The Thing With Heroes and Villains

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Aizawa sighed as he closed the door.

Those two were strong and probably some of the most plucky and intrepid boys he had ever met that also got into trouble.

But there was a limit, there was always a limit to how far they could go without sinking into despair. Those two just didn't know where that limit was.

Believe it or not, that one little fact scared the crap out of him. Without knowing their limit, how long would it be before one of them snaps? Before one of them turns into a pliant fighting machine? How long then?

Of course, Aizawa supported the fact that there were certain things that should be left alone. Aizawa also supported things like pushing people to their best. But goddamn it, this wasn't either of those things. These were emotional and mental scars that would stay with them. Midoriya and Bakugou were only teenagers, first-years in high school. Specifically, UA, and UA's not supposed to let this happen.

The schook was totally going to get a whole ton of backlash, if not already. In fact, Aizawa was surprised when he went outside without one of those media vultures hovering around him, looking for something to put as the headline for their newspaper.

Perhaps Nezu had something to do with it. He had to go see the stoat anyway.


"You want to know why Midoriya was recommended by the government?" Nezu asked as he sipped his tea.

Aizawa nodded.

The two were sitting in Nezu's office back at UA. Aizawa sat on the green couch while Nezu opted to sit on one of the wooden chairs he had.

Putting the cup down, Nezu leaned forward, hands crossed. "Why do you want to know? I'm certain that there has to be a reason to this sudden enthusiasm."

"When I was telling them about their therapy sessions with Hound Dog," Aizawa began, "the two protested, as I thought they would. However, what Midoriya said as one of his rebuttals had me concerned. According to him, the reason the government recommended him was enough to exempt him out of these sessions, claiming that he was capable of handling it by himself. And I want to know why he said that."

There were things he did know.

One. Problem Child had a gun license, which he used multiple times.

Two. He was skilled in weaponry.

Three. Midoriya was calm about his kidnapping. Too calm. At least Bakugou showed some sort of outwardly expression when they found him.

All of these pointed at a certain genre of reasons that Aizawa refused to believe until it was confirmed by either Nezu or Midoriya himself.

"Hmm," Nezu said, "I don't doubt that is the reason why you asked. You don't seem like the teacher that'd hold it over anyone's head."

"Hold what over whose head?" Aizawa questioned.

"Remember how we used to have a much bigger moon? How it's a crescent?"

"Lemme tell you a secret. I was the one who blew it up, but only because I was kidnapped. Remember when I went missig for several weeks? That's why. And Midoriya's involved. In fact, a whole class is involved."

Aizawa's world was about to get flipped on its head.

Shigaraki's POV

"Where's sensei and Kurogiri?" Shigaraki whined to himself. He was left alone by himself in the bar hideout. Kurogiri promised to be back in at most ten minutes.

Only three minutes had passed.

His hands still twitched as he reached for his controller. He'd play a gsme to pass time, yes, that would be best. Maybe on the way, he'd gain some achievements or strategies that he could use in real life. Yeah, his gaming XP might be helpful to gain real XP.

Three minutes without Kurogiri turned to four. Then five. Then six. Until at last, nine minutes had passed, which is when a purple and black fog began to form.

"Kurogiri, you're back!"

"Yes, yes, Shigaraki. Nothing is broken, right? None of the controllers, tables, chairs, my wine bottles - "

"Yeah, don't worry! I was just playing Animal Crossing," Shigaraki waved his hand. "Anyway, what were you and sensei doing?"

"Sensei was in a bit of a pinch so he told me to warp him back to the Kamino hideout."

"What happened to his first factory place?"

"It exploded."


"Someone infiltrated it, planted bombs, exploded them, and took away the two boys."

"Tch. Of course," Shigaraki gritted his teeth. "I'll disintegrate them for interfering with sensei's business - "

"Sensei told you not to worry," Kurogiri interrupted. "Which I happen to agree with."


"Ah," Kurogiri said, looking at his ringing phone. "Hello? You do? Okay, I'll come and get you."


"Hey, Shiggy, I've got a new person."

"Hiii! My name is Toga Himiko," a schoolgirl grinned. "Nice to meet you. I hope we get along."

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