The Field Trip to USJ

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Midoriya listened to Iida's (loud) explanation on how to enter the bus. As he boarded the bus and sat down, Asui asked, "Hey, Midoriya, kero, how did you get recommended by the government?" Midoriya froze at Asui's inquiry.

"Yeah, how did you? Aizawa-sensei only told us that you got in because you were government-recommended." Kirishima questioned and Midoriya felt like groaning. 'Seriously, Aizawa-sensei?' he thought, thinking how to get out of this situation.

"You guys, if he doesn't want to answer, he doesn't have to!" Uraraka protested and Midoriya felt the urge to thank her.

"But he's quirkless!"

A cold blanket of tension dropped on them and some shivered. They stared at Midoriya, whose face seemed to darken. "So what, just because I'm quirkless doesn't mean I'm useless?" Midoriya smiled an eerie grin and a certain grape boy trembled. "N-no, b-but -"

"But what?"

"B-but - "

"If I can get ahead of you during the Apprehension Test on the first day of school, I wouldn't be talking if I were you."

Mineta shut his mouth quickly and the dark feeling disappeared as fast as it came.

'Scary' many people thought as Midoriya chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Sorry, but I'm a bit touchy when it comes to my quirkless status," Midoriya apologized and some like Kirishima and Iida nodded and Uraraka said, "No problem, Deku!"

"Can you call me by my name instead?"

"Oh, okay. Sorry, Midoriya!"


"Alright," Aizawa's tired voice said, "we're here."


"Welcome to the USJ!" Thirteen said and everyone thought, 'Universal Studios Japan'.

------------------------------ Timeskip brought to you by Midoriya's assassin skills.

"Hey, look! There are even fake villains!" Kirishima pointed and Midoriya brought his hand to the gun in his hidden pocket and his other hand to his knife. A real knife, mind you, that was the same dimensions of the anti-korosensei knife, except the weight of course.

"Those aren't fake villains Kirishima!" he yelled and Aizawa grabbed hold of his capture scarf and instructed Thirteen, "Take the students out of here!"

"Oh, not so fast," a purple misty guy said behind them.

---------------------------- Timeskip because I can't find what Kurogiri said. And yeah. 

Midoriya could feel himself falling into the purple abyss before he found himself falling face-first into water. Looking around, he quickly swam towards the boat as he was being chased by some shark villain. Climbing onto the boat, he spotted Asui holding Mineta with her tongue. She threw Mineta onto the deck as she climbed up the side of the boat.

"Are you guys okay?" Midoriya asked. Mineta nodded and Asui responded, "I'm fine, kero."

"Good. Now, we gotta get off this boat," Midoriya said, worriedly, staring at the villains in the water.

"There's no way!" Mineta protested. "I say we stay here! The heroes will come any second now!"

"But how do you know they will? The alarms should have rung as soon as the portal opened! That means they either messed with the alarms or they hacked into the system!"

"He's right, kero."

Mineta teared up. "But I don't wanna die!"

"We won't die," Midoriya confidently said and started strategizing. He must have mumbled because Asui and Mineta looked at him weirdly (in his opinion at least).

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