Sports Festival and Aizawa's Headaches

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Midoriya sat in class, quickly and quietly scrolling through his text messages when the door opened. He quickly put his phone back in his pocket and looked at the person at the door. His jaw dropped slightly and his eyebrows shot up. 

At the door stood Aizawa, but he was covered in bandages from head to toe, as well as having his two arms in casts. Midoriya knew he shouldn't be surprised, after all, his former teacher could take a dart that could tranquilize an elephant and still be standing. But the sight of Aizawa still stunned him. How far was this guy going to go just to teach?

"Aizawa-sensei! Are you sure you are okay to teach?" Iida voiced his concerns and the class nodded and agreed that Aizawa should have at least taken a day off before coming back.

"I can teach. If I, a Pro Hero, could not risk getting hurt, I should not be one. Let that be a lesson to all of you."

Midoriya internally agreed. After all, he risked his life still being an assassin. Even before then, his entire class risked getting arrested so that they themselves could kill him. No one else would be allowed. 

Only Class 3e had that choice.

"Well, I have an important announcement."

Midoriya quirked [lol] an eyebrow up and some of his classmates leaned forward to hear this important announcement.

"The Sports Festival is coming up."

Midoriya's heart lifted as he remembered last year's. His entire class and his three teachers gathered around a TV and watched the entire thing. Karasuma had claimed it was for educational purposes. 

His classmates around him buzzed with excitement and Kaminari said, "Finally, a normal school event." Aizawa gave them a glare and the class went quiet. 

Aizawa continued, "If you're worried about any villains infiltrating, you shouldn't. Since the school's going forward with the festival, it means that the school's confident that it's got all its ducks in a row when it comes to its crisis control now. I hear the police presence will be five times bigger than normal, for example. What you should be thinking about is... what a huge chance the Sports Festival presents for you all."

Midoriya found himself nodding to Aizawa's words and raised his hand. Aizawa looked at Midoriya and nodded.

"Are we allowed to bring anything? Like support items?" he asked.

"You are, but you have to fill out and send a form to staff for them to allow it since you are in the Hero Course. I have the form over there," Aizawa answered while pointing to a pile of papers on his desk. Midoriya nodded. He would have to give that to them later. 


Once school had ended, Midoriya snatched a paper from Aizawa's desk and started filling it out. He put his name, class, homeroom teacher, date, his item, and the reason he wanted to use it. Midoriya walked to the office to give them his form. Knocking on the office door, the door opened and revealed Snipe at the door. 

"Oh, y'ello," Snipe said and Midoriya showed him his form.

"Yah wanna a support item?" Snipe asked.


"Alright, I'll make sure ya get ya form to Nezu. See ya later," Snipe said as Midoriya thanked him and started to walk away.

"Oh yea, nice gun skills by the way!" 

"Thanks, Snipe-sensei!" Midoriya smiled over his shoulder and walked away. 


As he went out of UA, he heard Uraraka and Iida.

Looking over, he asked, "You guys waited for me?"

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