He was supposed to be a hero, right? How could he kill someone and still be that? Of course, villains were villain and accidents could happen, but what if this was a civilian? 

Actually, it wouldn't be right? It'd be another villain, because this man said that he could be killed. 

"Well? Are you going to stay here to rot or gain your freedom?"

Bakugou grit his teeth, not willing to answer until All for One continued, "We have Midoriya."

"You have fucking Deku?" Bakugou asked, genuinely confused. How could the fucking nerd allow himself to be  captured? And that easily? 

"Well, it's simple. He still cares about his 'Kacchan', you know? With you here, we can guarantee that - "

"I accept."


If looks could kill, All for One would have been dead on the floor of wherever he was a long time ago. "I accept your game."

All for One chuckled before happily saying, "Good."

All for One POV

All for One turned off the TV and flipped the door so that it returned to its white wall form. There were several other TVs around him, showing locations around his hideout, including the rooms of two very important prisoners. 

All for One grinned. Guilt was an amazing tool when it comes to gaining pawns to your side. 

The two boys would face each other in masks. Without quirks. 

One would kill the other. That was inevitable. Then, by revealing the other's mask, he'd bask in the glory of seeing their faces going pale with shock and grief. And no matter what, he had kept his part of the deal. After all, he never said they'd see each other alive and well, had he? With enough effort, he could gain a new student and a new nomu. What fun.

Oh yes, it was going to be an amazing thing to see.


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