Chapter 6

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* Kathleen *

Jacob carried me back to the house where the rest of the guys were waiting with Danica and Bella . Seth and Paul were the first to run over and I swear I heard a growl . Then again , I could possibly have head issues right about now . 

" Are you alright ? " Paul asked worried .

I picked my head up from Jacob's chest to give him an " Are you just asking because you'll feel bad if you don't or do you actually give a damn ? " look . He cleared his throat and stepped back a little .

" We were worried about you . " Seth said , looking at me with bright eyes . 
" I'm okay . It's cool , kid . " I said with a half smile .

He chuckled and returned my smile with a genuine one of his own . I looked down a quick moment as Bella ran over to us . Seeing me covered in dry blood and branches , her expression changed to horror . 
" We have to get you to see Carlisle . " she practically exclaimed .

I would've protested if I hadn't already been hurt before .

" Can you walk ? " Jared asked as he walked over with Quil and Embry .

" I don't know . " I muttered as Jacob gently started to put me down , still supporting my wieght .

The second he let my foot touch the ground , we all heard an ear splitting sound and Jacob quickly picked me back up .

" That didn't sound good . " Embry muttered .
" I'll take her to the hospital . " Bella said , looking at me .
" I've got her . I can meet you there . Besides , I can carry her . " Jacob said defensively . 

Bella gave him a strange look , but then agreed as she ran inside , grabbing her keys . 
" Come on , Danny . We can take my truck . " Bella said , getting into her truck.

Everyone looked at Jacob and me and I turned my gaze to Jacob , to find him looking at me . I looked down , not wanting to feel anything .

" It's only a short walk to La Push and that's where my car is . " he explained as he walked away from the guys without another word .

I shrugged .
" I don't mind . Walks are nice . Well , you know , when I'm the one doing the walking . "

Jacob chuckled as we walked towards La Push .
" How did you get out there ? " Jacob asked curiously .

" I was out for a walk and I was trying to get a picture of something for my mom . " I said with a sigh .

" Hope after all of this , you got the shot you were looking for . " he said, shaking his head .

I nodded .
" I did . " I replied .

He smiled , looking over at me .
" Maybe you could show me sometime . "

" I'd like that . " was my reply . 

Jacob paused to look at me a moment before he started to walk again . We got to a small red house and he opened the door to the car in the driveway and gently slid me into the passenger seat before getting into the driver's seat . It was a 15 minitue ride to the hospital from La Push and I took that time to play with Jacob's radio . He chuckled , watching me play with the radio in curiousity . I found Carolina Liar and paused , leaving it on the station , humming to the song . We pulled into the radio and Jacob and I both reached to turn the radio off at the same time , causing our hands to touch . I pulled mine back , quickly, clearing my throat as Jacob looked at me sideways and then sighed , walking over to my side of the car , gently picking me up . He carried me inside , just as gently as he had been carrying me and I saw Seth and Paul in the waiting room . They looked up from magizines just in time for Jacob to carry me into a hospital room where Edward, Bella , and Dr.Cullen were already waiting . Edward and Carlisle's eyes got wide , seeing a still shirtless Jacob carrying me into the hospital . He sat me down on the hospital bed and cleared his throat , about to walk out the door . 

" Thank you . " I said and everyone looked at me .

Jacob turned around and nodded , before walking out . Edward left the room in a strange mood after Jacob quickly and then Bella sat down in the other chair in the corner as Carlisle asked me questions about what had happened and what hurt and what didn't.  The whole time , I answered him , but I couldn't exactly take my mind off of Jacob either . He bandaged me and stitched me up and as soon as I got the okay to go , I got up and walked out , looking for Jacob . Bella stayed behind to talk to Carlisle and Edward . 

" Carlisle . Bella . I need to talk with you . " Edward had said .

Danny was in the waiting room , sharing a bag of chips with Seth and Paul . They were about to say something to me , but I walked past them fast . Jacob was leaning up against his car , and he looked like he was thinking . I walked up to him , putting my hand in my pockets awkardly. At first , he didn't seem to notice me , but then he turned to me and cleared his throat. 

" Do you need a ride ? " he asked in a husky voice and I nodded , knowing Bella might be awhile .

He got the car door for me as we both got in and he started driving . It was different then just a few minitues ago when we were driving here . This time it was silent . Not a word . If it weren't for his quiet breathing , I would've questioned if Jacob had turned to stone . After a ride of silence , we pulled up at the Swan house and to my surprise , Charlie was still at work and Bella and Danica weren't back yet . Jacob let the motor run and just sat there , with his hands on the steering wheel as I slid out , accidentally hitting the radio as I did . The song " Show Me What I'm Looking For " came on . My favorite song .At least at the time . I didn't bother turning it off , only wanting to be away from Jacob and end the sudden awkardness . The rain was still coming down as I tried to limp as gracefully as I could to the door . That was pretty much impossible because I was in alot of pain and alot of memories had re-surfaced in my mind . I put my head down , letting the rain wash over me as I listened to the remnatnts of the song . I'd just made it to the porch when someone spun me around and into a .... kiss . The only person it could be was Jacob and the only thing I could do was wrap my arms around him as he pulled me closer to him . We kissed in the rain for a moment and then Jacob pulled back . I saw that we were both soaking wet , but I also saw that niether of us cared . 

" I shouldn't have done that. " he muttered , pulling away from me . 

He was about to walk back across the yard and get in his car , when I grabbed his hand .

" Please don't leave . Everybody always leaves . Everyone always leaves me . Please don't leave me too . " I said, finally breaking down a little from my years of numbness . 

How was it possible that he could make me feel again ? Jacob froze , but didn't turn around as he got in his car and drove off . 
" Everyone always leaves . " I whispered , tears streaming down my face .

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