The Mystery Of Midoriya Izuku

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So, before we begin, happy New Year's and 

Happy Birthday Nezu and Ritsu!

Alright, enough of me, let's get back to the chapter, about Class 1a's confusion of one Midoriya Izuku.


Bakugou didn't really fucking know what the fuck was going on.

First, the damn nerd got in without a fucking quirk and got into Class 1a.

Second, he knew shit that no one knew where the fuck it came from.

Third, he stood him fucking up and fucking fought back.

And now the damn nerd wasn't here today.

Fuck this.

"Oi, Aizawa-sensei! Deku ain't here! Didn't you say that anyone absent would be expelled or some shit?"

"He has a family emergency. His father has to go to the hospital."

Well that was a fucking lie. Deku didn't HAVE a father. That shitty excuse for a father left Auntie Inko and even BAKUGOU didn't remember him. Yeah. That fucking flame fuck left that early.

"Alright, you're going to have to choose a class rep. Don't bother me," Aizawa said and zipped into a fucking yellow sleeping bag and went to sleep. 

The class burst into debate and soon, they settled on having Ponytail as rep and Four-eyes as vice rep. With the extra time they had, Bakugou stood up.

"The fucking overgrown caterpillar was telling a shitty lie."

The class looked at him with confused faces until Round-Face asked, "What lie?"

"The lie about the damn nerd having a family emergency. Fuck it, he doesn't even have a fucking father. The ass went to America when Deku was fucking born."

With that said,  the class fell into a silence. "So," Tail-man said, "Where is he?"

That sunk in.

"All I fucking know," Bakugou said, "is that he went to a fucking different school last year than me called Kunugigaoka or some shit. Now he's fucking different. What the fucking shit."

"Isn't Kunugigaoka that private middle school with the most successful graduates?" Shitty Hair said out loud and Four-Eyes became a fucking robot and waved his hands around saying, "Yes! It's even better than Somei, the school I went to!"

It wasn't until Momo said, "It's my middle school's greatest rival. We almost always lose to them. Last year, we were completely destroyed," that chaos broke out.

"What the hell?"


"No wonder he got in and was so cool!"

That made Bakugou grow a tic mark. "He's fucking quirkless!"

The class's heads snapped back to Bakugou. "No he isn't," Soysauce said. 

"It's fucking true! I went to school for him for my fucking entire life until last year! He's useless!"

"He isn't useless!" Round-Face said and Four-Eyes nodded.

The rest of the class voiced their disagreements with Bakugou and he sat down, fuming. 


"So, if he is quirkless like Bakubro said, how'd he get in? Did anyone see him?"

The class all shook their head.

"Man, not even at recommendations?" Kaminari asked and Momo replied, "No, I didn't see him."

"Then how DID he get in?" Sero said and soon, they were startled by Aizawa saying, "He got in through government recommendation. Now be more quiet so I can sleep."

The class took in the news in silence.

Was government recommendation even a thing?

And not only that but, 

how'd he get the GOVERNMENT to recommend him?


Midoriya sat in his hero outfit since it fit more than his Class 3e uniform.

"Are you ready?" the walkie talkie in his hand sprang to life with Karasuma's voice.

"Yes sir!" he whispered back.


Midoriya put away the walkie-talkie and got out his gun and knife. He had a mission to do.

He would not fail.

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