Heroes vs Villains Battle Trials

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Second day at UA was basically the same as the first day. Midoriya honestly wondered how much extra material Koro-sensei taught them. Then again, Principal Asano made the exam college-level. Why was he wondering this? It was because the material they had right now was something Class 3e learned a long time ago. Seriously. He was being bored to death in the best hero school in the country.

Sometime during math, Ectoplasm had called on him.

"Midoriya, please solve this equation if you are as bored as you look."

Oh shoot, he looked bored? Getting up, he went up to the board and wrote several strings of numbers. After reaching the solution (47 to the power of negative two), he gave the chalk back to Ectoplasm and walked back to his desk behind Bakugou. Ectoplasm looked slightly amused. "Thank you Midoriya, for solving this equation for us. Now let's go over what he did and why he did it."



"It's All Might!"


"That's his Silver Age costume!"

Midoriya was not fooled. All Might was hurt. His eyes were darting side to side. He spoke shorter sentences than usual. There was the slightest limp. He seemed to be favoring his left side. Midoriya frowned slightly. He was going to file this mystery for later.

"Now, costumes!"


Midoriya's costume was like his Class 3e gym uniform. Scratch that, it practically WAS his Class 3e uniform. The only major changes were the colors. Instead of a grayish-blue, it was a dark forest green with stripes of black along the sides of the sleeve and along the seams.

"Whoa. Midobro, you look so manly!" Kirishima commented and Midoriya thanked him and smiled.

Midoriya was once again the first outside. Luckily, it didn't take as long as yesterday for everyone to get outside.

"Hey Deku!" Uraraka said. Her costume was white and pink and looked like a space outfit. [lol too lazy to describe it]

"Yes, hello Midoriya. Your outfit is quite something. Are you aiming to be an underground hero?" Iida said, joining them. His was a silvery suit of armor with some pipes that came out the back.

"Ah, thanks you guys!" Midoriya said and rubbed the back of his head.

"ATTENTION!" All Might's voice rang out and the trio went to join the group of students.

Time skip because I'm too lazy to write all the words that All Might says. The teams are still the same and the instructions are still the same.

"Alright, Deku, what do we do?" Uraraka said.

"Knowing Bakugou, he'll leave Iida and go straight for us. How long can you float stuff?"

"About half a minute straight for my weight. Why?"

"What we are going to do is first, you and I will avoid Bakugou. As long as we touch the bomb, we'll be fine. So..."


"ALRIGHT! START!" All Might's voice said.

"Up!" Midoriya said and Uraraka floated him up the windows. He looked through them briefly and then saw Bakugou leave in one of them. He got a firm grip next to the window of the room where Iida and the bomb were. He gave a thumbs up and Uraraka let go of him. Then, she followed him up to the other side of the window. Once Iida was distracted with his evil monologue, Midoriya silently opened the window and slid in with Uraraka. Uraraka used her zero gravity to slightly float above the ground to keep quiet.

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