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Instagram - HP Next Generation by snowdonewithu
Instagram - HP Next Generationby Anna
The Instagram feeds of the Weasley-Potter clan plus one Malfoy and some Longbottoms over the course of a summer holiday. Featuring cute couples, best friends, and some m...
  • longbottom
  • lily
  • scorbus
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Four Marauders: Once Upon a Sunny September [Year One] by -jessicawilliams
Four Marauders: Once Upon a jessica williams 🖤
• A Harry Potter Fanfiction [Marauders Era] • Perhaps you've heard of Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, Undesirable Number One. This isn't a story about h...
  • sirius
  • marauders
  • jily
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The Light To His Darkness  by bonezzzzzz
The Light To His Darkness by lily<3
In which Mason James finds himself falling for the innocent and naive girl named Lily Rose. When Lily's parents decide to put her in public school, she runs into a bit...
  • mason
  • lily
  • badboy
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Evans & Potter by padfootspetunicorn
Evans & Potterby ︎becky
"love is a strong word" "yes, that's why I used it."
  • fanfiction
  • fanfic
  • hogwarts
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The Patronus Charm- A Lily and James Fanfiction by Dreams_of_Yesterday
The Patronus Charm- A Lily and Nichole
Lily Evans has hated James Potter ever since their first year at Hogwarts. It's not something that Lily ever expects to change. But outside the castle walls, a dark wiza...
  • harry
  • potter
  • lily
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Narcissa Lily Malfoy by thereal_tani
Narcissa Lily Malfoyby TANISHQ H
Narcissa Lily Potter was the eldest daughter of James and Lily Potter. On the night of her parents' death, she was adopted by her godmother and her husband, Narcissa and...
  • lestrange
  • themalfoys
  • narcissaandluciussdaughter
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A New Take on Harry Potter by stormfan1393
A New Take on Harry Potterby stormfan1393
What would happen if someone took baby Harry from the Dursley’s before they’d even taken him in? If someone came after Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, & Hagrid had left? What if...
  • elf
  • mad-eye
  • james
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Isn't it funny how one push makes all the difference? (Marauders time travel) by ElizabethTS
Isn't it funny how one push Lizzie Black
Lily, James and Sirius travel in time!!!! So James Potter, the most popular student at Hogwarts had the biggest crush on a fellow Griffindor Lily Evans, who loathed h...
  • james
  • potter
  • travel
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Color Me Lovely by RapunzelReads
Color Me Lovelyby Cassandra Z.
In a world where color is a gift given only when you meet your soulmate, what happens when one woman isn't even sure that she has a soul mate. She wants to see the color...
  • love
  • lily
  • fantasy
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The Beginning Of An Era {A Marauders' Fanfiction}  by sleepingatlast12
The Beginning Of An Era {A Sleepingatlast
James Potter is an 11 year old boy who can't wait to get away from home and his parents, because they don't understand him and they don't take him seriously. On the trai...
  • lupin
  • albus
  • black
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The Muggle-Born Slytherin by DauntlessSlytherBird
The Muggle-Born Slytherinby Jess
What if Petunia was a witch too, and was in Slytherin no less. Only a year above Lily how would life be for the sisters with their houses hating one another?
  • harrypotterfanfiction
  • james
  • lily
Saving Jily ( A Marauder FanFiction) by MarauderGirls
Saving Jily ( A Marauder TheMarauderGirls
Sirius Black goes back in time to save James and Lily Potter, but he travels back to first year and, unknowingly, changes more than he thinks. What will happen to Lily a...
  • sirius
  • lily
  • potter
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A Powerful Outcast (Majorly Slow update: not on hold) by Dream19
A Powerful Outcast (Majorly Slow Jen
Ashley was normal-ish. She has a partly normal life, being totally invisible and all. Nothing was that wrong. Except for the fact that she has no friends. Not the whole...
  • smart
  • moving
  • third
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Zayn and I by isa2bella101
Zayn and Iby Me
A story of an average girl who fell in love with a member from the worlds biggest boy band. Grace was just a normal girl from New York, and once she met Zayn Malik, her...
  • niall
  • grande
  • zayn
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The Last Horcrux by angrygingerfeminist
The Last Horcruxby Oli
Everyone always thought that Lord Voldemort had gone away 23 years ago, when the famous Harry Potter had defeated him. What if it wasn't over? What if there were still H...
  • harry
  • sorting
  • roxanne
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Popular. by lizzybethmarcus
#16 Elizabeth Marcus. Call me Liz...
Marley is a seventeen year old girl who has had her ups and downs in life. She is also a very hot topic in her new school. Marley is gorgeous from her big hazel eyes to...
  • collins
  • lily
  • styles
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The Night  by Bella_blue07
The Night by Bella_blue07
There's only so much you can do when you know you are not so far away from the end of the line. Especially when you don't know why or how whatever that was happening was...
  • secret
  • death
  • fantasy
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Niall Fanfic-You'll Never Love Yourself Half As Much As I Love You by NJH_Lover
Niall Fanfic-You'll Never Love Lily Horan
By: NJH_Lover
  • lily
  • maeve
  • horan
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