Chapter 18

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* Danica *

I was asleep when there was a knock on my window . I groaned and looked at my clock . 3:00 A.M . What ? I slid out of bed in my angry bird pajamas and opened my window to see .... Embry ?

" What the hell are you doing ? Go away ! " I said, shooing him away with my hands .

He shook his head . 

" Can we talk ? " he asked me .

I looked around . 
" Uh .. no ! " I snapped .

He rolled his eyes .
"Come on . I promise I'll catch you . " he said and something about the way he said it made me trust him .

" I can't belive I'm freaking doing this . " I hissed as I put my leg outside of the window and then my other leg until I was falling .

I squeaked and just before I hit the ground , a pair of strong arms caught me just like Embry said they would . He put he down and chuckled at my angry bird pajamas . 

" Oh shut up . " I grumbled, crossing my arms .

Embry motioned for me to follow him and so I did into the woods . We walked for a few minitues and then he stopped , turning around to look at me .

" I have to tell you something . " he said .

" At 3 in the morning ? Couldn't this wait ?! " I demaned , but he shook his head . 
" No . Not really . " he said .

I sighed and put my hands up in surrender.
" It's probably better if I ... show you . " he muttered .

I looked at him like he was crazy and he just shook his head  .
" Close your eyes . " he said with a sigh .

I did as I was told , keeping them closed . I suddenly felt something soft and furry rubbing against me . I nearly screamed , except for the eyes . It was a giant wolf with ... Embry's eyes . I knew it ! The ledgends were real . I nodded , showing him I understood and then he licked my hand and dissapeared behind a tree , walking out from behind it like nothing had happened .

" You're a werewolf . " I said .

" Yeah . But we don't need full moons . I promise , I'll exlpain everything to you , but I need you to promise that you're not going to tell anyone else . " he said sternly . 
" What about Kath---- " he cut me off by shaking his head .

" No . Not Even Kathleen . " he said .

I sighed . How could I keep something like this from my best friend? We told eachother everything . She trusted me the most . Could I really go behind her back for the sake of.... love ? Despite my inner protests , I nodded my head . He smiled and pulled me into a hug .

" Wait .... what about the others , do they know ? " I asked .
He nodded .

" Jacob , Seth, Quil , Jared , and Paul are all werewolves along with Sam Uley . The Cullens are veggie vamps and Bella knows about it all . " he explained .

I was shocked . I had no idea there were so many supernaturals right under our noses . I kept thinking of all the things that Kathleen would do if she found out everyone had been going behind her back . I was hoping that she never found out . For our saftey's sake and for her sanity's sake . There wasn't much more she could take . 

" So why did you guys tell us you couldn't see us ? " I asked .

Embry ran a hand through his hair . 
" You know Edward and Bella are a thing , right ? Well last year , a nomadic vampire threatened Bella and almost killed her , wanting Edward's reaction .Edward killed him and we thought that the rest of his nomadic coven dissapeared , but the redhead , Victoria , is rumored to still be lurking around and we wanted to keep you out of danger . " he said .

" And what about Kathleen. Doesn't she have a right to know about this so she can protect herself ? " I demanded .

" That's between her and Jacob . " Embry said .
I heard the way he said that .
 " What do you mean ? " I asked .

He shook his head .
" I'll tell you some other time . I have to go . I'll see you soon. Remember . Not a word . " he said , kissing me before shifting into a grey wolf with a white pale face and running off .

I'd never kept a secret from Kathleen and this was going to be hard . 

---- What do you think ? Think Kathleen is going to find out and if she does , is she going to raise hell ? ----

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