It Was Time

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The door showed a long and dimly lit hallway. The floor, ceiling, and walls were all made of cold cement bricks covered with gray paint. Midoriya walked through the hall, which had doors all over it, but there were locks on the handles. He could tell that All for One didn't want him going there. Of course, if he could escape, he could come back with reinforcements of some sort to break into them.

Or, that beacon was working and some members of his class would be coming over here. That was also an option.

His class was most likely having a meeting about his whereabouts, after all, that would be the most logical thing to do. The real question would be how they would proceed to find him. 

There were several ways that Midoriya could come up with in his head. One would be gathering everyone and bringing them over, like how they tried to rescue Bitch-sensei last year. However, it could potentially go wrong if they didn't know everything, like with the Reaper's traps and the like. On the other hand, there was no Koro-sensei, no 10 billion yen on the line. Unfortunately, that would make it easier to sweep this under the rug. No one would notice a class going missing if they were scattered across Japan, unless they had gotten to some influential status by going to a certain high school. 

Another way would be to leak his location to the heroes. This was also risky, such as if they didn't believe him, the information got stolen by the villains, or if it just plain didn't get to them. However, if the heroes DID believe them and DID decide to check it out, there would be major benefits, like reinforcements, etc. But if anything, Class 3e learned that the government wasn't always to be trusted.

The hallway took a turn to the right and Midoriya quickly pressed himself against the wall before peeking around the corner. You could never be too careful. All for One said his opponent would be in some sort of room. 

He never said that Midoriya wouldn't be ambushed on the way there. However, this entire hallway could be a scheme to make him anxious and make mistakes. All for One was being very tricky with his, his GAMES. Yes, games, that was the right word. To him, everything, from Midoriya to the deal, was just something to amuse him, something to propel him forward. Because Midoriya knew, this deal was too shallow and beneficial to him. 

One of them would be sacrificed and All for One didn't care who it would be. There was most likely equal benefit or it was rigged. One of the two.

After rounding the corner and a few minutes of cautious walking, Midoriya had managed to reach a large door, about half the size of Class 1a's own classroom door. At the foot of the door was a cardboard box filled with who-knew-what and a small paper sign was taped onto the door.

'This is your destination. Put on the restraints and outfit under this sign. As soon as you open the door, I'll open the other door. Get ready, while you can.'

Squatting down, Midoriya opened the cardboard box to reveal a mask, black combat outfit, complete with a jacket, shirt, pants, mask, and gloves. He picked up the mask and looked at it. A voice changer was attached. Interesting. Why did All for One not want his enemy to not know his voice?

Midoriya stared at the clothes. Did All for One expect him to just change right here and now?

Quickly looking around him, he changed out of his torn jumpsuit as fast as he could. The chill of the air made him shiver. 

Now completely covered, Midoriya hesitated. What was the purpose of this? Was his opponent being supplied with this as well? He shook his head, shaking out the unneeded questions. He'd figure it out when he got in there. And with a deep breath, Midoriya put his hand on the door knob and opened the door.

Bakugou's POV

"Well, the opposition has reached their side of the door," the villain said in a nonchalant voice. Bakugou swore that he could've heard humming coming from him. But now, it was no matter.

His outfit had changed from the blue and white gym uniform of UA into some sort of shitty clothes and mask that might've been used for some sort of fucking spy movie. Only it was on a shitty budget, with a shitty costume designer, and with a shitty plot. 

In other words, he really didn't fucking like this. At all.

He adjusted the cuffs on his wrists. All for One, that fucker, had him put on some new bracelets and once he had put them on, Bakugou immediately tested his quirk out, only to find that he couldn't. Then, the piece of shit almost gleefully put in that these were fucking quirk restraints. He wanted Bakugou to fight quirkless.

No, Bakugou wasn't worried. Bakugou was never worried. He couldn't be. This was a fight, a fight he could use to get Deku and get the fuck out of here. And if there was anything he was good at, it was fighting.

If anything, fucking worrying was not going to help. And besides, he was Bakugou, the one who would be a hero. His teachers and classmates practically made him become a hero. There was no other option but to become one, to prove his worth. Because if you weren't the best, you were nothing. You were average. You were nothing but a pebble by the side of the road. To him, to be the best meant being a hero. Beating All Might.

He scowled at the reminder. At this pace, there was no way he could do that. His entire class, which were supposed to be EXTRAS, had amazing quirks, not like he would admit it. His dream, if it could even be called his, was becoming out of reach. And the cherry on top was this.


Bakugou picked up the mask that he was supposed to put on. A voice changer.

There was no way that All for One didn't want his opponent to know his voice. What would be the purpose of it? They don't know each other anyway. In any case, Bakugou fixed the mask on his face.

It was time.

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