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"Hey, kid."

"Yeah, Aizawa-sensei?"  Midoriya asked.

The two had just finished a spar, which ended in a draw. Despite Midoriya's techniques that relied on ending the fight fast and easy, the two ran out of time. Right now, it was best to pack up and go do their rounds around the neighborhood than finish the fight.

"You've got good skills, especially with a knife. Special training, right?" Aizawa started.

Midoriya froze before going back to normal. It was only for less than a split second, but Aizawa's experienced eyes spotted this reaction.

"I guess that you could say that. I had a good teacher," Midoriya replied.

"I'm not going to dance around the bush, Problem Child, and I don't want you to be uncomfortable. But I can't push you to your best if both you and I are ignorant to the matter at hand."

Midoriya looked at Aizawa in silence, which Aizawa took as an opportunity to say, "The teacher at Kunugigaoka, he must've been influential to you. Inspirational I guess as well."

"Yeah, so?" Midoriya brusquely answered.

"Don't assume that we all never had odd teachers. For example, Nezu," Aizawa started. "He was an experiment himself, you know?"

"Experiment on what? For who?"

"Who else but the man who experimented with the Reaper. He was experimented on before, you know, for his quirk."

"Why are you telling me thhis? Isn't this something confidential or something? Why?"

"You never rebutted a single thing. You didn't try to act it off and change the subject. Isn't the Reaper also a confidential thing too?"

Midoriya settled with an expression that was a cross between a pout and a glare as he muttered while turning his head, "It wouldn't be right, to act it off like it never happened. Korosensei will and always be a part of me."

"That's good, you aren't denying or regretting anything."

"Isn't this the time where you accuse me of Stockholm syndrome?" Midoriya butted in. "Everyone else does."

"And why do I have to do things like everyone else if I know they're wrong?" Aizawa raised an eyebrow, making Midoriya gape at him for a moment before continuing.

"I didn't- how did- why are you believing me?" Midoriya stuttered.

Aizawa stared at him. "Sometimes what seems like the most delusional thing can be the one most real. We live in a world of quirks, heroes, and villains. I can handle a bit of absurdity. Besides, why would you lie? It'll be illogical."

Midoriya blinked once. Twice. Before opening his mouth and saying, "Huh."

The two walked in silence, until they reached Aizawa's apartment for a quick stop to change into their hero costumes (more like outfits, thank you very much).

"Why did you decide to confront me instead of letting me do it by myself?" Midoriya asked as they got into the room.

Aizawa sighs. "Kid, let's be honest, you would've never said anything. And although the past is nice, the future is also nice. That doesn't mean you should forget everything, but remember. The past is already set in stone. You just gotta keep going and carve your way to your dream, no matter how hard it can be. Got it, Problem Child?" Aizawa let out an attempt at a smile.

There's a split second where it's quiet and Aizawa swore there was wetness in the corners of Midoriya's eyes before getting blinked away.

"Thanks, Aizawa-sensei."

"No prob, kiddo."

A yellow octopus apparition watchdd the scene with fondness before disappearing to the next person. Midoriya was blooming beautifully.

Sorry for the small chapter!

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