Chapter 17

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* Kathleen *

Danica and I stayed up all night talking because we couldn't seem so sleep . We took turns talking about how awful guys were and making ice cream runs to the fridge . Bella was out with Edward and Charlie was back at work since it was a new day . 

" Maybe we should talk to them .... " Danny suggested . 

I cleared my throat . 
" Hell . No . "

She sighed and ran a hand through her shorter hair.
" Well then what do you think we should do ? " she asked .
" I think we should head to the beach and then maybe max out our credit cards or something rebelious . " I suggested .

Danica rolled her eyes .
" You WOULD say that . " she said . 

I tossed Danny her one piece swimsuit and grabbed my bikinni , slipping into the bathroom to change . Danny made her way back to her room and we both walked out at the same time in our swim suits . Mine was a royal blue halter bikkinni and hers was a green and orange tribal print one piece . We grabbed out bags and I grabbed my sunglasses and my floppy hat , dragging Danny downstairs . She laughed . 
" You don't have to pull me . You know I'll go wherever you go ." she said.

I rolled my eyes .
" Yeah yeah ." I said as we started walking down the trail to La Push .

We got there and the beach was deserted .Perfect . I sat , sliding my toes into the cool water while Danica sat on her towel , watching me .

" You know , this place is wierd . " I said , over my shoulder .

She nodded .
" I know . " she said with a sigh .

I wonder what she meant by that . I shrugged it off . I really didn't care . I had my own problems to deal with .  All was peaceful for about an hour and a half until we heard voices behind us . Both of us had our sunglasses on , so it was obvious that nobody recignized us . I knew exactly who they were too . Seth , Embry , Paul , and Jacob . Didn't know where Quil was today. Didn't really care . Danica  nudged me in the rib cage and I nodded  , awknowledging that I knew who they were .

" Hey . Enjoying La Push ? " Seth asked sweetly . 

I looked over at Danny once before sliding my sunglasses off my face , keeping my floppy hat on my head , fanning out around my dark hair .

" I guess so . " I said , crossing my arms as Paul and Jacob just stared at me a minitue.

" I thought I told you that I---- " I cut Jacob off by putting my hand up . 
" Don't be so vain to think that I came here all the way for you . I just happened to be in need of some salt water and Danica came along . " I said truthfully .

He narrowed his eyes slightly and then walked over , grabbing me firmly by my arm like a toddler that'd just broken into the cookie jar .

" HEY ! Get off ! " I protested he pulled me to my feet .

Danica jumped up .

" I wouldn't do that . She'll cuss you out . " she said coldly.

I could tell by her tone that this was one of the rare times when Danny was having trouble with her temper . 

" I told you that you couldn't be around me . " Jacob said and Embry looked at Danica as if to say the same thing .

Danica shot him a steely glare . 
" Haven't you been listening ? " she snapped .
" We didn't come here for you ! Get over yourselves ! " I hissed .

Jacob growled and then let go of my hand so quickly and with such a jolt that I fell to the ground and skinned up my knee .
" Oh ! There ya go ! Now you've done it ! Come on, Kathleen ." Danica yelled at them as she walked over and helped me , looking down at my bloody knee .

It stung and burned from the gravel and dirt that were now inside of my knee thanks to Jacob Black .

" Jacob ! " Seth snarled.

He walked over and was about to help my support my wieght when Danica shook her head sadly .

" Thank you anyway , Seth . But I've got her . I think you should stay here and teach your friends how to really teach a lady since obviously they don't know how and you do ! " she said , this time it was HER tugging me back toward's Charlie's .

" Danica , there's something seriously wrong . " I said , once we were out of hearing range .
" I know , but I just can't put my finger on it . " she said .

I nodded . 
" Something big is going on in this small hellish town . " I said thoughtfully .

She looked over at me and shook her head .
" NO ! You're not going to let your curiousity get the best of you . " she scolded .

I shrugged .
" Maybe . Maybe not . "

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