The Past You've Lost Will Never Come Back

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Midoriya left Todoroki at the hallway and grabbed something before he made his way to the stands. 

"Hey, Midoriya!" Uraraka waved him over. Midoriya smiled and made his way to Uraraka and Iida. 


"Are you ready, Midoriya?" Iida said and Midoriya nodded. 

"What's going on right now?" Midoriya asked as he sat down with his weapons.

"They're setting up for the first round. Present Mic should be announcing them about now - "


Midoriya didn't have to scan the screen for a long time since he was the first match.

"I should probably start preparing in the waiting room," Midoriya stood up and Uraraka and Iida followed him. 


"Do you feel okay? It's okay to be nervous," Uraraka asked him as they sat in the waiting room.

"I do a bit, but I'm used to this kind of feeling," Midoriya smiled at her reassuringly. The phone in his pocket buzzed.

"Is that your phone?" Iida asked as Midoriya pulled it out. "Yep."

Unlocking it, he saw the group chat being spammed with good lucks. He smiled and put it away.

"What was it about?" Uraraka asked curiously. 

"Just some of my friends back at my old school," Midoriya rubbed the back of his head. Uraraka nodded. "It's nice for them to text you." Midoriya nodded.

"Ten minutes is almost up," Iida pushed up his glasses, "we'll be cheering you on." 


The two friends left the waiting room, leaving Midoriya, who smiled. "It'll be like Class 3e sparring," he whispered as he gripped his wooden kali sticks in his hands. "Quiet and fast, just like an assassination."

His green eyes glowed a toxic color.


Shinsou knew that the quirkless had it much worse than him. However, the quirkless kid, Midoriya, still got into the hero course. 

To be honest, if Midoriya didn't give him a good fight, he would be disappointed. But Shinsou was kinda inspired by him. 

As he walked through the hallway to the stage, he could see Midoriya holding some sticks. They were probably allowed since he was quirkless.


Shinsou looked at his opponent in the eye to see a dull emerald color. 

Getting into a fighting stance, he opened his mouth, waiting for Midnight to announce the start. 

He had to prove himself to his idol after all. 

(Not that the quirkless kid was his idol. It was just nice to see someone who was as disadvantaged as him be in the hero course.)


Midoriya bit the inside of his lower lip. 

"Ready? Go!"

Midoriya ran up to Shinsou as soon as he could and used a back kick. Shinsou stumbled backwards and Midoriya immediately started to use his kali sticks. Anything to make sure he wouldn't talk. 

Pounding on his side and forearms, he pushed Shinsou to the edge and kicked him once more. 

"Midoriya Izuku is the winner!"

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