Class 3e Assassins vs Stain

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Stain waited in the alleyway, waiting for a lone hero to stumble across him. Heroes have lost their meaning and with all this paparazzi and advertisements, they should all be culled. Except for the true hero.

All Might. 

His presence lowered crime rates. He saved all people with a smile. He was the first to rush to a scene if it meant saving people. Because he used all his time to help people, he had no time for a job and so they payed him as their thanks. 

He was the only true hero. 

A hero rushed by in silver armor. Stain watched as the hero looked side to side before slowing down and looking into his alleyway. He licked his teeth free of any unnecessary blood and the like. 

He had a job to do. 

Bringing out his katana, he hid as the hero, Ingenium, the Turbo Hero, walked into the alley. Then, luring Ingenium closer into the alleyway, Stain would ensure that the fake hero would be killed. 

Stain didn't know that he himself was being watched from above. He didn't know that he was not the only one out bringing 'justice' to the world. 

Stain didn't know that right above him at that very time, a group of fifteen were stalking him. Karasuma had brought those people because they were best suited for the job and that they were free. 

You couldn't exactly sneak away from the Ouran High School Host Club without them sneaking around, trying to solve the mystery. Kyoya would probably hire some bodyguards and the like if he found out. 

Kyoya had a very large amount of connections, as well as the other members. 

Stain watched in excitement as the fake hero walked right where he wanted him to be. Then, he shot out of the shadows, his katana blinking in the little light there was so deep in the alley. 

He could see the flash of realization in Ingenium's eyes as he got closer and closer. 

Ingenium was about to die. 

Midoriya POV

Midoriya bit his lip as he kept messaging the group chat. Only a few people were messaging, and those people usually didn't text this much. The louder of the class seemed to have disappeared, like Nakamura, Maehara, etc. 

Others like Chiba and Hayami also weren't texting, but that wasn't unusual, considering they were quiet online and in person.

'Class 3e Chat'

Midoriya: Why isn't barely anyone responding?

Karma: What do you mean? I'm here.

Midoriya: Besides you.

Kayano: I've got a brief break, what's up?

Midoriya: People are not responding. 

Kayano: Oh, that.

Midoriya: ???

Kayano: You don't need to worry.

Nagisa: Just leave it to us

Midoriya: What's it?

Okajima: Hello, I am here

Midoriya: Oh, hey Okajima

Okajima: Hey Mido!

Okajima: Good job for the SF

Midoriya: Thanks, but where is everyone?

Karma: Rude much?

Kanzaki: Don't worry, they'll be fine

Midoriya: That is not helping Kanzaki

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