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Hello! I am Olaf- I mean, I am OwlyPersona125 \(●ˇ∀ˇ●)/

So. Poll time.

Do you guys want me to write a chapter solely on Class 1a's perspective on our deadly sin-namon roll? Aizawa included? Like what I did in my other fanfic, 'The Pokemon Hero: Dekiru'?

Yes, I did put in a shameless plug.

Do you want ships or no?

Do you want some angst?

Do you want him to finally snap and put a pencil to someone's throat?


I got a few ideas so I'm not worried about that - this just makes things more interesting and would improve the ideas I have. 

I also just want to know whether I should have a 'special chapter' of sorts like future events or stuff. 


Comment down below!

OwlyPersona125 is outta here!

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