Uncertain Future

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Sasaki Mirai (Sir Nighteye), before the rescue mission, grabbed one of his group's men to see what was coming up. It was as he thought, until halfway through the mission. Sasaki was certainly surprised when he saw the discovery of those children. He was even more surprised when he saw an attack launched right after he had taken them out of the crumbling building. 

He cursed at the stinging pain in his calf, his hands on the sides of the shot area. Unfortunately, whoever shot this certainly knew that he might've dodged the needle and had shot another one. 

His head was foggy, something he wasn't used to, but he could vaguely hear the children talking. 

"Let's go!" one of the boys said. "Sugaya, you know that thing you and Okuda were working on?"

Who was Okuda? Another experimented person? What was this 'thing' they were talking about? 

Or perhaps, a tiny voice in his head whispered, they were lying the entire time. 

"What - oh yeah!" another answered him, most likely Sugaya. "Let's try it out."

"What thing?" 

"We'll answer it later," Sugaya answered, "but everyone hold your breath."

Before Sasaki could look up, a soft 'ploom' sound could be heard. His eyes darted around from the corner of his eyes, only to see nothing. A sound diversion? 

However, to his horror, his men were faltering, taking dizzy steps as if they were about to fall before going back upright and going back to work. His nose tingled at the slight smell before one of his hands shot up to his forehead. 

The slight mist that clouded his mind was growing into a fullblown smog. He rapidly blinked as he massaged his temples. Shit, why didn't he see this in his vision? Then again, this was an invisible attack and he certainly couldn't see something that was mental. Eyes watering, he managed to see the man he had used to see the future facing away from him. Was that why? 

He blinked once more before he furrowed his eyebrows. 

The mind smog had, thankfully, gone away. However, it seemed to have stolen away part of his memories. He clicked his tongue in irritation. Sasaki knew that he was forgetting something. He could practically feel it in the edges of his mind. But what was it? 

Nagisa POV

"What was that?" Karma asked curiously as they ran down the street and around a corner. Nagisa could practically see sparkles coming from the boy's eyes. Yeah, he wasn't going to answer that. Luckily, he didn't need to. 

"Something me and Okuda decided to make," Sugaya said smugly, a smirk on his face. However, behind his mask, Nagisa saw the surprise in his eyes. So Sugaya didn't think it would work that well. Good to know that he was willing to throw a completely experimental, chemical-filled gas bomb at a bunch of heroes. Nagisa sweatdropped.

"Yeah, yeah, but exactly what the hell did you make?" Maehara asked. "Look at Nighteye! He's acting like he's hungover and the others are acting like they're drunk!" 

"Why would you compare it to that?" Isogai practically begged, exasperation leaking in his voice. 

"Isn't it true? And come on, it's common sense to think that. Don't ask why that was my first thought though," Maehara rolled his eyes. 

"ANYWAYS! If we're finished talking about the symptoms of it," the corner of Sugaya's eye twitched, "it's an invisible, tasteless chemical that triggers forgetfulness, but only for certain people. For that one, those 'certain people' are us." 

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