One Suicidal, the Other Uncaring ♛ by IceSky_
One Suicidal, the Other Uncaring ♛by ♛
The lowest of the low in Nightmoon pack, Lily Heart is pained, broken and abused, over and over again. Day after day, she has thoughts of self-harm and thoughts of endin...
  • abuse
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  • malice
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The Light To His Darkness  by lilianner
The Light To His Darkness by lily<3
In which Mason James finds himself falling for the innocent and naive girl named Lily Rose. When Lily's parents decide to put her in public school, she runs into a bit...
  • masey
  • unexpected
  • lily
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anchor » scott mccall by purestilinskii
anchor » scott mccallby milena
"Well, it seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the pe...
  • teenwolf
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The Marauders: Year Six Part 2 #Wattys2017 by Pengiwen
The Marauders: Year Six Part 2 Hannah B
The second term of Year Six will include an adventure unlike any the Marauders have had before... it'll be all hands on deck before it's finished.
  • wolfstar
  • james
  • potter
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Agent 57 (Book 2) by Quidam13
Agent 57 (Book 2)by ~K~
"She was my best friend. Someone I trusted far more than anyone else." "What was she like?" "She was worse than Devin if you can believe that.&q...
  • angel
  • devin
  • eliane
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The Marauders: Year Seven Part One by Pengiwen
The Marauders: Year Seven Part Oneby Hannah B
The Marauders' final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. From surprising changes in staff to a Christmas holiday moment you've all been waiting for, Yea...
  • lily
  • prongs
  • voldemort
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✅ 1 | We Are Stark's → тony ѕтarĸѕ daυgнтer by -venuzx
✅ 1 | We Are Stark's → тony ѕтarĸѕ RE•BIRTH
We're Starks | ❝Oh father of mine, please take me as I am and not who you want me to be.❞ When an unfortunate event pushes Lily Johnstone in the direction of her biologi...
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No Such luck el contraataque de lincoln by Sombraoscura21
No Such luck el contraataque de Sombraoscura21
Este evento ocurre luego de que lincoln se negara a ponerse el traje de ardilla para ir a la playa con su familia , desde ese momento lo continúan marcando de mala suert...
  • lisa
  • lincoln
  • suchluck
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Padfoot's Weakness - HP / Marauders time travel by videle-
Padfoot's Weakness - HP / videle-
When Henrietta Potter accidentally time travels to her parents' time, she must cope with questions, new problems, and her teenage Godfather she's falling in love with! C...
  • lupin
  • marauders
  • siriusblack
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Not A Fan (Shawn Mendes fanfiction)  by SneakyWhale
Not A Fan (Shawn Mendes SneakyWhale
"You're literally the most arrogant and obnoxious person I've ever met. Is that a good enough reason for you?", I spat, getting tremendously annoyed by him. ...
  • handwritten
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • mendesarmy
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Sirius Black's Sister *Remus Lupin* by mishaismysunshine
Sirius Black's Sister *Remus Lupin*by Sunshine Nostril
She looked just like her brother. But her personality was completely different from her brother's besides one thing: she despised her family. So she ran away with him af...
  • potter
  • remuslupin
  • lily
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We're Called The Marauders by chasesadventures
We're Called The Maraudersby chasesadventures
Calysta Daelynn is a transfer from America. Her first day at Hogwarts leads her to meeting the rowdy bunch called the Marauders. Her days at the ancient wizarding school...
  • lupin
  • sirius
  • james
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Baby Steps by CandyCoatedCaffiene
Baby Stepsby Madeline C. Harrison
Aria loved how the boys kissed her. Touched her. How they begged for more. When she was with them, she felt loved. For a while anyway. She used them to fill the void tha...
  • party
  • teens
  • teen
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Isn't it funny how one push makes all the difference? (Marauders time travel) by ElizabethTS
Isn't it funny how one push Lizzie Black
Lily, James and Sirius travel in time!!!! So James Potter, the most popular student at Hogwarts had the biggest crush on a fellow Griffindor Lily Evans, who loathed h...
  • marauders
  • lily
  • james
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My Ruthless Mr Husband  by rainlovie
My Ruthless Mr Husband by Sumaya Akbar
Hope you all will support me and will like this story *************** "now look who is here"his voice echoed in the hall "aww,Mr.BILLIONAIRE's...
  • romance
  • hiltonblack
  • revenge
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Melancholy || Harry Potter's twin brother by DixonsPoncho
Melancholy || Harry Potter's Duncan Quagmire
(SLOW UPDATES) sadness is a kind of feeling that needs no explanation, but also warrants the most questions, no one inquires as to why one is happy, but if one is sad th...
  • draco
  • jilychildren
  • harrypotter
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Goals // Calum Hood by 5soslut12
Goals // Calum Hoodby C & P
A story about a girl named Abby Wilson who joins an all boys soccer team
  • ashtonirwin
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • ash
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Don't Play With The Big BM by IShipBeChloe
Don't Play With The Big BMby Beca Mitchell
As of August 17, 2018: Highest Ranks Achieved: bechloe #2, bloe #7, chloebeale #29, Becamitchell #32, aubreyposen #7, stacieconrad #5
  • killing
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The Patronus Charm- A Lily and James Fanfiction by Dreams_of_Yesterday
The Patronus Charm- A Lily and Nichole
Lily Evans has hated James Potter ever since their first year at Hogwarts. It's not something that Lily ever expects to change. But outside the castle walls, a dark wiza...
  • lily
  • harry
  • hpfanfic
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Save Me Kuro (Kuro X Reader) by Nickigirl314
Save Me Kuro (Kuro X Reader)by MissAnimeLover🤓
(Y/n) does what she has to do to keep her and her little sister Nanami off the streets. Even if that means putting her own life at risk. She honestly couldn't care about...
  • kuroxreader
  • xreader
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