Class 1a Freaks Out About Midoriya's Connection to Mase Haruna (Kayano Kaede)

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Midoriya walked into the classroom and Uraraka waved at him immediately.

"Hey Deku!" she said and Midoriya waved at her before walking towards her. Iida popped up next to them as well.

"Hello Midoriya!" he said and Midoriya smiled at him and said, "Hey, Iida-kun." Midoriya looked calm on the outside but inside, he was having a mental breakdown.

'Should I give them the tickets? Oh, god what if they don't like it?'

"Hey, Deku? You okay?" Uraraka's voice rang into his brain and he snapped out of his debate to see Uraraka and Iida's worried face.

"Ah," he rubbed the back of his neck, "just didn't get enough sleep last night."

Iida started reprimanding him. "A UA student must get enough sleep to have a proper school learning experience!" Iida said and waved his arms about. Midoriya chuckled slightly.

"Oh, yeah, I was wondering..."

"Wondering what, Deku?"

"WhetheryouguyswanttogowithmetoseeMaseHarunasinceshe'sintown!" Midoriya gushed out a fountain of words. Uraraka giggled at Midoriya's rare moment of embarrassment and replied, "Slow it down, Deku?"

Midoriya took a deep breath and repeated, "I was wondering whether you guys want to go with me to see Mase Haruna since she's in town?"

Iida nodded, "This could be a valuable experience as friends and to be able to see a movie star is truly interesting!" Uraraka nodded at Iida's declaration.

"Oh, good, I have a bunch of tickets, twenty-eight to be exact..."

Uraraka's eyes bugged out of her head when she saw the tickets in Midoriya's hand. She grabbed Midoriya by the shoulders and started to shake him like crazy. "HOW DO YOU HAVE BACKSTAGE PASSES TO MASE HARUNA?! IT COSTS A SMALL FORTUNE TO HAVE ONE! AND YOU HAVE TWENTY-EIGHT OF THEM?! TELL ME I'M NOT DREAMING!"

Iida was also in shock. "How can you have so many, Midoriya? And why twenty-eight?"

Midoriya sweatdropped and then noticed the class had gone quiet. So quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

"Midoriya," Mina started, "how on earth did you get so many backstage passes?"

All eyes were on him. Even Bakugou, Todoroki, and Tokoyami were paying attention. One backstage pass was valuable by itself, but twenty-eight? Todoroki's eyes narrowed. Even Endeavor couldn't afford that and his sperm donor was rolling in cash.

"I - erm - I sorta know someone who knew several people but they couldn't make it."

Most of the class suspiciously looked at Midoriya before going back to their original conversations. Midoriya silently sighed as Uraraka started talking about mochi combinations with Iida suggesting a few mochi treats for her to try. He was quite thankful for Karasuma's teaching on how to lie. Midoriya sweatdropped.


After classes, Midoriya handed out two passes to Iida and Uraraka when he heard Hagakure's voice. "Midoriya-kun?" He turned to look at Hagakure's floating clothes.

"Yes, Hagakure-san?"

"You can drop the -san. But... C-can I have one?" Midoriya smiled at her question. Why not? It wasn't like he was going to use them for anything else. "Sure, Hagakure!"

Mina appeared beside Midoriya as well. "Can I have one as well?"

Midoriya ended up giving tickets to the entire class. Midoriya pocketed the extras. You never knew when someone would lose their ticket.------------------------------------------------------------

A few days later, Class 1a gathered by the location of the movie. "This is where we are supposed to be, right?" Ojirou asked and looked around at the green scenery.

"Yes, even my GPS says so," Momo declared and Iida nodded in confirmation.

"Where's Midoriya?" Uraraka said, worriedly and everyone looked around. Midoriya was nowhere in sight. Just then, they heard some laughter. "Jeez, Midoriya, you and Nagisa were basically free comedy! Do you know how funny everyone looked at the two of you when you started taking notes?"

Class 1a turned to the familiar voice only for their minds to be blown.

Midoriya and MASE HARUNA were talking to each other like they knew each other. They DEFINITELY knew each other based on that last sentence.

Iida became speechless, Uraraka was about to faint, and even Bakugou was stunned to silence. But then started yelling. "OI, SHITTY NERD! HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE FAMOUS?"

Mase turned to them and smiled. "I wanted to go to a regular school so I went to Kunugigaoka with Midoriya! We were even in the same class!"

"Pinch me," Kaminari whispered at Jirou and she promptly did what she was asked. "Yeouch! Definitely not dreaming."

"How - when - what?" Mina and Hagakure were mentally freaking out and Kirishima just looked at Sero. "That's manly, to know someone famous and not brag."

Midoriya's eye twitched at his class and at Akari making them freak out so much.------------------------------------------------------------

"Kayano, what was that for?" Midoriya ferociously whispered once everyone was out of earshot.

Kayano smirked. "What, you embarrassed?"

Kayano laughed when Midoriya let out a sigh. "Fine, you win this time," he said, walking away, towards Iida and Uraraka.

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