Chapter 31

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* Kathleen * 

Seth walked up and pulled me into a hug and I could tell by the tight one he gave me , that he missed me . It was just so awkward . I hugged him back and then grabbed my bags, heading for the safety of my room . 

" Wait, Kathy , don't you want to see your friends ? " Charlie asked . 

I stopped dead in my tracks , not wanting to face these people . 

" I don't think they came to see ME . " I said without turning around , making my way upstairs .

* Danica *

I sighed , watching Kathleen walk upstairs . She was running . It would've been so much easier on everyone of she knew the truth . Why couldn't we just tell her ? I bet if we told her , she'd understand . Wait ... did I just say that ? HA ! She'd kill us . Everyone looked at me . 

" She uh .. had a rough flight . Screaming toddler's revenge ." I said , trying to lighten the mood . 

Embry chuckled and kept his arm around me . 
" You kids have fun . I have a late shift tonight . " Charlie said, walking out . 

" We have to tell her. " Seth said suddenly.

Everyone looked at Bella and me. 

" Doesn't matter . She's got in her head that we're all crazy . " Paul said , scratching the back of his head . 

" Just because we tell her , it doesn't mean that she would talk to us again . " Quil added .

" Sam said she shouldn't know . It was bad enough Embry slipped up and told Danica . " Jacob said quietly in a sort of growl . 

" Well if I hadn't told her , then I'd be where you are with Kathy . Nowhere . " Embry said deffensively .

Jacob growled and threw him against the wall .

" Jacob ! " Bella and I said at once . 

We heard a thump and some cussing and turned around to see Kathy getting up . She'd fallen down the stairs . She leaned against the doorway, staying pretty far away from us, not wanting to get to close , but I knew she'd heard the thud. 

" Is everything alright ? " she suddenly asked , more to me then anyone else . 

I nodded . 
" It's fine . " I said calmly and sweetly .

The last thing I needed was for Kathleen to flip out on me again . Everyone looked at her , waiting to see what she was going to do. She nodded awkwardly and was about to walk upstairs when her phone rang from the counter where she'd put it when we walked in . I reached over since I was closest to it and looked at the caller I.D . I gave her a small smile . 
" It's Alek . " I said , knowing that might make her feel a little better .

I also knew that Kathleen was probably pretty homesick about now . A small smile crossed her lips as I tossed her the phone and she answered it. 

" Hello ? "


" Yeah , I got in fine . I'm so glad you called . I miss you already . " she said , walking back upstairs . 

We all looked at Jacob who clenched his jaw . 
" Jake , calm down .... " Quil said calmly . 

" Hell no . Who is Alek ? " Jacob said , about to storm upstairs .

Quil grabbed his shoulder , shaking his head . 
" He's her friend . " I lied , knowing that there was most likely something more going on between Kathleen and Alek . 

Jacob sighed . 
" Sometimes I really hate being a giant dog . I know you're lying Danica and you know what ? I don't think I care anymore. " he snapped , walking out the door .

I looked down , a little upset .I hadn't mean to hurt his feelings , but I didn't want to lie either.

" He'll be fine . He just needs to cool down . " Embry added soothingly . 
" I hope you're right . " I muttered .

" I should go talk to him .... " Bella said , clearing her throat.

* Bella *

I walked outside to see Jacob pacing . I was the only one so far that knew that Kathleen was his imprint and that was only because Edward had read his mind . My heart hurt just at the mention of Edward . He was gone. He'd left me and so far , Jacob had been a great friend , helping me through it . Is it possible that I could want more . No , that was crazy . He wanted Kathleen . Not me . I slid my hands in my pockets and walked over to him .

" She's just hurt , you know . " I said with a sigh .

He looked over at me from the tree he was leaning against .

" I know . I guess I don't want to admit that this is my fault . " he muttered .

I shook my head.
" No it's not . We've all been keeping things from her . Put yourself in her shoes for a minitue . Her mother shipped her off to a small town in the middle of nowhere , where she didn't know anyone . Just when she thought she was starting to know them, she found out they were lying to her . "

Jacob chuckled .
" Sorta like when you came back , huh ? "

" Nah . I knew you . All she knew was Danica and only because Danica came with her . " I explained.

He nodded .
" It actually makes sense .You know , Danny said something awhile ago . I haven't been able top figure it out . Something about Kathleen already having a rough go or something . Do you know what she was talking about ? " 

I shook my head once again .
" Nope . Maybe you should ask her . Or at least talk to her . "

" I did ! She wouldn't even pick up the damn phone ! " he said , a little irritated .

I laughed .
" Danica wasn't kidding when she said she was hard - headed . "

Jacob rolled his eyes .
" Story of my life . You called her right ? What do you know about this Alek guy ? It is a guy right ? I mean ... she had a friend named Danny what if Alek was a gir------ " I cut him off with my laughter .

" No . Alek is a guy . Trust me . I talked to her around when she met him . They're really close . And from what Embry said , they were so close that Danica got jelous and you know how close she is with Danica . " 

Jacob gritted his teeth . 
" Not helping , Bells . "

I sighed .
" I'm sorry . Look , you know I've been pretty thoughtless ever since Edward lef--" I cut myself off this time , not wanting to feel the stinging in my chest .  

" Bella . I'm sorry . " Jacob muttered , pulling me into a hug .

I hugged him tightly , not caring that he was shirtless . It felt nice hugging him . 
" I love you , Jake . " I said with a sigh .

He nodded .
" I love you too , Bells . " 

------ Okay , so I wanted to tell you that I'm planning on following the Twilight Saga timeline . That means that I'm going to keep up the MAIN events and ADD new ones . I know I know . There's 4 books and we're only in New Moon , but it's really not bad so far  , is it ? So so so sorry if you weren't looking for a long book , but I'm really in no rush to finish this one to soon because since I wrote it a long time ago , it's really specail to me . Anyways , tell me what ya think ;) OH ! I almost forgot the dramatic questions ! Shame on me ! Danny and Embry ... will they be able to keep the peace ? Bella and Jacob .... possible romance ? Alek / Kathy / Jacob ? Alek and Kathy ? Jacob and Kathy ? Danny and Jared ?! And what about Paul , Seth , and Quil ? Did Edward really leave and is he coming back ? Pfft . Obviously . You've probably cheated and seen the movies , but anything could happen, right ? ------


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