A Word From Class 3e

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If there was one thing Class 3e was good at doing, it was looking out for each other.

They've been doing it since the beginning, at Kunugigaoka Junior High. They've been doing it when Koro-sensei was still alive. They've been doing it since they officially graduated from the Assassination Classroom. They each internally promised to continue doing that in the future.

But now one of them was missing. One of their own was missing and if the League of Villains thought they would stay put, they were wrong. 

Yes, the League would pay most sincerely for their actions.


If it weren't for Karasuma-sensei and Bitch-sensei's news from wherever they got it, Class 3e would still be stuck trying to find out where the fuck their green-headed friend was. And Bakugou. Or, as they liked to call him, 'TAP', short for 'The Angry Pomeranian'.

According to Bitch-sensei, with the help of her quirk (Honeytrap: When activated, can be used to seduce and lower guards down. Effect decreases when the target is familiar with her), she'd been able to get some information out of several villains' loose lips before arresting them. You know, the usual stuff. 

"Alright, you brats," she said when they had a meeting about their friend's kidnapping incident, "I've got several bits of advice. First, we know their main location's a bar. Not much, considering that they've got a warping buddy, but it's better than nothing. Second, hand fetish guy is not the leader."

Several murmurs broke out between them before Bitch-sensei yelled, "I'm still talking, ya know!"

"Yeah, yeah, go on," Terasaka said, waving his hand. "You want to rescue Izuku as much as us, so just keep going."

Bitch-sensei huffed before flicking some strands of hair on her shoulder away. "Third, the nomus. They're probably making more of them at different factories."

That shut them up before they starting yelling.

"But wait, didn't we destroy those?"

"That's probably not all of them."

"If we look as this logically - "

"Who the fuck cares about LoGiCaLlY - "

"Who's got a map?"

"Are these all over Japan or - "

A tic mark appeared on Bitch-sensei's face before Karma shouted, "Bitch-sensei looks like she's going to become a fuse!"

"I am, you damn brats!"

Karasuma rolled his eyes at her before pulling out a map. "We know that based on the fact that these are new and that we have captured all but two members from the Sports Festival Attack, they probably don't have many members. What we're going to do is infiltrate them. Everyone understand? What we're going to do is kill them from the inside out."

Maehara smirked. "I like the sound of that."

"So how long will this take?" Nagisa asked, fidgeting in his seat. The faster the meeting could go, the better. He doubted that the distraction he set up for the Host Club would last very long. Kyoya probably noticed something by now. But then again, he might not mention anything. You could never tell with that black prince.

"I'm going to say several days, at least. Remember, we want to gain their trust, even if that means breaking the law. As long as there's more benefits, the better," Bitch-sensei said, calming down. She was still pouting, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Ah, me and Karma won't be able to sneak away," Nagisa pouted and Karma sighed a loud sigh. 

"What a pity, eh? Nagisa?" Karma said, putting his hands behind his head.

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