Well, That's A Problem

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"So, you're telling me," Bakugou said slowly, "that your fucking friends who happen to be assassins got caught by the heroes, when they fucking said they were fine." 

"Well, yeah, that's the gist of it," Rio yawned. "What's your point? I gotta get over there, make a distraction." 

"Tch, nothing,"  Bakugou scoffed. "I found it pathetic. Aren't you all supposed to be trained to not get found - " 

With a quick zing of a knife, Rio's knife rested right against Bakugou's Adam's apple. "What did you just call us?" she smiled, a tic mark on her forehead. 

"I called you fucking pathetic!" Bakugou snarled. 

Rio sighed. "You know, 'TAP', you're walking on a very, VERY fine line between life and figurative death." 

"Why figurative?"

"Because I don't want to get my hands dirty, killing pieces of shit and all," Rio smirked, watching steam almost literally come out of Bakugou's ears. 


"Shit, you know? And 'TAP', stands for 'The Angry Pomeranian'." 

"I'm not a fucking dog," Bakugou seethed. 

"Oh? But you're just as annoying as one. At least they take a break from being annoying. You don't." 

"Blondie, I fucking swear that - "

"Um," Midoriya interrupted. 

"SHUT UP, YOU DAMN NERD!" Bakugou turned to him. 

"Don't talk to Midoriya like that," Rio furrowed her eyebrows. 

"Rio, you should go, I'll take care of Kacchan," Midoriya then said. 

Bakugou snarled, "I don't need anyone to take care of me." 

"Who's in a better position, you or us two?" Rio asked. 

Bakugou clicked his tongue and turned his head. 

"Exactly," Rio hummed and she sheathed her knife. "So you should get going, they're probably looking for you." 

Midoriya nodded. "Thanks, Rio." 

"As for you," Rio glanced at Bakugou. "Keep your mouth shut about us. It was only necessary to rescue Midoriya, we didn't have to get you. But Midoriya'd be upset and guilty about that, so we did. Don't make us regret it. After all, we have connections, and you don't want your precious future spoiled, do you? 'UA Student Bullied Quirkless Student And Suicide Baited Them. Is This Our Future Hero?' People are easily persuaded, you know."

"I got it. Fuck you too," Bakugou muttered under his breath. 

"Hmm? What was that?" 

"I said, I fucking got it!" Bakugou growled. 

"Good," Rio grinned. "See ya, Mido." 

"Bye, Nakamura!" Midoriya waved. "Come on, Kacchan." 

"Shut up." 


Rio moved through the rubble, on a different path than Midoriya and TAP were going through. She didn't retrace her steps and went through where the boys went, that would take too long. Instead, she climbed on some boulders to a hole in the ceiling and entered into a room that was half destroyed, that ceiling folding inwards on one side of the room. The other half wasn't spared though, rocks and dirt covering what would be a pristine white floor. A lone window in the wall, with cracked glass in it, would be her escape way. 

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