The Meaning of Deku

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Midoriya blinked once. Then twice. "What?" he finally asked, confusion leaking out of his voice. "Kacchan, it's impossible for me to not be Deku. Are you okay?"

Bakugou's eyes narrowed. "I said, are you really Deku?"

"Kacchan, are you sure that your head's alright? I'm Deku."

Bakugou stared at him for a minute or so. Midoriya shuffled a bit, uncomfortable with this awkward situation. Sure, Midoriya could handle assassination but this was just plain weird.

"Tch," Bakugou clicked his tongue and left the waiting room, closing the door behind him. Midoriya could hear his stomps as Bakugou went down the hallway, probably to his own waiting room across the stadium. 

Still slightly confused, Midoriya looked down at his phone, where several messages had popped up.

'Class 3e Chat'

Taisei: And that's how we almost ran over the entire neighborhood.

Yada: I think I represent everyone, but how did you lose half a dozen motorcycles again?!?

Taisei: No idea

Terasaka: How come you never told me?

Itona: I would like to look at some of your motorcycles.

Takebayashi: I think everyone's missing the point

Kayano: Like the fact that the motorcycles could have killed someone

Taisei: They were actually going at around fifteen miles per hour. My dad says that that can't kill anyone

Karma: Yet

Okano: At least the motorcycles weren't cars

Maehara: How the hell would they lose half a dozen cars

Nakamura: Anything's possible when you set your mind on it

Maehara: And why would you want to lose half a dozen cars???

Isogai: The less you question this, the more sanity you'll have

Muramatsu: I already lost all my sanity, wdym?

Kimura: Haven't we all?

Kirara: You're Justice so fix this

Kimura: HOW?!?!?!?

Okajima: Pornography can save the world

Kataoka: No it can't

Okajima: It helps, okay?

Hara: No, just, no

Fuwa: It's not like the entire world's a pervert

Okajima: This isn't the entire world, it's our class

Karma: We're weird as hell

Nagisa: That's because Karma is from hell

Nagisa: Stop taking my phone, Karma!

Karma: NeVeR

More texts were coming by the second. Midoriya sighed as he silenced the group chat so that he could concentrate on his final match.

The final match was against Bakugou, who had beaten Tokoyami, and would start in ten minutes. Lifting his arms above his head, Midoriya stretched while thinking of several strategies.

Bakugou Katsuki, his childhood friend-turned-to-bully.

He often started with a right hook, but recently, he started changing up his attack strategy just a bit. Midoriya couldn't rely on Bakugou to start like that, but at least he would know one possible way Bakugou would start.

Another thing was that Bakugou didn't use his legs to attack and even if he did, they were barely used. If he could find a way to force Bakugou to use his legs, that could drastically increase his chances of winning.

However that was the problem. Bakugou used his arms the most because his arms were the most dangerous. Bakugou's sweat could be ignited to create explosions on his hands. Even if he did figure out a way to take out his arms, executing the plan would be difficult. After all, Bakugou was smart enough to be admitted into UA. 

His kali sticks weren't of much use. Despite being reliable weapons, they were made of wood. Bakugou could easily light them on fire. 

It didn't mean that Midoriya couldn't use them, it was just that Bakugou could easily take them out if he saw Midoriya using them.

Midoriya paused. Bakugou could only light them on fire if he saw them so if he hid them, Bakugou couldn't get rid of them. However, Midoriya sighed, there was a major flaw in this plan. 

There would only be one chance to do this and his arms, or wherever he decided to hide them would go much slower in order to make sure Bakugou didn't see them.

Midoriya leaned forward onto the table and pushed his chair out underneath him so he was stretching his back.

Bakugou was a tough opponent who thrived in this type of battlefield. This was a tough match indeed.

Bakugou POV

Bakugou grit his teeth as he dropped into the chair that was there for him in the waiting room. His hands automatically went into his pockets as he closed his eyes. His question was fucking stupid though, he had to admit it. However, if that really wasn't Deku, then it would be valid.

He took out his right hand and ran it through his hair.

To be honest, he didn't really know what possessed him to say that, but he said that shitty question, but he did and it wasn't like he could fucking walk across the entire stadium, ask him another question, and then go back fucking here. By then, the match would have already fucking started.

Bakugou sighed and opened his eyes. He would win. He would fucking win. He would fucking demolish Deku. 

Anything to make life back to normal. 

Back at Aldera, although everyone was a fucker, he could do what he wanted. Bakugou could do it when he wanted, where he wanted.

And even though he knew that the teachers would give him a good score no matter what, Bakugou liked proving the teachers that he didn't need their goddamn cheating. 


People were annoying him. People were becoming friends with him. His tactics didn't work. 

UA wasn't the UA he thought it would be.

Then again, it was the best school in the country. Even so, there had to be one thing normal. 

That normal thing was supposed to be him being at the top of the class. However, the extras didn't have the  fear or respect he was used to. It was just an 'oh, you're top of the class? Cool, okay'. 

Technically, he wasn't even top of the class. Not yet at least. According to the extras, it was Deku, Icyhot, then him. He was fucking third. 

Besides that, Deku was also supposed to be normal. Not in UA. Not changed. Not not normal.

Bakugou didn't understand it. He really didn't. And that frustrated him down to his bone. 

He looked at his right hand and clenched it into a fist. He'd prove those motherfuckers wrong. 

Again, and again, and again.

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