A Lie

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"I'm not going to say it again. Whoever you are, come out, or I will be forced to believe that you are villains." 

Nagisa connected eyesight with his classmates. What now? 

"I'll give you to the count of three, since I've seen that you all are children," the man, Sir Nighteye said. "One." 

What should be done? Karasuma had told them that they couldn't risk to be discovered, so now what? 

"Two," the word was drawn out, almost tauntingly. 

Karma then winked and all Nagisa was hope that Karma wouldn't do something as stupid as attack the man. After all, Sir Nighteye, despite his agency more focused on gathering information, had to have some sort of combat experience, especially during his time as All Might's sidekick. 

"Thr - "

"We'll come out," Karma said softly, making the others blink. Where was the confident Karma they knew? 

"Good," Sir Nighteye nodded in approval. 

With a heave, Karma moved out of his hiding spot, behind the rubble of several boulders at Sir Nighteye's shoulder height. 

"I'm certain there's more than one person," Sir Nighteye frowned. 

"Come on out, you guys," Karma jerked his head and Nagisa hesitated. Karma had to have a plan, right? He bit his lip before coming out of his own hiding spot, above their heads. One by one, Maehara, Isogai, and Sugaya walked out and into the open. 

"That should be all of you," Sir Nighteye muttered softly. Nagisa blinked. He knew how many there were? "Now," he continued, "would any of you like to tell me who you are and why you are here?"

Out of the corner of his eye, Nagisa could spot Sugaya fidget with the Class 3e (new and improved!) uniform. 

"Why should we?" Maehara asked, his eyes narrowing. He crossed his arms. "You just barged in here and demanded us to show ourselves. How do we know that we can even trust you?" 

Sir Nighteye clicked his tongue. "That is true. You don't know whether I am a hero or a villain or maybe even a vigilante. Though, I would suppose that a vigilante wouldn't wear a business suit, would they?" he cracked a slight smile. 

Silence met his question, but he must've expected it because he then said, "But I also don't know who you all are. Are you a villain? Are you a civilian who decided it would be good fun to go into a crime scene?" His tone became harsher and sharper during the last sentence. 

"Sir, I think we should - " Sir Nighteye held up his hand. 

"I want to hear it from them." He turned to Karma. "You, out of this group, decided to come out before telling these four to get out of their hiding spots. Why?"

Karma, like Nagisa (hopefully) expected him to, had a response. "Because there's three reasons, the first two helped me decide what to do. The third one I got from our conversation, if you can call it that." He held up one finger. "You knew there were people. You just found that hole in the wall and you immediately broke it down and said 'Come out'. If you were that confident, you must've had some sort of clue since we made no sound." Karma put up another finger. "Two. If you were someone who was going to kill us, wouldn't you have done it by now? Kill now, ask questions later. Not to mention the group you've got behind you." He then brought up a third finger. "Finally, you asked whether we were villains or civilians. You sounded really, really pissed when you asked us whether we were civilians. And I wouldn't think that a villain would ask another person whether they're a villain." Karma put his hand down. "So that's why."

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