The Darkness That Surrounds Us

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Tokoyami Fumikage was not ashamed to say that he may or may not have an - as other people called it - obsession with the darkness. It wasn't that he was secretly a psychopath and was waiting for the perfect time to strike and kill everyone. 

It was just that everyone thought he was. 

To be honest, it was rather tiring, back in middle school, to walk to classes over and over and over again just to hear someone whisper something about him.

"Hey, it's the bird freak."

"Isn't he a crow? Raven? Aren't they always near death places and stuff?"

"Yeah, and doesn't he always talk about darkness?"


"Let's stay away from him. He could be messed up in the head, ya know."

Tokoyami clenched his fists as he walked through the hallway that lead to the open arena in the center of the stadium. 

Despite what people thought, Tokoyami was not insane. 

No, Dark Shadow was not a demon. In fact, he was the complete opposite.

No, he was not forcing Dark Shadow to do anything against his will.

No, he was not using Dark Shadow to do anything illegal or perverted. It didn't even work that way, what would the purpose even be?

No, Dark Shadow was not the failed creation of creating life from making a pact with the devil so he stuck it to his body so he didn't look useless with a bird head.

Tokoyami didn't even know where that theory even came from. Somehow, the entire school bought that for several weeks. 

That was rather concerning, to say the least. 

Tokoyami stepped on stage. He knew that he had a major disadvantage against Bakugou, who was smiling in a demonic way. But the thing was, he could only do his best and not look like a satanic idiot.

Even if he was a member of Satanism, he would be a Luciferian, not a savage demon! 


Tokoyami woke up with a slightly pounding headache. He looked around the room he was in as he registered the fact that he was in a bed. 

So this was the infirmary. 

An old lady walked up to him. "Ah, so you're awake!" she said as she took out several gummies. Tokoyami grabbed one and popped it into his mouth. 

"You do remember what happened, correct? Or no?" she continued asking. Tokoyami swallowed his gummy. 

"Yes, I remember that I was battling Bakugou. I believe that he knocked me out with an explosive punch?" Tokoyami asked. The old lady nodded her head. 

"Good, so you haven't got that bad of a concussion," she muttered. Tokoyami hesitantly asked, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but who are you?"

She stopped her murmuring and looked at Tokoyami. "Recovery Girl, at your service," she answered. A lightbulb above his head lit up. Ah, so this was the famous Recovery Girl.

He stretched his arms above his head as Dark Shadow came out. 

"Fumi, you're alright?" Dark Shadow asked, tilting his head. Tokoyami smiled slightly as he patted Dark Shadow's head. 

"Yes, I should be fine," Tokoyami began as he started to swing his legs out of the bed when Recovery Girl stopped him. 

"You should be resting! What is up with Class 1a?" she said, softly whispering the last sentence. Tokoyami blinked before sighing. 

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