My Cold Alpha by teenwolf_lvr
My Cold Alphaby nogitsune
"You can't reject me you are not brave enough to do it " he told me using his alpha tone "You think that I'm afraid of you?Well I'm not and I can reject y...
  • demonwolf
  • gomez
  • drama
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Love Me Like I Love You (Jakeward) by SmartCookies1
Love Me Like I Love You (Jakeward)by SmartCookies1
You know how you see some couples out on the streets being cute and all... well not all couples are like that. Jake and Edward run into some issues. Either Jake is hurt...
  • taylor
  • robert
  • edward
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I fell in love with a werewolf (Taylor lautner) by jacob_imprinted_me
I fell in love with a werewolf ( jacob_imprinted_me
Hey im Samantha I'm 21 I live in L.A with my brother Dylan who is also 21 as we're twins, we moved out of our mom and dads house when we were 18 and ever since we made a...
  • werewolf
  • lautner
  • fiction
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Helplessly In Love: Forever and Always by Nini481
Helplessly In Love: Forever and Nadirah
The sequel to Helplessly in Love.
  • happy
  • sequel
  • forever
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Jacob Black by Bexerxes
Jacob Blackby Jack Archer
Follow Jacob in his decisions after Twilight.
  • black
  • jacob
  • taylor
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The Broken Promises by ayamrtnz29
The Broken Promisesby Yanna
Adeline met a guy which she thought was the one for her. But when the challenges and struggles started to test them, Adeline thought that Drew would stand up for their l...
  • tragic
  • trustissues
  • allyson
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This Love by swiftmystyle
This Loveby swiftmystyle
After being happily married and having a family of their own, Taylorsquared goes through tough obstacles throughout their marriage as they put their respect, trust, and...
  • romance
  • selena
  • gomez
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