Kill the Lights

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Everyone waited in bated breath as the two students had a shouting match, until one of them burst into fire. Bringing up his right hand, Todoroki shot out a column of fire at Midoriya.

The crowd couldn't see the stage as an explosion suddenly occurred, brining up dust, ice, and rock. It wasn't until many moments later until they could see part of the battleground. 

Todoroki was panting, his breath uneven and ragged. His uniform was half burnt away as he staggered on the stage.

That was expected.

"WHAT HAPPENED?!?" Present Mic shouted as the dust slowly cleared away. Aizawa leaned forward to his mic and said, "The air molecules were compressed together due to the sheer amount of ice on the stage. However, due to Todoroki's fire, the air rapidly expanded, causing the explosion."


They couldn't see Midoriya. Midnight looked around the stage. Debris was laying everywhere. It looked like Cementoss need to do a lot of work. 

Just then, Todoroki felt pain at the back of his knees. Almost dropping onto his knees, he quickly caught himself and turned around, his right arm swinging around. 

Big mistake.

Midoriya, who was behind him hiding in the rubble, grabbed his right arm and judo threw him. Todoroki could feel the sudden escape of air from his lungs. 

He couldn't breathe. 

"AND TODOROKI IS THROWN!" he could barely hear Present Mic say. 

"Todoroki is out of bounds! Midoriya is the winner!" Midnight yelled, waving her whip over her head.

What did she say? 

He looked to the sides of him to see a white line underneath his torso. 

So it seemed Midoriya did throw him out of bounds.

The crowd was quiet as they took in what happened. Todoroki, prized son of Endeavor, the number two hero, was eliminated in not even the semifinals. 

He was defeated by a quirkless kid, who was now squatting by Todoroki's side. "You okay?"

It wasn't until Uraraka let out a "You did it, Midoriya!" followed by Iida's "Good job!" that the crowds started to cheer. Only this time, it was filled with murmurs and muttering.

"Jeez, just imagine how strong that quirkless kid is!"

"He beat Endeavor's kid?!?"

"Is Endeavor's son just weak?"

"Can't be, you can't be weak if you're trained by Endeavor himself."

The comments reached Endeavor's ears and he snarled. Endeavor stomped away.

Todoroki smiled as he nodded to Midoriya. "I'm better than okay. Endeavor's not happy."

Midoriya chuckled. "Yeah, he's pissed that I'm quirkless. Did you know that he stopped me on the way here and called me a brat? I called him a bastard then he called me a wretch. He's very good at making insults."

Todoroki scoffed. Endeavor was better than good when it came to insults.

"The spotlight's dried him up, huh?" Todoroki furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Midoriya. 


"Mm, nothing."

That was weird. One of the bots shooed Midoriya away from Todoroki as some others put him on a stretcher. 

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