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Pen Your Pride


Itona x Reader by TheWoman1o1
Itona x Readerby ×【Theをまん1o1】×
Y/N L/N is an emotionless girl. She only cares about food. She isn't fat she is actually Normal Weight. She is beautiful, kind and sometimes dense. How she became Emotio...
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Rewritten [Book 1] by MidoriClover
Rewritten [Book 1]by Midori
This is a story where Nagisa is an actual girl, and it shows her daily life in 3-E. (Mostly Karmagisa) ~Inevitable Love series~ [Main Pairing: Akabane Karma x Fem!Shiot...
  • randomfluff
  • action
  • karunagi
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{Heartless} by Maureen_78
{Heartless}by _Maureen_
(Y/n) (l/n) had a rough childhood she grew heartless towards Everyone.when she gets into E-Class she meets this red head who will change her life for the better.(Karma x...
  • assassinationclassroom
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  • karmaxreader
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Karma x Reader Innocent Loli by Shiro_5
Karma x Reader Innocent Loliby Akame Shirokami
1st Book ⚠WARNING!!⚠ Cringe OOC Weird Bit of Incest Those who want the reader to have big boobs, don't read it -_- cause it's called Innocent LOLI (You don't like the wa...
  • adorable
  • loli
  • innocentreader
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{Pills} An Assassination Classroom X Reader Story by Caterday
{Pills} An Assassination Caterday
I do not own Assassination Classroom
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Karma has a what!? (Assassination Classroom Fanfic) (Karma's little sister~) by Animeandmangafangirl
Karma has a what!? ( Animeandmangafangirl
Karma has been hiding something from his classmates. And no, not even Nagisa knew about it. One day, it appeared. Who is that little girl? How does Karma-kun know her? W...
  • assclass
  • assassination
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Some Teacher by RaaorQtpbpdy
Some Teacherby Raaor!
"Nagisa-sensei, why did you decide to be a teacher?" Kirasaya asked. "It was in middle school," Nagisa said fondly, "I had an amazing teacher...
  • teachernagisa
  • assassinationclassroom
  • boyxboy
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Assassin As A Student by BrokenSadButLoved
Assassin As A Studentby Love
Nagisa Shiota an orphan, who was unloved, and moved from many countries beyond Japan. Abused, humiliated, bullied, and sexually harassed, he was found abandon in the str...
  • décimo
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『 Supernatural 』 ≫ Assassination Classroom by purrsetsky
『 Supernatural 』 ≫ Assassination ✦
[LN] [YN] - A young, teenage girl who has supernatural power/s to hide from Class E, and the world around her. Story by: purrsetsky (me) Cover by: purrsetsky (me)
  • akabane
  • anime
  • assassinationclassroom
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koro-sensei X reader by LonelyLoserGirl95
koro-sensei X readerby LonelyLoserGirl95
WARNING: 18+ and contains a LOT of lemon This is my first time writing this much smut so please don't hate. If you do not like le tentacles then please do not read, thos...
  • fanfiction
  • wattys2018
  • korosensei
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Living a Dream (Karma x Reader)  by Simply-Kyra
Living a Dream (Karma x Reader) by Simply-Kyra
I'm bad at short summaries so I feel like this isn't really like the story 😂 You come from a government organization called 'L.C.E' (Living Cell Experiments). You were...
  • romance
  • action
  • karmaxreader
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Assassin name : Childish Devil (Karma x OC) by Innocent-Darkness
Assassin name : Childish Devil ( Windy
A new student come at Kunugigaoka. Of course, this student got send into the End Class so "he" is necessarily an assassin ; the name that Rakuen Tokoyami got i...
  • assassinationclassroom
  • kayanokaede
  • maeharahiroto
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Cheater! x Reader Scenarios~! by Ablake_x082
Cheater! x Reader Scenarios~!by ABlake Okami
Attack On Titan, Cheater Scenarios!! {🗒} Assassination Classroom, Cheater Scenarios!! {🗒} Black Butler, Cheater Scenarios!! {🗒) My Hero Academia, Cheater Scenarios...
  • bleach
  • tokyoghoul
  • reallife
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The Mafia Teacher by TheSilverHunt3r
The Mafia Teacherby TheSilverHunt3r
When you have a color changing octopus nicknamed Korosensei, government agent Karasuma, and a assassin named Irina Jelavich, all teaching E class, who else could you ad...
  • eclass
  • katekyohitmanreborn
  • vongola
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Red and Blue [FemNagisaxKarma] by Mysmio
Red and Blue [FemNagisaxKarma]by Miyumi
Fem Nagisa x Karma Assassination Classroom is not mine! First Karmagisa fanfic Two childhood friends fall in love with each other, feelings unknown to each other. Nagisa...
  • korosensei
  • lemons
  • nagisa
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Karasuma's Daughter (Karma Akabane x Reader) by MoonOfspringtime
Karasuma's Daughter (Karma Teorica Spring
(Y/N) Karasuma was an assassin, not a pro, but still an assassin. She was given a mission to assassinate the invincible perverted octopus teacher of class 3-E. A.k.a the...
  • karma
  • fanfiction
  • koro-sensei
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Assassination Classroom x Reader ONESHOTS by nikayla_cake
Assassination Classroom x Reader N♪
[COVER BY @CristalLucielle] Oneshot book
  • yandere
  • akabane
  • fanfiction
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Royal Assassins ( Assassination Classroom x Fairy Tail ) by Sapphire_Demon
Royal Assassins ( Assassination Sapphire Chaos
Lucy has been ignored for months ever since Lisanna came back. The guild called her weak and useless they also abused her. Even Natsu, Erza and Gray. The only ones th...
  • fairytailxassasinationclassroom
  • fairytail
  • e-class
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The Worst (Karma x Reader) by NicoleToshiki
The Worst (Karma x Reader)by Nicole Toshiki
After Karma's trick to you, he is willing to take on your one week challenge. " So... how about this? You have no date now, so how about dating me for a week? I w...
  • anime
  • karmaakabane
  • assassinationclassroom
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What Fear can do (Assassination Classroom fanfic) by 707jelm
What Fear can do (Assassination 707jelm
Akako Hikari was a lovable character, someone who seemed like someone who shouldn't exist in reality. Her being perfect at everything, that included assassination, and s...
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