Twilight: Amelia Rose Ravellino [EDITING] by Lauralarios234
Twilight: Amelia Rose Ravellino [ TwilightDarling❤️
Hello there, names Amelia and I'm about to blow your mind. You see I died and I traveled into The Twilight Saga, I know right. I am just another person in this crazy wor...
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The Cullen's shared mate by kiing_jen
The Cullen's shared mateby kiing_jen
Innocence was something people would often use to describe Luna Montgomery For her bright smile was contagious The way she gazed at everything with wonder and curiosit...
  • bella
  • esme
  • jasper
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Little Biter  by cullen8738
Little Biter by cullen8738
Ella Ramsay was one of the sweetest 18 year old girls anyone had ever met. She was kind, caring, shy and loving. However there was just one secret. Her DDLG lifestyle. W...
  • drama
  • black
  • jasper
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Ride Or Die by BrunetteMarionette
Ride Or Dieby BrunetteMarionette
Rosalie Toretto is the youngest member of the Toretto clan at the age of 17, Rosalie is very much a 'Daddy's Girl' when it came to Dom even though he's not her father he...
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1. | Notes |  [Rosalie Hale]  by ElvenDiscoBall
1. | Notes | [Rosalie Hale] by ElvenDiscoBall
"So What's up with all the notes?" ___ ~Grace, moves to the rainy Forks to live with her aunt for the next year. Though the year grows bit longer after she fal...
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The Process of Creation (Pregnant!Reader x Cullens) by Kennyve
The Process of Creation ( Kennyve
The situation was rather simple for anyone on the inside. (Y/N) and her partner wanted a child and so they would get one. But nine months is a long time. Who knows what...
  • reader
  • emmett
  • twilight
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{The Lonely Soul}                                                  The Cullen' s by 1-800-SENDMEMES
{The Lonely Soul} totally tubular
(Twilight) [Polyamory]
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Carlisle and Esme Imprint by Black_Culture
Carlisle and Esme Imprintby Black_Culture
What if Bella was pregnant with Twin girls, what if the other girl was Carlisle and Esme imprint. #1 ranking in Jasper 2018
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Not Only in My Dreams by ElizabethOw
Not Only in My Dreamsby ElizabethOw
What happens when Rosalie finds her mate and it's you? Will she ever get over that you are a girl, which is not what she has always expected, and finally let her self be...
  • rosalie
  • girlxgirl
  • twilight
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Micah King by -eclipseiss
Micah Kingby s m
"you shouldn't forgive the devil so easily"
  • abuse
  • rosalie
  • badboy
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headache / jasper hale by autocratic-
headache / jasper haleby ITS BEEN FUN
" h e a d a c h e, heartache, runaway from everything " ••• status: ongoing disclaimer: chapters ti...
  • emmettcullen
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Protecting At It's Finest || 2 by Lou_louxoxo
Protecting At It's Finest || 2by Lady Red
Eleanor Mae Swan finds it safe to say she's a survivor. She's been through a lot, especially in the short life she's lived, and now she patiently awaits her sisters awa...
  • bellaswan
  • rosalie
  • marie
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Renesmee's Twin(Twilight/TVD) by -blxckwidow
Renesmee's Twin(Twilight/TVD)by Morgan
What if Bella gave birth to two girls? What if only Rosalie, Bella, and Renesmee liked her? What if Rosalie takes her away to keep her safe?
  • emmett
  • elenagilbert
  • rebekahmikaelson
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Spitfire ▹ Jasper Hale #Wattys2k18 by Iokiodinson
Spitfire ▹ Jasper Hale #Wattys2k18by ❛ ELEANOR ❜
SPITFIRE | ❝ After a series of tragic deaths in Shadow Swan's family, the young ginger finds herself being shipped off to Forks, Washington. A town that Shadow hasn't st...
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Julia Hale, Alec's Mate by birdie32126
Julia Hale, Alec's Mateby birdie32126
Julia Hale isnt your normal half human half vampire. She has a gift, a gift that anyone in the world would want. Including none other than the most powerful coven in the...
  • cullen
  • emmett
  • hale
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She's Not My Girlfriend  by thegayestpersonever2
She's Not My Girlfriend by Mr.Fancy
Alice Cullen is a vampire who is in denial about her feelings about Fork's mystery girl Bella Swan. Bella who has taken interest in getting close to Alice Cullen for rea...
  • carlisle
  • bellice
  • seth
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You Found Me (Jasper Hale Love Story) Book 1 by Chanelypop
You Found Me (Jasper Hale Love - - - -
(Under Editing) Angelina Swan, The Cousin Of Clumsy Isabella 'Bella' Swan. Angelina was forced to live with Charlie and Renee after her parents died when she was young. ...
  • jasperhale
  • jasper
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Thunder |C. Swan| by -imperium
Thunder |C. Swan|by smiling-riley 🍬
"You always told me you'd never leave me, you said I was your one and only." [Charlie Swan x Female OC]
  • jacobblack
  • charlieswan
  • breakingdawn
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Desolation Of Lily Hansen (Jasper x OC) by van-nogh
Desolation Of Lily Hansen ( Starry Nights
"He was unexpectated. I truly did not expect him or his effect on me, my heart, my mind, my feelings. He was the calming sound of the light, pitter patter of d...
  • rosalie
  • cullens
  • slaying
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⚜️『Opposites Attract』【Jacob Black x Cassandra, Twilight】⚜️ by YukiRedfox02
⚜️『Opposites Attract』【Jacob KimHyeRin
"Suddenly it's not Gravity holding you to the Earth's her. And nothing else matters more than you'd be anything for become whatever she need...
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