It's the End and Yet the Beginning

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Over the years, Midoriya Izuke has grown and changed.

When he was little, his father left. Of course, Izuku back then didn't know what it was like to be abandoned. Or left out until he was four and at the doctor's office.

When he was four, he learned that he was quirkless. Izuku could never be a hero, or so he thought.

When he came back to school the next day, everything changed, from his friends, to his teachers, hell, even his own mom changed. All to protect, or break, the supposedly fragile person he was on the inside.

When he was in middle school, he was already recieving injuries of all sorts and death threats, some being red spider lilies being left on his desk, jeers thrown in his direction, as well as Kacchan's most memorable taunt to jump off a roof and pray for a quirk in the next life. That almost did him in. Izuku gladly didn't, otherwise, he'd never have gone into his third year of middle school, this time, at Kunugigaoka Junior High.

That was probably the biggest change.

That year, the moon exploded. Well, a part of it anyway. All because of an antimatter octopus, whom his class dubbed Koro-sensei.

Oh yeah, and they were supposed to kill this Mach 20 fast squishy, yellow... thing.

But as it turns out, Koro-sensei was more than anyone could've predicted. He was a guide, a lantern to shine light on the dark path that laid before them, the one to help them realize, hey, they could do this.

And in an environment like that, Izuku, and everyone else in the Assassination Classroom bloomed into deadly yet alluring flowers.

They weren't just middle schoolers, they were assassins.

Did that mean they got in trouble? Well, yeah, they were slightly dumb teenagers. But those mistakes weren't their downfall, they were learning opportunities, enemies to kill.

Most importantly, as cliché as it sounded, they could trust one another. In a dog eat dog world and school, that was the most wonderful thing they had.

And soon. the year had to end as well as Koro-sensei's life.

After picking up Ritsu and Itona, after learning and laughing together, it was time to cry together.

One last roll call, one last smile, one knife stab, and he was gone.

Koro-sensei was gone.

And so, Class 3e had to rebuild themselves back up into what Koro-sensei would've wanted them to grow into.

It never felt like a goodbye. Perhaps they never really said goodbye.

Goodbye was, in Izuku's mind, a way of closing the door on Koro-sensei, a slammed door to the rest of his class.

Yet now, Izuku realized, goodbye wasn't a bad thing. Goodbye didn't mean forever. It just meant, see you later. We'll be back again.

Maybe that's what Koro-sensei tried to teach them. Moving on was what life is about. Changing and adapting. If they kept holding on to the past, what would they be in the future?

And so, Izuku was now in Class 1a. A new family to grow into, a new thing to get used to. Another room to add to his ever-so large house of memories.

Izuku has changed a lot. He's always been changing. It's just the goodbye that's always difficult.

LOV POV (lol)

A girl in a middle school uniform straightened her clothes before walking into the bar through a dark purple portal. How pretty! Of course, red was better in her opinion, more like blood. She giggled at the thought.

What awaited her was a blue man that desperately needed moisturizer. My god, how has he survived this long?

In any case, it was her job to infiltrate the League of Villains. It'd be so fun to be part of them and watch their astonishment when she backstabbed them. Honestly, she'd make a good villain if it weren't for the fact that she'd never go against Karasuma and her new best friends! Especially that green-haired girl.

The man looked at her and said, "So. You want to join?"

"Yep!" the girl smiled.

"So, what'syour name, NPC?"

"My name is Toga," she replied, "Toga Himiko."


Oh, she'll make herself right at home in her new life as a double spy. How exciting.

??? POV

Nufufufu, a transparent entity thought to himself as he watched Midoriya Izuku get along with his teacher at his work study. It seemed like Midoriya understood. Good, good. Onto the next student!

Koro-sensei smiled an even wider grin. Even in death, he'll never be gone.

The previously known Class 3e would make sure of that. But even when they grow old and their memories are faulty, he'll still be around.

Koro-sensei knew goodbyes have always hurt. It had hurt leaving his students behind in a puff of golden sparkles.

Goodbye didn't mean losing someone forever. Goodbye meant see you next time, see you later.

Koro-sensei was glad that his students were understanding that now.

So with one last giggle, he flew away.

Goodbye. You'll never know if we'll see each other again, but I hope you enjoyed at least one chapter of this book.

Keep on smiling!

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