A Bloodthirsty Intention Part 1

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"Fuck!" Bakugou yelled as three nomus dropped to the center of the stage. He looked to the side where another portal appeared. A blue haired man with hands all over him stepped out of it and next to him, a villain made of purple mist appeared.

Bakugou narrowed his eyes. It was the misty fucker and the hand fetish man from the USJ incident.

"It's a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming... on days like these, heroes like you... should be burning in hell," Shigaraki said, giggling at the end.

Kurogiri looked at Shigaraki and narrowed his eyes. "Must limit his game time," he muttered softly. Shigaraki glared at the mother-like villain next to him.

"Don't you dare."

"Oh, I will. Once this is over, of course."

"Grrr... Anyway, back to you. Ever wonder what it's like to have to sit in the dark, watching you all parade around in those stupid outfits? Ever wonder what it's like to feel alone? Ever wonder what it's like to feel weak, to feel unneeded, to not be helped because a 'hero' will show up sooner or later? Well... there's so many heroes here, aren't there? The only problem is," Shigaraki paused briefly. Bakugou could see Shigaraki's red eye gleam behind his mask of a hand. 

"That in order to create a better society, we have to get rid of the heroes. In order to do that, what better place than to start at UA? Nomus, attack!"

Sudden chaos followed as it was captured on live television. Heroes of all sorts of backgrounds rushed to the front to deal with the nomus at hand. Endeavor was one of the quickest, reaching one of the nomus in a matter of seconds before incinerating it to the ground. 

Other heroes worked on evacuating the crowd of civilians, maintaining order as they rushed back and forth.

Bakugou grit his teeth as he launched forward with his explosions. If he could get close enough, he could - 

Something latched onto his waist and pulled him back from the action. Bakugou turned his head to see Midnight behind him. 

"You're injured and tired already from the battle, get out of here! I can't use my quirk if you're too close to me, especially with all of this chaos!" Midnight yelled as she pushed him behind her, her whip already unwound from Bakugou's waist and in front of her.

"But I can still fucking - "

"No, you can't! Get out of here or we'll suspend you!" Midnight threatened. Bakugou peeked over her shoulder to see Deku also being pulled away from the action by Cementoss, who manipulated the cement of the ground to bring him back.

Bakugou scowled. This entire time, he could get ahead of whatever Deku became. But now, looking at his teacher's face, he could feel the effects of his previous battle catching up to him.

His arms felt heavy, his feet were almost stuck to the ground, he could feel his quirk draining too much energy away from him

Bakugou suddenly swayed before he lifted one foot and stomped it on the ground. Damn it, he couldn't be weak.

Midnight looked back at him. "What are you doing?" she hissed, "I told you, get away and join up with your class!"

Bakugou scowled once more before turning around and rushing back to the hallways. If he was fast enough, maybe he could...

However, before he could get to the entrance, a purple and black portal appeared. Bakugou cursed as he abruptly stopped and backed away.

"Hmm, too bad. I was sure that you would foolishly rush into it," Kurogiri commented as he appeared.

Bakugou scoffed. Sure, he could be pretty hot-headed, but foolish? 

That wasn't his job, that was the job of those dumbasses he hung around with.

Out of the corner of his eye, Bakugou could see his teacher and Present Mic trying to fight some villains that had appeared. 

That mist shit must've created some portals and placed some more low-level thugs around the stands.

Nearby, Bakugou could see Endeavor squaring up with a nomu. On the other side, he could see All Might fighting the second one. The third one was rampaging everywhere with several heroes ganging up on it, but their attacks weren't doing as much as the other two heroes'.

"Nevermind, we'll just have to work with what we got. I'd like to get this over as quickly as possible, but Tomura's got other plans. He wants to toy with the heroes a bit more. Wouldn't that be fun?"

Bakugou narrowed his eyes. The villain in front of him was stalling. Why?

"I heard you have a childhood friend that goes here. Deku was the name you call him, right?"

Bakugou widened his eyes before whipping his head back over. 

Cementoss, who was previously trying to restrain Deku, was fighting with at least twenty villains, some on land and some in the air. Deku himself was trying to help but Cementoss was keeping him out of the action by trapping him in a concrete cage.

Looking back at the purple villain, he growled, "Why are you thinking about fucking Deku? He's a quirkless piece of shit, I thought you knew that!" If Bakugou could buy just a bit more time for his teachers to get over here...

Kurogiri hummed, "That's exactly why we want him. See, we have something he must want. Something that will allow him to be equal with everyone, something to allow him to be normal. Something that will make sure that you won't bully him like so, because all villains have a back story. His?"

Kurogiri chuckled for a moment. 

"His will start when he gains a quirk."

Bakugou's mind stopped. A quirk? That would be impossible! There was no way to give quirks away, right?

"That's fucking impossible, stop shitting with me."

"Oh, but that is possible. How do you think we've made these nomus? By taking their quirks and mushing them into one body."

"Deku's not going to fucking join the likes of you!"

"You never know with the human mind. Well, it seems like our plan is almost complete. All that's left is one more thing."

A sudden explosion happened and Bakugou could see All Might defeating one nomu. A portal appeared under it as All Might then rushed to help the nearest person. 


Several more portals appeared. Some under the nomus, dead or alive, one by Shigaraki, and another one under Deku. 

Bakugou's eyes widened as he looked back at the misty fucker, only to be met by pitch black as he could faintly feel himself falling into the abyss.


This is Bakugou's side of the fight, I tried to lower his swears and put in actual names so you guys wouldn't be too confused. Next part will be the second half of the start of the incident, which will be Midoriya's POV.

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