Chapter 25

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* Kathleen *

Today was a great day . I had so much fun with Alek ,James , and Kendal . I think this is he start of a beautiful friendship . He's just walked me home a few minitues ago when my cell phone rang and I picked it up , not looking at the caller I.D.

" Hello ? " I said into the phone .

" Kathleen ?! Kathleen ! H-Hi . " Jacob's voice said on the other end of the phone.

I sighed , contemplateing hanging up . 

" What ? " I said coldly. 
" I just wanted to see if you were alright . How are you ? " Jacob asked me worried .
" Does it really matter to you ? " I snapped .

He was quiet a moment.

" Of course it does." Jacob said .

I ran a hand through my hair.
" I'm fine. Look , you need to calm yourself the hell down. Weren't you the one that asked why I'd be interested in dating when I was only there for the summer . I'm sorry , but I just ... I can't do this and I sure as hell can't have feelings for someone that has probably never told me the truth ."

Silence .

" Not all of it was a lie . I really do care about you and I meant it when I said you were beautiful. I'm... sorry . " Jacob said and hung up .

A few tears streamed down my face and my phone went off again .

" What do you want ?! No I don't want to buy whatever it is you're selling . " I snapped into the phone , thinking it was a sale's call .

" Woah. Are you alright ? " Alek's voice asked over the phone .

I shook my head as the tears fell harder .

" N-No." 

" What happened ? Do you want to talk about it ? " he asked worried .

" I just ... I just am probably going to go take a walk . " I said .
" It's dark out . It might not be safe . I could walk you there or we could take my car .... if you wanted." he said protectively .

I smiled to myself.
" Do you mind if we walk ? " I asked .

" No problem . I'll be over in a moment . It's only a 2 block walk . See you soon . " he said, hanging up.

I slid into jeans and a large plaid t-shirt , leaving my hair down , just sliding on a knit hat over top of my head . It was dark and surprisingly a nice night out . The air was cool , but I didn't mind. Within 5 minitues of our talk, there was a knock on my door and I knew it'd be Alek . I walked over and answered it , grabbing my bag as we walked out and down the porch to the sidewalk .
" Do you mind if we go see someone? " I suddenly asked , breaking the silence .

He shook his head.
" No , who do you want to go see ? " he asked curiously .

" My grandfather . He has cancer . " I explained ,motioning awkardly with my hands .

Alek looked down . 
" I'm sorry to hear that. " he said.

I shrugged.
" They said he should be fine after radiation, but you never know, right ? " I said. 

He nodded as we walked to my grandfather's house . We knocked on the door and I heard a 
" Come on in . " and so we did .

My grandfather's house was small , but it was very cozy .He looked happy to see me .
" Hey , chief . " I said , using our family nickname for him .

He smiled .
" Kathy ! " he said as we hugged . 

 He pulled back and saw Alek . He arched an eyebrow with a chuckle .
" Is this your boyfriend? " 

Alek laughed . 
" No sir . Just a friend. I'm Alek Aristov . It's a pleasure ,Mr.... " he trailed off. 

" Norman . You can call me chief if you want . Everyone else around here does."my grandfather said.

" A very good friend ." I said ,looking up at Alek.

He looked down at me with a smile that he held for a moment and then looked to my grandfather .

" It would be a pleasure." he said .

My grandfather nodded .
" I was actually on my way out. But Ms.Connie might like to see you. She's been having fainting spells." 

Ms.Connie was my grandfather's friend and next door nieghboor .She was a lonely widdow , but she was like a grandmother to me.I looked over at Alek and he nodded . 
" Alright , I'll see you later , chief . " I said , kissing his cheek , as he shook hands with Alek .

We walked out and walked next door to Ms.Connie's and knocked on the door . Ms.Connie opened the door and smiled with a squeal .
" Kathleen ,dear ! It's so good to see you ! I didn't know you were back yet ! " she said , pulling me inside .

I grabbed Alek's hand , pulling him in with me .

" Yeah , I didn't know I was back yet either . " I said , laughing.

She smiled and then looked at Alek . Her jaw dropped .
" You've got a very good looking boyfriend , Missy." she said looking at Alek .

Alek chuckled and squeezed my hand gently .

" Just a friend , Ms.Connie . A very good friend." I said , looking up at Alek .

He nodded .
" It's a pleasure to meet you mam'. " he said .

She gasped.
" He's British ?! Did you know that Kathleen's grandmother was first generation from Plymouth ?She would be so proud ." Ms.Connie said.

I laughed and looked at Alek , giving him " She's a little crazy " look .He chuckled as we all sat down and had tea together ,talking about a few things .

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