Chapter 5

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* Kathleen * 

It'd been a few days since I'd been to the beach and Danica has been going to the library all the time now . I hardly see her because she's so interested in the history of this place . It's strange because I've always been the one to know my history and she was always keeping me from failing math and barrowing my history notes . Guess she finally realized math sucks . I was sitting on the couch , bored with an open book on my lap . Knowing that nobody was around , I decided I was going to go take a walk . Sliding on plaid sweat shirt , so that I wouldn't get wet in the summer Forks rain . I walked out the door still clutching my worn and weathered book of Romeo and Juliet that I'd read over and over . Bella had taken her car and since Charlie's car wasn't here either , I looked around the Swan's yard and saw an entrance into the woods . I knew nothing of the woods or anything else that inhabited them . I was just simply trying to figure out if there was a shortcut to town . The deeper and deeper that I got into the woods , I started to get more and more uneasy . On a sunny day , this place could be beautiful . It was beautiful in the rain , as well , but also some what haunting . I kept walking through the woods , the wet leaves crunching under my ankle high boots . The longer I walked , the farther and farther I kept getting into the woods . 

" What am I doing here ? " I muttered . 

It was then that I heard a noise behind me . I squinted my eyes , trying to find the source of the sound .  I saw something . It was a beautiful buck . A whiteish color buck . I didn't know that deer or buck for that matter , could be that light in color . It was so beautiful that it caught my attention. I started to walk towards it .I reached into my pocket and found that I hadn't taken my camera out of these jeans from my trip down to the Cheasepeak Bay a few days before my trip to Forks . Perfect . My mom would love a picture of this . I could send it to her and she'd see what I was seeing . Not only that , but I'd be able to remember this moment too . I slid my camera out of my pocket and knew if I wanted the perfect shot that I would have to get closer to the buck and so I did , creeping closer , quietly . I got close enough to snap the picture and then the buck jolted his head up and started to run off ,just as I got a picture . I smiled . 

" Thanks . " I said to the deer and then looked down , shaking my head . 

I was losing my mind , but it was good to be out in nature . It was really good in fact . Walking farther , I decided to see if I could find some more things to take pictures of . I hadn't realized how late it was and the rain started to come down harder and faster , beating down on my face , blinding me . In my painful beating from the rain and my blinding attempts to find my way through the forrest , my feet slid in the fresh mud . Losing my traction on the ground , I ended up sliding down the large hill in the Forks forrest with a muffled yelp as I felt the skin on my leg start to split . I didn't know what I was doing out here anymore . This day had started off really slow and I thought I'd enjoy a nice peaceful walk and here I was muddy , on the ground , and probably hurt . There was no way I would be able to find my way back and ontop of that , I was lost . I had no idea where I was . These woods weren't like the forests in the Elk Neck State Park of Maryland . This wasn't Maryland. This was Washington . And I didn't know what I was doing here . I was fumbling in my pocket , praying I'd brought my phone with me , but I hadn't and if I had , I lost it in the fall . 

" Hello ?! Anyone ?! " I called into the middle of the wilderness , not knowing who would be crazy enough to be this far out except for myzelf .

Hearing nothing , I sighed and ran a hand through my dark hair . 
" This is just great , Kathleen . " I muttered , to myself .

The rain was still pouring hard , but I was more covered by the trees now . I looked down at my leg . I knew I couldn't feel it very well through the cold in the pain . I'd had an accident when I was younger and I'd broken my leg and my foot . I also knew that there was no way I'd be able to walk with that old injury without it possible rebreaking from my weight since I would just be staggering through the forrest floor . And so , I did what any illogical person would do . I just sat there , hoping the pain would subside enough for me to get up . The longer I sat there , the tireder I felt and I started to drift into a sleep .

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