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Twilight by Evangelise Cullen by XxRoxannerawrXx
Twilight by Evangelise Cullenby XxRoxannerawrXx
Evangelise is a mystery, no one understands what she is. She craves blood, but she has a heartbeat faster than a humans and likes the taste of certain human foods. Frigh...
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Elizabeth Swan, the Witch by LilacPotterhead
Elizabeth Swan, the Witchby LilacPotterhead
Elizabeth Swan, Bella's twin sister, has come to Forks... but is a lot different than Bella. Having just graduated from Salem's Witch Institute, she has a few tricks up...
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The Thief by CaptainSwanTacos
The Thiefby Sammie Loveya
Emma Swan is a rebellious princess who steals from rich, evil people and give it back to the poor in her kingdom to escape her controlled life. After a long streak of he...
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Finding You ( A sequel to A thief who stole her heart) by Oncer993
Finding You ( A sequel to A thief...by Tiffany
Neal was violently ripped away from Emma and his son. His second chance stolen. Emma is a mess after the loss. She is torn between accepting reality of his possible deat...
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My Name is Charlie Swan: I'm a Vampire by emukid96
My Name is Charlie Swan: I'm a Vam...by Hailey LaDonna
Charlie Swan, the chief of police and Bella's father, has been changed into a vampire less than a year after his own daughter was changed. Now he and Harry, the one who...
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SwanQueen~ Forever Yours by Whatacharmingstory
SwanQueen~ Forever Yoursby SwanQueennn
This fanfiction is set just before the episode Operation Mongoose
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The Boy With The Carmel Eyes by LostInTheMountains
The Boy With The Carmel Eyesby Domenique
What if Alice remembered her past? What if we knew her life after being turned and her search for The Boy with The Carmel Eyes?
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The New Bella (On Hold) by twlightstories
The New Bella (On Hold)by twlightstories
Edward may have fooled Bella once, but don't think she'll let him fool her twice. Is Bella really forgiving Edward or may it be something else? What if who Bella though...
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Harry Potter FAQ by RomioneGirl
Harry Potter FAQby Emma Rose Taylor
Have a question about the Wizarding World that just never seems to have an answer? Or maybe you're writing what seems to be the best fanfiction ever, until you realize t...
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Russet Moon by RoseGoldMermaids
Russet Moonby Raven Malik
One night was all it took for Bella's life to change forever. After Edward had left Bella was completely vulnerable and looking for something to fill the void in her lif...
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The Other Swan by ellie393
The Other Swanby ellie393
We all know the story. A beautiful girl turned into a swan by an evil magician. A fight for freedom and love, ending only in death. But what about the other swan? This i...
Everything I do, I do it for you (Jacob/Renesmee Fanfiction) by shastingsxx
Everything I do, I do it for you (...by Spencer Hastings
As the Volturi attacks, Renesmee Cullen has to face her past and choose between standing up for herself … or letting her fear stand in the way of destiny. In order to sa...
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Trapped In This Body by SteadyLittleSoldier
Trapped In This Bodyby Methelda Gomes
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Dedication by MeganHampson
Dedicationby MeganHampson
Laura Sophia Drewvale is an 18-year-old aspiring ballerina, who dedicated her life to the art of ballet and dance. Trying to get a contract with the British Royal Ballet...
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Normal: A Twilight Rewrite by ChristinaPenge
Normal: A Twilight Rewriteby Christina Penge
A rewrite of the original story with my own little twists.
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The Arranged Marriage of the Swan Princess by explosionofhappiness
The Arranged Marriage of the Swan...by explosionofhappiness
Emily has just been cursed, when night falls she turns in to a white swan. Her parents the king and queen have consulted other witches but it seems the only cure can com...
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Little Lost Girl |pp. ouat. hl| by SydneyMichellle
Little Lost Girl |pp. ouat. hl|by Sydney
Amy Fleming, daughter of Emma Swan and Neal Cassidy, wakes up almost with no memories on a strange land. Neverland. She wakes up on the docks beside a tacked purebred bl...
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Emma's Choice by savanah_leah
Emma's Choiceby sav ✨
This is my first Once Upon a Time fanfiction! It's called Emma's Choice because, in this story, Neal never died and Emma has to choose between him and Hook. Who will she...
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Love, Emma by barelyginger
Love, Emmaby Caroline Gibson
Emma and Killian have been inseparable since they were children. They know deep down they are meant to be, but they just can't seem to get together... Adapted from the f...
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Everything COLIFER by SwanAndJones
Everything COLIFERby Once Upon A Time
When Colin O'Donoghue, Ireland native and actor, and Jennifer Morrison, United States native and fellow actress, start working together on the TV show Once Upon A Time...
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