Lobo de ponzoña by preocupadaXeltiempo_
Lobo de ponzoñaby preocupadaXeltiempo_
¿Me estaba ocurriendo esto de verdad? ¿Era posible? Sentía mi interior arder y unas tremendas ganas de arrancarme el corazón con mis propias manos, el fuego desgarrador...
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Helplessly In Love: Forever and Always by Nini481
Helplessly In Love: Forever and Nadirah
The sequel to Helplessly in Love.
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My Cold Alpha by teenwolf_lvr
My Cold Alphaby nogitsune
"You can't reject me you are not brave enough to do it " he told me using his alpha tone "You think that I'm afraid of you?Well I'm not and I can reject y...
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Love Me Like I Love You (Jakeward) by SmartCookies1
Love Me Like I Love You (Jakeward)by SmartCookies1
You know how you see some couples out on the streets being cute and all... well not all couples are like that. Jake and Edward run into some issues. Either Jake is hurt...
  • gay
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Forever ↠ Jacob Black by newtgotmelike
Forever ↠ Jacob Blackby Sanne
Twilight x Teen Wolf Jenna is living a happy life in Beacon Hills with her two best friends Scott Mccall and Stiles Stilinski. But everything changes when Jenna is force...
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Baby Blue - A Taylor Lautner love story by daydreamer_blossom
Baby Blue - A Taylor Lautner daydreamer_blossom
A girl, Zoe Echo, gets a call from a big time director, working on a big movie. It's David Slade that calls her. The director of Eclipse. He is filming and asks her to c...
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'Till Death Do I Part -Taylor Lautner by mtdl9892
'Till Death Do I Part -Taylor Lizzy M.
Bitsey finally has it all when she meets the man of her dreams, Mr. Taylor Lautner, until her world is turned upside down with just one phone call. Will he stick with he...
  • bitsey
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His Angel by BooShit
His Angelby BoOsHiT Heath
"Why do you always call me Angel?" Evangeline asked Alex. "Why do you always call me Alexander?" Alex countered. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''...
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Taylor Lautner Imagines by lautnermyangel
Taylor Lautner Imaginesby Melina
I'm writing Taylor Lautner Imagines ❌I take requests❌
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Un amor irreal (Taylor Lautner) by Angeles_Bieber1
Un amor irreal (Taylor Lautner)by María Dlos Angeles
Bendecido por el divino toque de Afrodita, se convirtió en un hombre al que ninguna mujer podía negarle el uso de su cuerpo. Porque, llegados al sublime Arte del Amor...
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Sad Beautiful Tragic by TaylorSquaredFanFics
Sad Beautiful Tragicby TaylorSquaredFanFics
Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift fell in love with each other but Lautner's parents do not approve of their relationship. They find their way to be together and ran away...
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Fix Me (Jacob Black Fan Fiction) by amaria2122
Fix Me (Jacob Black Fan Fiction)by Ema Merser
*Twilight Fan Fiction* You do not have to have seen the movies or read the books to read this fan fic. It take place several months after the end of Breaking Down: Part...
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MATOPIA : THE LAND OF SECRETS by iamisabellacullen
MATOPIA : THE LAND OF SECRETSby Isabella Lyra Lautner
Juliet Waters has everything in her life, a loving mother , wonderful friends. But there was a little flaw in her perfect life, she had not found her Romeo yet. But, whe...
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