Chapter 11

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* Kathleen *

There was a knock on the door and I already knew who it would be . Paul . Of course it would be him . I sighed and walked over , answering the door in my skinny jeans , my knit beanie hat , and my " Animal Rescue Volenteer shirt " on . I ran a hand through my long straight hair . Paul smiled, seeing me . 

" Hey . I was thinking maybe we could have some breakfast and then we could go to the movies or something ? " he asked me .

I shrugged .
" Sure . " I said witha  shrug , grabbing my sunglasses and my bag , walking out , shutting the door behind me .

Danica had dissapeared this morning and I suspected she was with Embry . Maybe . Maybe not . You never know . Paul wrapped his arm around my waist as we got in his car . I pulled out my ipod and put my earbud in one of my ears, leaving the other one empty so we could talk if he wanted to. 

" So , I've been meaning to ask you. I know we've only been on one date .... " he said, trailing off . 

Please don't say it . Please don't say it .....

" But are we offical ? I mean , do you want to be a couple ? " Paul asked .

Damn . He said it.

I cleared my throat , not really knowing what to say . Pushing people away was what I did . It was how I protected myself .Paul looked over at me curiously and I felt like burrying my head in my hands . What was I doing ? He was a nice guy , right ? He was interested in me , right ? What was I doing !?!

" Sure .... " I said , on the spur of the moment .

Oh . Opps .

Brain : This is perfectly alright . Paul seems like a nice young man . You would make a great couple . I'm very proud of you Kathleen .

Heart : NO ! This is wrong ! She isn't supposed to be with him . Turn your ass around and walk away girl ! You don't want Paul ! You want someone else ! Don't fight it ! 

Brain : Shut up, heart ! Don't you know that she's been wounded enough ?!

Heart : No , YOU shut up, Brain ! Listen to your heart ! Heart knows best !

 Liver : ............ 

I started breathing hard , but hid it easily by faking coughs . 
" Are you alright ? " Paul asked .

I felt like saying " No I am clearly NOT alright ! Are you freakin blind ?! " but I said " Yeah , I'm fine , thanks for asking . "

We got to the diner and Paul got the door for me . His politeness was wearing me down . He was slowly winning me over ...

Heart : NO !

Brain : YES !  

Liver : SHUT UP ! 

We ordered and ate , talking about simple things . After we ate , we walked back out to his car and I felt eyes on me . I saw someone out of the corner of my eye . Jacob . My breathing picked up more as I shook my head, keeping my shades on , sliding into Paul's car as we drove off towards Port Angles where the closest movie theater was . 

* Jacob *

I was walking through Forks when I saw someone get into Paul's car . I already knew who it would be . Kathy . Of course it would have to be Kathy . I clenched my teeth together to keep from screaming as I watched them drive off . Words cannot describe what I was feeling in that moment and I still remember it as one of my most painful memories I've ever known . 

* Kathleen * 

Paul and I walked into the romantic comedy he picked out and I laughed at the funny times and even at the romantic parts because , even though I was a very deep hopeless romantic , it just didn't feel right watching it all play out on the screen . Romance was meant for two people . Not a movie theatre with staged actors who never really cared about eachother . Halfway through the movie , Paul reached over and grabbed my hand gently  . I put my head on his shoulder , my dark hair fanning out over his shoulder as we countinued to watch the move . It was actually nice..... but I wasn't letting my gaurd down to easily. I have no tolerance for dissapointment . None . You get ONE shot . And if you miss , then it's your fault and as far as I'm concerned , you don't get another one . I've found through painful experience that the more chances you give someone , the more it hurts and the longer it stings . I was tired of it hurting and stinging me to the core . It was time for me to heal , not be ripped back open again . Maybe I was crazy . Probably , but that's how I thought . That's how I still think .

" Do you want some popcorn ? " Paul asked me .

I shook my head . 
" No thank you . I think i'm going to go grab a bottle of water . I'll be back . " I muttered , getting up from my seat .

" Hurry back ." Paul smiled .

 I nodded and walked out of the theatre and right smack into someone . It was like hitting a wall .

" OH ! I'm so sorry . Are you okay ? KATHY ! Hey Kathy ! " Seth's Clearwater's excited voice rang out .

I nearly fell over from the exceitement . At least I would've if I wasn't already on the floor . He extended a hand , helping me up and pulled me into a hug .

" Um, hey , Seth . " I said , rubbing the back of my head.

" Are you okay ? Sorry about that . " he said with a smile .

" Nah , it's fine . It was my fault . " I replied, with a small smile of my own .

There was just something about that kid that made you want to smile . 

" Are you seeing a movie ? " he asked .

I laughed and motioned to the " MOVIE theatre sign " to which he blushed . 
" Yeah, I'm seeing that sappy romantic comedy . " I explained .

He laughed.
" With Bella ? Or Danny ? " he asked , recalling my friend that'd he'd met in the emergency room when I'd gotten hurt .

" Nope . Paul . " I said .

Seth's smile faded , but he managed to cover it up well.

" That's nice." he said , and I could tell that he was lying .

I nodded .
" So are you two .... a couple now ? " he asked suddenly .

I cleared my throat .
" Apparently . " I said , shrugging .
" That's ... nice . I have to go . " Seth said and moved his way quickly through the theatre .

" Everyone is so damn wierd . " I muttered , paying for my water and walking back to the theatre .

Halfway through the movie, I got a text and looked down at it in my pocket , shielding the light so that people wouldn't see it in the theatre .

Can we talk ?

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