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NekoIzuku by scatteredyellowbirds
NekoIzukuby scatteredyellowbirds
It's Izuku That has cat ears and tails What are you expecting
  • bakudeku
  • bnha
  • izuku
Rewind (villain Deku) by Night-Owl_002
Rewind (villain Deku)by Night-Owl_002
All for one breaks out He destroys everything He destroys his son's life He passed everything on to him, trying to make him into the most powerful weapon Izuku doesn't y...
  • aizawa
  • quirk
  • class1a
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|BNHA| Hiraeth  by akatsukislut
|BNHA| Hiraeth by Chibi
"Red must be your favorite color?" "Yeah, It hides the blood." || Hana Fumetsu isn't your typical Mary Sue. In fact, she isn't even human. A combinat...
  • todoroki
  • quirk
  • mha
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The Unkillable by Izukumomo
The Unkillableby Izukumomo (Uzi)
What if Izuku was actually born with a quirk, and the only reason why the doctor told him he was quirkless is because they couldn't test his quirk out? This is the story...
  • rareship
  • wattys2018
  • yaoyorozu
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The Quirkless Villain  by sonofophion
The Quirkless Villain by Osmium Bean
Izuku's mother couldn't handle the pressure the world put on her for having a quirkless child, so she abandoned him at six years old. He survived by begging stealing and...
  • orphanizuku
  • izuku
  • sassyizuku
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The Number Ones (A Villain Midoriya A.U) by Tomura_Sass
The Number Ones (A Villain Midoriy...by Imawi Jannete
A story where Izuku Midoriya loved Villains instead of heroes. He aimed to be the number one Villain amongst all! Izuku wanted despair, war, pain, death, torture etc. Ye...
  • academy
  • toga
  • toroki
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A different kind of hero by Naruto-Dragneel
A different kind of heroby Naruto Dragneel
My teacher walked around handing back our career choices to make any last minute changes. As soon as he handed me mine I got to work erasing pro hero. My dream school wa...
  • gun
  • shot
  • quirk
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Where is Izuku Midoriya  by villain_deku_who
Where is Izuku Midoriya by villain_deku_who
"what do you want from me?" "nothing much. Just you~" "I CAN'T STAY WITH YOU FOREVER!" Deku had always saw his and Todoroki's relationship...
  • deku
  • izuocha
  • mha
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My Son is my Successor! (A Collab with: @Crampus0109 ) by UmmeZainab4
My Son is my Successor! (A Collab...by Hmmm NaLu i guess
Smol Izuku who somehow runs into All Might whenever he's lost and hence starts the fatherly love! The characters belong to Kohei Horikoshi and all the pictures used belo...
  • izuku
  • ùa
  • sliceoflife
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Top Dog by CryptxAlbot
Top Dogby Ash
Izuku drops his shy boy act, thus leading him to exert his position within his schools, along with his childhood friend Kaachan. Inheriting both his parent's quirks he t...
  • evil
  • villain
  • romance
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The Moon Fang Hero by Skullz_no_Getsuten19
The Moon Fang Heroby 『мσση-нεαvεη』
A baby with no name lost his parents when he was born and raised by his parent's uncle and aunty. Eventually, he decided to took a name that his auntie heard from his mo...
  • midoriyaizuku
  • izukuxram
  • izukuxrem
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circles // Todoroki x reader x Bakugou by chaseaquatic
circles // Todoroki x reader x Bak...by chaseaquatic
"Heart on your sleeve like you've never been loved; running in circles, now look what you've done." -Friends, Chase Atlantic *y/n = your name* y/n is a student...
  • todorokixreader
  • todoxreader
  • mhaxreader
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The Sleepover (Deku X Toga) by Cold_Smiles
The Sleepover (Deku X Toga)by Cold Smiles
It's midnight at the UA dorms, everyone's asleep... except for Izuku Midoriya. Whilst everyone sleeps comfortably in their own rooms, Midoriya can't help but stay awake...
  • bhna
  • ochako
  • gore
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Deku's Angel Quirk  by Eh_Pocky
Deku's Angel Quirk by Eh_Pocky
At the age of 4 Midoriya Izuku was to young to produce his quirk because Of how many quirks he has. When, his quirk appeared the doctor told them they have to go I-Isl...
  • izukumidoiya
  • boyxboy
  • opixuku
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Villain!Deku  Psycho Killer by InsaneSepticJane
Villain!Deku Psycho Killerby InsaneSepticJane
Deku has had enough of the bullying and the heroes. After an accident Deku finally broke, he move to the Villain side and is quickly working his way to the top villain. ...
  • deku
  • kacchan
  • bakugou
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Be My Hero (Deku X Reader) by Dat_fangirl131
Be My Hero (Deku X Reader)by •.pĸ-cнan.•
《Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya x Reader》 These simple words already made them heroes in each other's eyes... "Be my hero" ☆New chapter every Monday☆ [Started : 13th Ma...
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • cinnamonroll
  • mhafanfiction
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Princess of Peace [BNHA] by XxScarletMaidenxX
Princess of Peace [BNHA]by Ashley
I've come to terms with my BNHA addiction, I'm done trying to fight it, I'm just going to write all the stories... sorry everyone
  • allmight
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • anime
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Kiss Me Again, Nerd || BakuDeku by DekuLikesCookies
Kiss Me Again, Nerd || BakuDekuby Bakuhoe
It all started that night Izuku went to Uraraka's dorm room for advice. What were those wierd feelings he began having around Katsuki? With the help of Denki and Kirish...
  • mha
  • fluff
  • bnha
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My Hero Academia: Kazumi Midoriya by ShojiTentacle
My Hero Academia: Kazumi Midoriyaby ShojiTentacle
Kazumi Midoriya is a 15 year old girl trying to make a name for herself! Being the daughter of one of the best hero couples out there, Kazumi Midoriya struggles to get b...
  • todomomo
  • yaoyurozu
  • izuku
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Heir of the Symbol of Peace by Crampus0109
Heir of the Symbol of Peaceby Crampus0109
What if Izuku was gifted with a quirk stronger than average. What if his father was none there than the Symbol of Peace himself. What if he got the the chance to grow up...
  • opquirk
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • mha
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