The First Day of Class 1a!

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"Oh no," Aizawa groaned, looking at one particular student's file. "This one is a problem child," he noted. Aizawa was going to need more coffee.************************************Midoriya stood at the entrance of his dream school, UA high. He smiled as he walked through the front gates. It took a while for him to walk to the front and when he got there, 5 minutes had already passed. Midoriya looked at the tall door and sweatdropped. This was nothing like Class 3e. Back then, they were the lowest of the low.

Literal dirt.

And now? He was in the best hero school in the country and was standing in front of Class 1a. As a student. His first steps to being a hero. He could hear Koro-sensei's cheering in his ear. 

Midoriya bit on his lip and mentally shook the illusion away. He had to stay focused. Besides, Koro-sensei's death had affected them all, especially Nagisa. Although both Midoriya and Nagisa was the one who plunged the knife through Koro-sensei's heart in the end, Nagisa was the one who did most of the stab. Midoriya was just his reassurance.

Letting out his deep breath, Midoriya put on a determined look. He would be able to text everyone in the group chat at lunch. All of Class 3e. It was too bad that Kayano had to go back into acting and that Nagisa and Karma wanted to go to Ouran. He smirked. Nagisa's cousin, Haruhi, cross-dressed as a boy to pay her debt and that smiling black prince basically blackmailed Nagisa and Karma into the host club. Midoriya had no idea how. It was rich people stuff.

Entering the classroom, he stiffened. Kacchan and that stiff blue haired boy were going at each other. Midoriya didn't want to pay attention to either of them. He wanted to get a quick message into the 'Color Fam' group chat before class started.

Sitting in his seat, he pulled out his phone and quickly texted in the group chat.

'Color Fam'

Midoriya: I'm in class! \(>w<)/

Kayano: Good luck! I'm going to have a movie shoot in Musutafu! I've already mailed you guys some backstage passes!

Midoriya smiled. He had just gotten them yesterday. In fact, he had TWENTY-EIGHT. He asked Kayano earlier why he got so many. Her answer? To invite his friends. She also said that it was because no one else could for some odd reason. Class 3e was scattered all throughout Japan. Midoriya was the only one close enough to make it. Like it was some sort of fanfiction. [*Fixing fourth wall with FLEX tape]

Nagisa: Ah, the host club wanted to go but we know how that would go. Besides, we have some sort of ball event.

Karma: Maybe we can get Nagisa in a dress. The host club said that for one of their plans they got Haruhi in a dress. We have to do both of the cousins.

Nagisa: Karma no.

Karma: Karma YES.

Midoriya had to cover his mouth so that a snicker wouldn't come out. He looked up and put away his phone. Because there was some sort of yellow thing by the door but no one else seemed to notice. He got up and went next to it. The yellow thing turned over to reveal - a face?

Surprised, Midoriya jumped back with a short yelp. The room went quiet and looked at Midoriya which made them look at the caterpiller. It was quiet for a moment before Kacchan said, "What the fuck is that."

The yellow thing stood up and unzipped(?) the zipper to reveal a person like a banana. "Only Midoriya noticed me and you all only realized I was here when Midoriya yelled. Work on noticing your surroundings. I'm your teacher, Aizawa. Now put these on," he summoned gym uniforms like it was magic, "and meet me outside for an Apprehension Test.

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