Therapy With Midoriya

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Midoriya walked through the halls after school to get to where he needed to be, Hound Dog's office for therapy lessons.

It wasn't like he actually needed them, right?

Sure, his sensei died in front of him and he was discriminated against, but the Big 5 made up (sorta) and he did learn so many useful things that allowed hin to even get into the school.

It wasn't like his last year of middle school was the best year ever, even by his standards.

After a few minutes of walking, Midoriya finally reached the blue door and he slid it open.

"Hello, Midoriya. Take a seat, wontcha."

Sitting down in the chair in front of Hound Dog's desk, he placed his bag next to him, slumped against the chair.

"So, Midoriya," Hound Dog said, "we're meeting up every Wednesday and Friday afterschool for the next few weeks. Aizawa raised the amount of therapy lessons you'll have to do, but only in quantity of the meetings. Now -  you don't have to raise you hand, just tell me."

Midoriya lowered his hand. "Why have the number of meetings increased?"

"Something about Kunugigaoka Middle School. He wouldn't allow me to know anything else, something about it being government related and that Nezu might severely injure him if I was told without permission."

He knew?

Midoriya's fists on his lap tightened up momentarily.

Did Aizawa think of him as a freak now? Pity him? Declare he had Stockholm Syndrome?

No, wait. If he thought that Midoriya had Stockholm Syndrome, wouldn't he tell Hound Dog?

But if he didn't tell Hound Dog, maybe Hound Dog would do something like it if he could piece together certain pieces of evidence that aren't discreet enough?

"Midoriya. Midoriya. Midoriya. Midoriya, are you okay - "

"I'm okay!" Midoriya quickly responded. "I'm okay."

"Alright then. Make sure ya don't space out on me, I know that my office is a bit cramped, but don't fall asleep so quickly," Hound Dog let out a series of barks (laughing, perhaps?).

"Sure, sensei."

"Just call me Hound Dog, kid. Just not Dog. Too rude for me," Hound Dog waved the 'sensei' off.

"Sure, Hound Dog," Midoriya corrected himself.

"So, Midoriya, talk to me about life. How is it?" Hound Dog asked.

Was this a test to see how he would respond? If he was too passionate,  would they think he's crazy? But on the other hand, if he's too apathetic, he might be kicked out. He's at a HERO school, goddamnit.

Why did Midoriya think he could lie out of this earlier? The mention of Kunugigaoka made it almost impossible to! Perhaps he should improve his lying ability -

His thoughts were racing at several hundred miles per hour when Hound Dog interrupted them.

"Don't overthink it," he said, "just tell me what comes to mind. How is your life, right now?"

Oh. So that's what Hound Dog meant.

"Life's good, I guess," Midoriya muttered. "Not that you can say life is that good after being kidnapped, but it's good."

"How's your family? How's school? Anything that comes to mind, say it. Surprisingly, it does wonders, saying stuff out loud."

"My mom is kinda worried. She's always been a bit paranoid, but that makes her a good mom. She's been worried sick about me after my kidnapping. I couldn't believe it when she allowed me to come back to school again," Midoriya started.

"Go on," Hound Dog said.

"I honestly kinda want my dad to come back," Midoriya continued, "but if he does, he might be someone bad. Or maybe he expects me to love him right away. I don't like not knowing about what I want and how it'll turn out. It's not like I can argue with him, Mom would be so upset."

"You must love your mom, kiddo," Hound Dog commented.

"Yeah, I'd do anything for her," Midoriya smiled.

"Don't let go of that love. You can never be too tough to not care about your loved ones, remember that," Hound Dog advised.

Midoriya knew that. His time with Korosensei was short but eventful.

"The most amazing people are the ones that support you throughout life, quietly as you reach your dreams. Never forget," Hound Dog continued.

"Did you lose someone?" Midoriya asked before adding, "I mean, it's none of my business, I'm so sorry - "

Hound Dog burst into laughter. "Don't worry, might as well get to know me, right? I did lose someone. It was my own mom, so hearing you say all that made me real happy, ya know?" (Not canon)

"Mm," Midoriya nodded.

"So, wanna tell me more about your mom?"

"Mom really likes plants, but she's kinda bad at taking care of a lot of them. She also is really good at cooking and - "

Midoriya rambled on as Hound Dog smiled.

Second meeting

"Welcome back, Midoriya!" Hound Dog greeted the teen at the door.

"Hi, Hound Dog," Midoriya said as he sat in the chair behind the desk once more. His bag was placed upright, not touching the chair.

"Interns are coming up. Who are you gonna go to?"

"I didn't get too many offers, but I like this person," Midoriya pointed at his paper. "Gunhead, but I don't know whether I should since I know self defense already."

"Do any of the others interest you?"

"Well, I looked up most of them and none of them really looked like someone who would teach me something that I don't know or really want."

"Hm, not even Sir Nighteye?"

"Isn't Sir Nighteye focused on intelligence?"

"Well, you said that you already knew self defense. If you wanna improve that, go to Gunhead. Wanna work on investigating, go to Sir Nighteye. These other heroes all offer something that you can improve on. I'm not saying be a jack of all trades, master of none, but there's always something to learn and improve."

"I guess that makes sense," Midoriya muttered. "Thanks, Hound Dog."

"You're welcome, also, check the back of the last paper."

Midoriya flipped the page over.

Eraserhead offered an internship.

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