The vampire's maid by melmizore
The vampire's maidby Mely Anz
I bite my lip in order to prevent any noises from slipping out and pull one last time. The rope falls off of my wrists and I am finally free. I stand up and run. I run a...
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Roommates¿? by dolanpole
Roommates¿?by gray and eth ;))
"you look pretty yummy" "what?" "you have a nice ass." "eyes off"
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  • grayson
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Daddy's little girl 🎀 by sophiaahmedjb
Daddy's little girl 🎀by Queen S 👸🏻
فتاة صغيرة في العمر تعمل في البار من اجل والديها الفقراء فجأة تم بيعها لشخص مشهور وتحلم به كل الفتيات القصة محتوية عن لقطات جنسية ???????
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little witch academia   by skater643
little witch academia by skater643
These are little witch academia love storys about characters who fall in love with each other WARNING: there will be lemon storys in these sections. I do not own little...
  • lotte
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Price Of Becoming Deviant by Yo-Stuffie
Price Of Becoming Deviantby 【RK900】
"What are you?" "I am RK900. I am better in every way, an complete upgrade from my predecessor RK800." "No, what are you? A machine or a livin...
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He Wants Her... by Khushi_Writes
He Wants khushi Jain
Amanda Reynolds, a simple girl in her early 20s, beautiful and blonde. She was the sole bread winner of her family. Not because no one could earn, but only because her f...
  • billionaire
  • betrayal
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Its always been you by KimVasquez13
Its always been youby Kim Vasquez
what if Amanda and Klaus didn't have any kids together? what if Klaus left New Orleans because he got his one night stand Haley pregnant leaving Amanda in Mystic Falls a...
  • sisters
  • love
  • damon
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My Irresistible Co-CEO √ by darkeyes11
My Irresistible Co-CEO √by Soha
*FULL STORY ON FICFUN* What happens when you suddenly find your ex in front of you after 6 years? Well, that is what happened with them. Jayden Myers, the handsome playb...
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I'm Not Yours Anymore, I'm His. by sonority
I'm Not Yours Anymore, I'm ▪lenah▪
Amanda Jones wasn't always a heartless, uncaring, Class A bitch. Well, most people who know her, (heck, everybody knows her) have always known her as an 'It' Girl, a nar...
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she has your eyes[season 3] by KimVasquez13
she has your eyes[season 3]by Kim Vasquez
Amanda had her baby girl but during the labor Klaus turned her into a vampire what will happen next for the new mommy? can she forgive Elena for kissing Damon? is Damon...
  • amanda
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the other Gilbert[Season 1] by KimVasquez13
the other Gilbert[Season 1]by Kim Vasquez
hi my name is Amanda Gilbert I am Elena's twin sister I am older by 5 mins I have been living in New York York for the past 7 months but now I am back to my home town m...
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Kissing School by Scriitor
Kissing Schoolby Amber Ryan
"Alright. I got this far. What next Mr. Teacher?" He laughs at me. Actually laughs at me! If he thinks that just because his laugh is one of the sexiest s...
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Isolated [A Alien Isolation Fanfic] by xenoX323
Isolated [A Alien Isolation Fanfic]by ◄ Xeno X ►
"This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo. Signing Off." My name is Samantha Ripley. The younger sister of Amanda Ripley by four years. Our mother was on...
  • scifi
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The Originals ( After Always & Forever) by KimVasquez13
The Originals ( After Always & Kim Vasquez
Amanda wanted to have a normal life be there for Mary and her kids but that's not going to happen because witches want to take Marcel out and the only way they could do...
  • amanda
  • death
  • family
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You're Mine(one direction fanfic) by iloveharrystyles2002
You're Mine(one direction fanfic)by Amanda Clavel
When Amanda goes to high school will the bad boy harry styles fall for her and what will happen to their relationship? Does she love him? Does he love her will her ex bo...
  • amanda
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Together || Detroit: Become Human || Connor (RK900) x Child! Reader by LournaWOF
Together || Detroit: Become LournaErebus
After the peaceful revolution led by Markus was succesful, the Androids were free from slavery and were given their rights. Behind the scenes, Cyberlife secretly created...
  • hank
  • detroit
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A New Beginning (Akko x Andrew) *HIATUS* by Love-BUN
A New Beginning (Akko x Andrew) * Love-BUN !!
After the missile incident, the popularity of witches and subjects involving magic increased. Even Andrew's father gained more interest in them. Akko was hailed as the s...
  • lotte
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A Hundred Weddings | ✔ by 19sapphire98
A Hundred Weddings | ✔by Jessica Schreave
Highest Ranks: #2 Romantic-Comedy | #6 Humor | Kimberly's goals are pretty simple: just finish senior year and marry someone whom she deeply loves. Not so complicated ri...
  • student
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Broken Rose (Harry Styles) FINISHED/EDITED!! by iloveu1dand5sos
Broken Rose (Harry Styles) My Thoughts My Faith
(Ranked #4) When Amanda's boyfriend, Harry Styles, leaves her for his ex, how will Amanda live her life after her parents stated clearly that they won't accept her again...
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