Chapter 29

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* Kathleen *

I walked out of class happily . Alek had helped me study and ace my tests this week . It was conveniaint that he was pretty good at everything . I laughed so hard at all of the girls that " needed " James's help. I had my own specail tutor . They had let school out earlier so that they could decorate for the dance and Alek and I found ourselves waiting outside for Danny and Morgan's class to let out . Alek was going to give me and the girls a ride back to my place so we could get ready for the dance and I hadn't even thought about packing. Or Forks. Danica and Morgan walked out with Kendal and James . I slid into the passenger seat and Alek got in the driver's seat . 

" How are we going to all fit in here ? " Danica asked , looking at the convertible .

" Magic car . " Kendal chuckled , sliding into the back .

Morgan laughed and slid in along with James and Danica .

" So , Kathy do you have a dat---- " Alek cut Kendal off.

" Don't even think about it , Kendal . " he said .

James and Morgan laughed and I just rolled my eyes , sliding on my sunglasses . 

" I don't have a date either . " Morgan sighed .

" I'll take you . " Kendal smirked .

Morgan giggled . 

" Alright ! " 

Everyone looked at James and Danica .

" Danny , do you want to go with me ? " James asked politely . 

Danica sighed .

" Sure . " she said .

I knew they were just friends . James was the only one out of my new friends that Danica even talked to . She thought Kendal was annoying and she thought Alek was arrogant . James was just .... a smarty pants. Morgan and Kendal chattered and James and Danica discussed the homework all the way back to my house . Kendal cut the engine in front of my house . 

"I'll see you tonight . " he said .

I nodded and smiled at him.

" Thanks. " I said , grabbing my bag and the key to my door .

We waved to the guys and walked inside and upstairs to my room . Once up there , we looked at our dresses and accessories .

" How do you think you're going to deal with it ? " Morgan asked suddenly as she plugged in her curling iron into my bathroom .

"Deal with what ? " I asked , plugging in my straightener across the room .

" The seperation between you and Alek . You're going to live with your uncle again , right ? " Morgan asked .

" Look ! They aren't even dating Morgan ! " Danica snapped .

We both looked at her and Morgan shut her mouth . 

" Danny , are you okay ? " I asked her after Morgan had left my room to get a snack . 

" No ! I'm NOT okay . You're MY best friend . Okay ?! I have barely seen you since Alek walked into your life . You say you aren't together and yet if you two don't see eachother you act all wierd . What is going on ?! " she demanded .

I sighed , knowing I couldn't tell her thier secret .

" I ... I feel safe around him . Danica , I can't explain it ! He makes me feel whole ! He .... lights up my life . Kind of like you do, except with him it's a little different . " I said .

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