Welcome to the U.A. Sports Festival!

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Midoriya sat inside of his classroom, waiting for the Sports Festival to start. He had an idea, a rather unusual idea, sure, but an idea. Then again, Itona was practically expecting him to do this.


Todoroki's voice interrupted Midoriya's train of thought. Midoriya looked up at Todoroki. 

"Yes? Todoroki?"

"Between the two of us, I would say I am stronger than you."

Okay? Midoriya stared at the teen in front of him, not understand what Todoroki was implying.

"That is why I will beat you and win the Sports Festival."

"A declaration of war? Already?" Kirishima yelled and Bakugou lit up his hands.

"Don't declare war to the wrong fucking extra!" Bakugou yelled but Todoroki was already walking away, "DON'T YOU FUCKING IGNORE ME!!"

Midoriya sweatdropped at the scene in front of him and Uraraka and Iida came up to comfort him. 

"Do not worry, Midoriya!"

"Yeah, don't pay attention to Todoroki!"

Midoriya brought his hands up and waved them, "I'm good, you guys. No need to worry!"

The two sighed in relief as Aizawa came into the classroom. "Line up," Aizawa said, "the UA Sports Festival is about to begin."


Class 1a walked out into the sun as Present Mic commentated. Present Mic quickly announced the support, business, and management classes in such a way that made Midoriya think, 'Biased much?'

When Midnight told Bakugou to give a speech, Bakugou announced, "I pledge... to be number one."

Midoriya really, really wanted to strangle Bakugou. What was he even thinking? The other classes looked like they wanted to beat up Class 1a. Seriously.

Midoriya bit his lip and clenched his pants with his hands so that he didn't punch Bakugou or something. Because even if Bakugou couldn't mince his words up, he didn't have to announce it to the world like that!

He was totally going to stop Bakugou winning the Sports Festival.

"The first round is an obstacle course!" Midnight announced and Midoriya looked at the narrow, entrance tunnel. This was an obstacle in itself.

"Ready? Go!" 

As soon as Midnight said that, everyone rushed to the front. Except Midoriya. A flash of coldness and the people at the front had ice sticking them to the ground. After five seconds, Midoriya sprinted ahead.

It was like a cross-country race. He weaved himself through the people running.

"It's the first obstacle!" Present Mic declared when they reached the giant robots. 

"Weren't these from the entrance exam?!?" Someone shouted. Midoriya looked at the robots. How could they even afford this?

As Todoroki froze one, Midoriya used the ice on one robot to go to another free robot.

"What's this? Midoriya from Class 1a seems to be on one of the robots!"

Midoriya opened one of the panels to reveal the inside wiring. With a bit of tweaking here and there, the robot was now under Midoriya's control. His smirk represented Karma's. 

Itona would be so proud of him.

Somewhere, sitting on a couch on a meeting with his Class 3e friends...

"There's Midori using what I taught him," Itona pointed at the screen.

"Jeez, that's dangerous, which is just like him," Nagisa sighed as Karma put on his infamous grin. 

"Oh? Is this your middle school class, Nagi?" a brown haired girl that looked like a boy asked as she looked at Nagisa's screen. Some other people with black, blonde, and strawberry blonde hair looked at it as well. 

"Your friends have some interesting color hair," one of twins said at the exact same time.

"Then again, you have blue hair," the other twin said.

Nagisa sighed as some of Class 3e chuckled and continued to watch the Sports Festival.



"I didn't teach them that. They came up with their own strategies by themselves."

Midoriya reached the Fall with some stone pillars. Carefully, he put half the robot on one side and jumped from the robot's leg that was closest to the other side. With him, he took one of the robot's panels.

He looked behind him as a pink-haired girl used a grappling hook-like invention to swing across the chasm before running ahead. Midoriya was rather fast, if he said so himself.

Reaching the mines, he looked at Todoroki and Bakugou battling it out. Looking at the ground, he dug up some of the mines and put them in one pile, angling it.

Then, he did what would hopefully not kill him.

Midoriya, like the green broccoli boi he was, jumped on it with the panel like a sleigh.

A loud BOOM rang through the course. 

"What? That explosion wasn't supposed to be that big! Wait... something's coming out of the pink smoke!"

Midoriya practically flew through the air with his metal panel of a sleigh. Todoroki and Bakugou stared at him as he went in front of them. The two started picking up the speed, making sure that there was the least amount of space as possible.

Which was pretty ironic, Midoriya thought. Because his plan wouldn't work unless they did that. So Todoroki and Bakugou brought their own downfall.

He flipped, putting his feet on the twos' backs and slammed the metal piece on the ground, exploding more bombs. The bombs shot him forward while stopping Todoroki and Bakugou.

Sorry, Midoriya thought, but I'm getting first.

Midoriya rolled as he got to the other side of the minefield and raced forward with as much speed as he could muster. Sound seemed to disappear. He could practically see Koro-sensei by the finish line, with one of those stupid tiny flags, cheering him on. He could see the pride on Koro-sensei's face as he crossed the finish line. Then all of a sudden, it was like the world was unmuting itself. 

The loud cheers filled his ears as Present Mic yelled into his mic, "FIRST PLACE GOES TO MIDORIYA IZUKU! WHAT A GAME CHANGER!"

He walked away from the tunnel as Todoroki and Bakugou came into sight. 


As more and more people ran through the finish line, Midoriya let himself smile at his victory. He would win for himself, for his class, and for Koro-sensei.

Somewhere, at a mansion...

"Your classmate was crazy!" Hikaru thought out loud as Karma and Nagisa celebrated Midoriya's victory.

Honey started twirling with his bunny and commented, "It was so exciting!" Honey bounced towards Mori.

"That's just one of his charms," Haruhi smiled and Tamaki walked over.

"What about one of my charms?" Tamaki used one of his seducing tricks on her. It did not work.

Haruhi looked at him in the eye and said, "You're annoying."

Tamaki started sulking in a corner and the twins started laughing. 

"It's just like her to say that," Nagisa laughed and Karma grinned, amused, behind him.

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