The Topic of Fathers

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Midoriya knew that there were a few options, the most likely ones being:

1. The heroes will come and save him and may or may not succeed.

2. Class 3e will come and save him,  most likely yes than not.

3. There would be no way to help him due to no one knowing where he is.

Now, Midoriya Izuku wasn't a damsel in distress, after all, he was part of Class 3e as well. However, despite that, he was as reckless as one could be sometimes, especially when it came to rescues. Most of the time, he was a logical individual. 

Most of the time anyway.

Looking at the clothes that hung onto his body, he grimaced before walking over and sitting on a chair. It was better than nothing, after all, he couldn't waste this time to recover.

The door, the only way out of the room, creaked open. Midoriya immediately stood up, his hands already on his weapons as he assumed a battle position. A cold, shivering aura wafted out from behind the door and Midoriya shivered.

"Now, now, I'm here to have a civil talk."

The door opened fully to reveal the villain behind it.

I'm not your enemy. In fact, I may be your greatest benefactor. My villain name is All for One. But you can call me Sensei."


All for One, despite the fact that his aura was so menacing (Midoriya hadn't felt this much fear in a long time, the most during the end of his school year at Kunugiaoka Junior High). 

The man wore a navy blue mask that encompassed his entire head with a skull design. Pipes stuck out the top of the helmet from an angle and it was clear that whatever the device was below it was necessary for the villain.

Mr. Karasuma had taught them that several cues people may use when they want you to do something, it was like reading the person based on their unconscious actions. Midoriya had tried to do that, but the villain in front of him was like an empty book. 

"What do you want?" Midoriya said through gritted teeth and All for One had the audacity to tut at him as if he were a foolish child.

"Oh my, you must be confused. I'm your helper, don't talk to me like that," All for One replied, avoiding the question Midoriya asked. He took a step forward and Midoriya brought his weapons higher.

"Stay away from me!"

There was no need to have such an urgent voice, Midoriya knew this well. Despite that, his internal alarms were blaring loudly. They've helped him in many cases, it couldn't be going off randomly like this. Something was wrong and he didn't like it.

Something must've irked the man because the surroundings got colder and denser. Midoriya tensed up his muscles, refusing to get down. His legs were slightly trembling, he knew that. It would be stupid not to.

"Ah, are you still not accustomed to your new home? Then again, it must be a shock to see me, an unknown factor, am I right?"

Silence followed the question as Midoriya's mind whirled in a frenzy. Who, what was this person?

Yes, what was this person? Certain people only could have this threatening impression on him. He's faced off against many people, all of Class 3e had and Class 1a had that villain attack at the USJ. Was this man the real conductor behind the orchestra that made up the League of Villains?

All for One studied the boy in front of him before something in his mood shifted.

"If I were to tell you that you could find your father, would you?"

Bakugou POV

Bakugou had been in here for what seemed to be hours.

When a portal appeared underneath his feet, Midnight had attempted to save him, like the hero she was. Unfortunately, Kurogiri had already sensed her approach and quickly took care of it by blocking it with a portal.

He ended up in a room. It was a rather small room, in fact, there were no furniture at all. The concrete floor met metal walls at the edges and the ceiling was only lit up by a tiny lantern that hung from the ceiling.

The door in front of him was the standard wooden door. With no paint on it, it looked one of those plain doors from Western movies. 

Bakugou mentally measured the room in his head. It was about 6 or so meters wide and 8 or so meters wide. The room was small, but not too small where he barely had enough room to live in.

Fuck this. 

Backing up to the wall opposite of the door, Bakugou ran up to it and activated his quirk.

The door exploded, obviously it did. To be honest, it had no chance against him. There was nothing to inhibit his quirk. With a loud and flashy bang, the door shattered and burned into tiny pieces and Bakugou stormed through the small wreckage he had created. His hands were steaming as he felt his exhaustion catch up to him.

No matter, he had to find his way out of this fucking place.

The long dark hallway was straight forward, in fact, there were barely any other paths that split off from it. Those didn't matter right now. Bakugou may not have known where the fuck he was going, but his gut told him to go forward. And so he did, into a bright white room. 

Bakugou's hands immediately went up to his face to block the sudden light. Slowly walking into the room, the door slammed shut behind him. Bakugou whipped around before spotting a camera in his view. Of fucking course.

He was trapped like the helpless lamb he was.

Midoriya POV

Midoriya glared at the person in front of him. "What do you know about that? My father is perfectly out of my life."

Shit, he let his guard down. All for One seemed pleased at this answer, which was peculiar. 

"Midoriya Hisashi. Quirk: Fire Breath. Distant cousins with the Todorokis, Todoroki Enji being his cousin twice removed. Disappeared about twelve or so years ago due to the fact you were quirkless, correct?"

All for One chuckled. "How fun," he said as he clapped his hands. 

"I have a deal with you. Wanna play a game?"

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