A Bloodthirsty Intention Part 2

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Midoriya could barely register the fact that he was free-falling into a villain's portal before he crashed onto a floor. Sitting up with his hand on his back, he looked around at his surroundings.

The room he was in was a basic concrete room with bare amount of furniture in it. In the corner was something that resembled a futon, if you could even call it that, along with a small wooden table with a chair underneath it. On the ceiling was one of those ceiling lamps, with a thin string cord connected to it. 

On the opposite side of the room in which he was stuck in was a sturdy-looking wooden door with metal hinges.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a small security camera, its lens shining, even in the dim light. His eyebrows furrowed. This wasn't good at all.

If anything, he had to take in what he had. Unlike that time they got captured by the Reaper, this room had furniture, brick walls, and a hard floor, as well as the fact that he was in his UA jumpsuit. 

The jumpsuit on him was dirty, burnt, and ripped. Wrinkles crisscrossed all over it and burn marks were littered everywhere, like battle scars. 

As if just realizing it, Midoriya felt tired. his eyes drooping lower and lower every time before he picked up his hands and slapped his face a few times in order to wake himself up. This wasn't the time to be sleeping.

Walking over to check out the door, Midoriya's foot hit something and sent it rolling across the room. Ah yes, his kali sticks. Looking down, he picked up one of them before going over to get the other.

Why did the villains allow him to keep his weapons? Midoriya wondered as he calmly walked over to the other side of the room. Were they confident enough to let him have them?

No, there had to be a different reason. If they were smart enough to be able to break into UA and do all that damage, they should have a different reason. All villains who were smart knew that underestimating people could lead to downfall. 

Unless... did they get cocky? There was no way, right? The League of Villains was a fairly new organization and it would be too early to let their guard down. Even if that child-like Shigaraki was getting arrogant, he wouldn't seem like the type to just allow him to have some weapons. 

Midoriya had seen those nomus before, in that factory. But these? These were newer, more fit, just simply better.

The man had intended to destroy them.

So why was he allowed them? There had to be some bigger plot behind this.

Midoriya squatted down and picked up his second kali stick before standing up and walking over to the rags which covered a mattress that could barely be labelled as a futon. Sitting down, he looked at the camera in the corner of his eye before sighing.

He wondered whether the person watching the camera, if there was a person, could hear him talk.

He shook his head. No matter, he just had to figure out what was going on. Midoriya's curiosity got the better of him. It was something that could be labelled as weakness or a strength, depending on who you asked and when you asked. On one hand, it would be useful when planning ahead and figuring out what was going on.

On the other hand, it could waste him precious time, especially if red herrings were thrown everywhere.

In any case, there had to be a reason Shigaraki didn't take these away. It wasn't like anyone would go against his command. 

Unless... Shigaraki wasn't in charge? That would be impossible, right? He led the USJ incident and he started this one. That portal summoning villain was more of a butler to Shigaraki than a boss.

Midoriya gulped. Did that mean there was a stronger person in the shadows, watching their every move?

For the first time in a while, Midoriya was worried. For his friends, both Class 3e and 1a, for his family, and for the world.

Garaki Kyudai POV

Garaki Kyudai had to say that his life was comfortable. With his job as the Jaku Hospital Board Chairman, he got a pretty decent salary. He could do what he wanted.

And yet, there was a small part of him who wanted something more. Something better than the life he was leading. 

Thus, he became a villain.

With the new name Ujiko Daruma, he became a sort of doctor for the villains. And the villain he took care of was a big one, a very big one indeed.

The villain was All for One.


Born around 120 or so years ago, he had gained a quirk that granted him a very, very long life. However, he grew up thinking that he was quirkless, so he worked hard at becoming a doctor and scientist, dedicated to the study of quirks. 

About 50 years later, Garaki had came up with a genius notion. As generations go by, quirks would get more powerful the longer time went. He named it the 'Quirk Singularity' theory.

But instead of getting credit, fame, awe from his colleagues, he gained shame, was shunned, and was thought as ridiculous. Now 70 years later, wasn't he right? Wasn't he the one laughing in their faces?

Only one believed him. All for One. So now, even though they had spent almost a century together, he was proud to say that he was All for One's assistant, his number one doctor and informant. 

In fact, Garaki was on the verge of creating history! Yes, his masterpieces, nomus as he called it. With these powerful beings, All for One could finally have the future he wished for. 

But no matter how strong they were, nomus had to have enough smarts to fight the heroes. Even if they were stronger than All Might and All for One combined, if they had no brain, they'd easily die. 

What he was trying to create was a nomu that had its own mind, could control its own actions without disobeying its master. In fact, his only friend besides All for One, Yanagisawa Kotaro was able to create one out of antimatter. Garaki had insisted that Yanagisawa shouldn't have used antimatter, despite how appealing it looked, but he refused to listen! And look what happened! His research gone, his body permanently disabled (or even dead), and everything had gone to waste, besides the fact that the moon was a bit smaller than it was supposed to.

Yes, Garaki thought Yanagisawa was an idiot for doing that. But now, Garaki create something that would surpass him.

A high-ended nomu. 

And one of the boys would be the first to be released to the public.

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